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Overview[edit | edit source]

The Port of Xenia, previously known as Port Terragon, was one of the largest ports on the server, built and designed by Maximus_Terragon. Known for its elaborate architecture, and sheer size, and being the capital of the Ottoman Empire, Xenon Empire, and later one of three capitals of The Xanthian Order.

Founded back in late April 2015, it has been the capital for numerous crews, and parts of it still stand today, however in a state of ruin. The nearby city of Xenia was founded in its stead.

Location[edit | edit source]

The Port of Xenia is located northeast east of cove at around x:2200 y:65 z:2050.
EDIT: (DeDerpyDerp_ After looking on the live map and seeing open ocean around 2200, 65, 2050; and that spot being SOUTH east of /warp cove; I think it may be near X: 2400 Y: 64 Z: -3000. I am currently trying to contact the last active member of Xenia to figure out.

History[edit | edit source]

I thought it would be easier to divide the history into sections, due to its size.


Maximus_Terragon first joined Piratecraft back in late April 2015, and founded Port Terragon within the first week. Located northeast of The Cove, on a separate continent with few towns, Port Terragon started as just a couple of houses, a wooden dock, and a small wall.

Progress was slow at the start, but nevertheless the settlement grew into a village, and then a town. The port housed many ships from spawn, being only a 30 minute sail away before ship speeds were reduced.

As the Ottoman Empire capital

By July 2015, the wall around the port was complete (now forming the inner wall). The port was protected by towers, and walls. Around this time, a player named Lego became interested in the port, and after crew hopping a bit, Lego created the Ottoman Empire. Maximus_Terragon joined, and Port Terragon was made the capital of it.

In celebration, a warship previously built in Port Terragon, was renamed as a gift to the new Empire by Maximus_Terragon in July 2015. After being sold multiple times, beached and abandoned, the ship was reclaimed in December 2016, and now stands as a memorial to the Ottoman Empire in Port Terragon.

In late July 2015, the Elven Ball was hosted by the Ottoman Empire in the Grand Ballroom, located at Port Terragon. It was considered one of the finest ballrooms at its time. The event was for the most part a success; tours around the port, drinks were served, and there was a firework show. However in the final hour a massacre occured, triggered by the 0utlaws, lead by HardTimez.

As the capital of the Luteus Republic

After the assassination on Lego's ship (lego being banned), the Ottoman Empire fell apart, and Maximus_Terragon removed himself and Port Terragon from the OE. He joined the Luteus Republic in mid August 2015, lead by Icanra. Being the largest port in the LR, Port Terragon was announced as the capital, albeit for a brief 3 weeks. During this period, more houses were added, shops were opened, and the land was flattened to prepare for the addition of the outer wall.

As the capital of the Xenon Empire

In late August, Maximus_Terragon left the Luteus Republic and founded the Xenon Empire. Port Terragon was once again made the capital.

Shortly after XE was created, border disputes occurred with the Verussian Empire. During these disputes, VE stated that they wished to take over Port Terragon and turn it into VE territory. This never materialized, as a war broke out soon after and VE were defeated.

Port Terragon was the capital of the Xenon Empire for over 13 months, seeing it rise and eventually merge into The Xanthian Order. During these 13 months, a lot of development took place in the port.

New walkways and a larger wall were added in October 2015, extra houses and a market built in November. In December, the Grand Ballroom burnt down and was completely destroyed. Planning of the new Grand Ballroom begun, with the final design being 4 times the size, more elegant, and with added fireproof. The exact cause of the fire remains unknown.

In January to February 2016, an arms race began between the members of the League of Nations, and the Federated Nations Alliance. The Xenon Tower was built near Port Terragon, and still stands as one of the tallest structures on the server at 256 metres.

Another expansion of Port Terragon occured in April 2016, adding the southern district, the royal gardens, a fort, and a much larger outer wall, as well as replacing the old rotten docks with new stone ones.

Construction began on a new generation of ships for the XE fleet, starting with 2 small sloops, HMS Orion - a 5th Rate ship-of-the-line, and HMS Trinity - a 1st rate ship-of-the-line and current flagship of the fleet with 106 cannons. They remain to this day docked at the port.

The final noteworthy expansion of Port Terragon occurred in July and August 2016. The outer wall was expanded further, many more houses were built, much of the original walls were removed, space for the west and north districts were added, docks were significantly increased in size to accommodate the newer ships, and trade ships were built. The most notable change was the laying of the foundations for the Royal Palace north of the port, with accommodation for more ships. The palace belongs to the port, and is connected via a bridge and walls.

By this point, the total surface area of the Port made it the largest on the server. The palace remains under construction to this day, and further expansions are planned. During this phase, Port Terragon was renamed to Port of Xenia in commemoration of the growing port and empire.

As the capital of The Xanthian Order

In October 2016, the Xenon Empire, Iborian Empire, and Luteus Republic merged to form The Xanthian Order. The Port of Xenia was announced as one of the three capitals of TXO (the others being the Isle of Luteus, and New Faythe).

Very little work was done on the Port of Xenia during this period due to the absence of Maximus_Terragon. The dry dock was completed, and work begun to modernize the exterior walls, and finish the fort linked to the port.

A city in ruins

After the dissolution of The Xanthian Order, the city lost its purpose as a capital city. Large portions of its population left and the city walls were left crumbling. Due to the high costs involved, it was decided to tear down parts of the city that were seen as a hazard, and make way for the construction of a new port.

Currently only 35% of the original city remains, including the cathedral, ballroom, and a few select houses. The Xenon Tower was also torn down as a symbol of lasting peace in the peninsula.

The city is now a ruin, however a new port was founded in its stead; Xenia.

Details[edit | edit source]

Features (prior to being demolished)

  • Around 40 houses, with space for 80 more (only 8 houses remain)
  • Space for over 20 small ships, and 6 large ships
  • 11 ships
  • Market place (demolished)
  • Grand Ballroom (preserved)
  • Royal gardens
  • Xenon Tower (demolished)
  • Cathedral (preserved)


- None officially

Future plans[edit | edit source]

After large parts of the port had been demolished, and the new city of Xenia being built nearby, plans were made to preserve several icons of the old city and port.

Currently the Cathedral, Ballroom, 8 houses, and the old city walls remain. Some parts of the docks also remain.