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Chailey first joined the server on the 5th of May 2014, and was an active member of the community.

Chailey and the British Empire

Chailey is one of the longer-term players on PirateCraft. In March 2015, he ran for the role of Prime Minister of the British Empire with Bislo1 as his vice Prime Minister. The results were close, but clear. Chailey's political opponents, CrazyPirate and Michal_Tyrlik beat them to the role. Chailey was shortly thereafter granted the position of Minister for War, with DirectorAnivian acting as his admiral. A few weeks after his Governmental position was awarded to him, Chailey temporarily left the Empire in order to focus more on his exams. Chailey was reinstated into the Empire by the vice Prime Minister at the time, Michal_Tyrlik, on the 19th of April, 2015. As a member of the British Empire, Chailey is also the Governor of the Virgin Islands. Chailey is also considered as one of the founders of the Empire, as well as CrazyPirate, TimHuisman, PaulOnFire and michty.

Chailey and blogging

Chailey is a blog-writer for PirateCraft. He writes blogs about once a week about different builds that pirates may be interested in. His first blog post was about how players could improve or build forts on the server, and was widely positively received by members of the server. For a full list of blog posts, see Chailey's profile on the PirateCraft website.