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Empires have been for a long time often the largest, most organised crews on the server, who've provided much of the lore and history as well as trade, stability and infrastructure.

Empires are not historically known on the server of being the most pvp savvy of crews, and rather pursue the stability and order which an empire's aim is, and go usually by the idea of "strength in numbers".

They often form diplomatic relationships with other empires and factions, including Pirate Crews. It is however less often so now that the empires waged large Wars with one another.

They're often led by a sole individual power, often being authoritarian in rule, how strong the rule was however differs in empires. However a few empires have reached the point of bi-annual democratic elections.


  • Order
  • Attainment of territory
  • Diplomacy
  • Peace

Major Empires

Minor Empires