Rivvur's Marriage Experience

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The Wedding

Rivvur's (Riverwood202) friends, Torkey, Shay__, RaveTheWave, and Steintod, had made wedding plans for her, and she didn't know. One day, Rivvur was shown to The Church of Bridgetown, for a "service". Her friends had actually set up a wedding for her though, to be married with the man Steintod. She was then shown up to one side of the podium while Steintod stood on the other side. RaveTheWave was the priest marrying them. Meanwhile, while Rivvur was still confused, Torkey and Shay started tping in random people to come and watch. After around 15-20 people had arrived, RaveTheWave starting giving his speech, and Rivvur then realized what was going on. Not knowing of her own marriage plans, when they were about to say here vows, Rivvur said no and stormed out of the church, knocking down anyone that tried to stop her. Shay and Torkey chased her out of the church and tried to get her to come back, but she ran, VERY far away.

A Note From Rivvur

It was a fun and interesting experience, and looking back at it now it was dumb of me to kill everyone there. Also check out my wiki page, k thanks