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Torkey, previously known as Turkeyman11a or just as 'Turkey' is a veteran player who joined in the summer of 2014.

He co-founded Jamaica alongside Mountainrasta and joined the British Empire in 2015. He became a high ranking military leader, and minister of defense, but later left to join The Asylum.

He briefly created his own crew, 'Torkey', after changing his username, but soon returned to The Asylum as their most skilled warrior. After a while Torkey was then promoted to a leader within The Asylum, but then has since left to join The Coalition.

He has fought in almost all major server conflicts since 2015, and is one of only a few players to remain active from the 2014 generation.

Torkey's History Shortened

  • Creeprr let Torkey live with him as a farmer working for him.
  • Torkey then left and made his own base/crew called Nassau and stayed there for about a year.
  • He then worked with BensterPC (Gen_Ben) for a while and raided a lot.
  • He met JohnArchadius and ended up being good allies helping him defend his base.
  • A while later Torkey joined The British Empire and made his base that he still uses now (Jamaica).
  • He then got the prestigious roles of General in BE and later got Minister of Defense.
  • He fought in many wars for BE.
  • Torkey Eventually left and joined TAS.
  • Then left TAS and made a crew called Rouge for a while.
  • He then went back to TAS and received leader after Jmoo left the crew.
  • After some drama, he left and joined CLTN
  • He now resides in ARES.


  • The only pirate to lose an elytra to a zombie.
  • After Torkey joined BE he killed BrotherStrawhat while he was in god armor and Torkey was only in iron armor.
  • Has 2 dubs of God Sets.
  • The first player in PirateCraft to kill Jusaplayer1 in a God set 1v1.