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Koi0001, alias Kaiz0 or name change, was a well-known rogue of Piratecraft. He had a history of raiding, and being raided. After over two years on the server, he was banned in September 2016.


Koi started off as an orphan in the city of Singapore. He was adopted by a man named DeadBeard, now more commonly known as Lithvather. Lith trained Koi in the arts of sword fighting and survival. However, one night Singapore was sieged by a group of pirates lead by the infamous JavaInvader. The city was slowly destroyed until nothing remained. Koi and Lith managed to narrowly escape.

After the fall of Singapore, Koi started construction of a new base. It was a giant tower reaching up to the highest levels of the world and considered the tallest base in the world. However, he was sieged by JavaInvader one day. At the time he was in the British Empire, but they failed to assist Koi so he subsequently left the British Empire. Koi briefly joined the Elven Empire in hopes of finding a place to call home again, but the Elves did not share his idols and lust for violence. Feeling like an outcast, he left the Elven Empire.

Soon after, Koi started actively raiding other players, and jumping from crew to crew once again looking for a safe place to call home. He roamed as a lone wolf until he met Secondeath, with whom he teamed up with. He was the first to raid Jmoo_, and the two eventually became good friends.

SeconDeath wanted to create a crew of his own soon after, and Koi helped him plan what was to become the Delta crew. Delta grew fast, attracting many pirates and raiders far and wide including people like Kellyyore. However, the crew had gotten too large for Koi and he left. A little while later, a war broke out between Delta and Crusaders of the Void. Feeling betrayed, Koi simply sat back and watched. Delta fell apart and disbanded soon after due to the war.

Koi went back to his previous days of raiding, trying to find a purpose for himself in Piratecraft. At the beginning he raided single players, then groups of players, eventually raiding whole crews hoping to become feared and powerful. He joined Crusaders of the Void a few times, liking the way it worked and being able to talk to like-minded individuals. But CoV ultimately fell apart, and Koi left and spent his remaining days in his growing port.

He created his own small crew and continued to raid. He was among the first to raid Hydra in his later years, but he felt his time of the server had lost its charm. He fell out with several other powerful players and felt like he was demonized by half of the server. He did not want to live in a world that seemingly hated him.

One September day, Koi was involved with a serious argument with a staff member and was banned thereafter, Koi set sail on his ship to never return again.

Additional Notes


During his days of active raiding, he was among the most successful raider and sword fighter. He was the first to raid both Jmoo, and the crew of Hydra, both of which went on to become successful in later years. The legacy To this day, Koi has memorials dedicated to him by friends and fans of his legacy he left behind. These include a memorial at the Port of Xenia, and a player naming himself koi001 in his honour.

Crew History

Koi attempted numerous times to create his own crews; this eventually didn’t work as a communication and resisting the temptation to raid was too high, betrayal or boredom consumed his attempts and often ended in failure. The only crew for Koi to stay in long-term are PoH (Port of Hakri) and CoV. PoH was simply a port that was centered around the idea of a single massive underground base which made all players inside invisible to the map. This crew consisted of Koi and Horsekid. Second mates Horsekid was a BE member who lived with Lazydog (one of the only close allies of PoH). Koi adopted this seemingly new player as he grew tired of raiding alone. Although Horsekid didn’t raid or pvp she grinded and helped with diplomacy with other major Crews. that

Crew History