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Overview[edit | edit source]

Lithvather is an older player in Piratecraft who joined in 2014. He was a leader in the Phantom Pirates and is currently a member of The Coalition

Background[edit | edit source]

Very little is known about Lith's background.

Under the guise of CaptainDeadBeard, Lithvather was once a resident of Singapore along with RobinBoyWonder. Following British military action against pirates in spring 2015, Lithvather and RobinBoyWonder agreed to join the Empire as a colony. After a few short months, RobinBoyWonder went inactive. Lithvather decided to leave the decaying city of Singapore in search of greener pastures.

He joined the ranks of the Elven Empire at some point. Whilst in the Elven Empire, he adopted koi0001 and trained him.

After months of being in the Elven Empire, Lithvather proposed to Reptaria, Queen of the Elves. She gracefully accepted and he became King of the Elves. In 2015, Lithvather was evicted from the Elves after a series of altercations with the queen. He took refuge in the British Empire, where he remained until mid 2016. Lithvather left the British Empire to live a pirate's life. He did this successfully and joined Templars, gaining the rank of Master.

In October 2016, what remained of the Templars merged with other crews to form The Xanthian Order. He was only briefly a member, and left after a few days. He joined the British Empire, and then the Elven Empire, before once again joining up with Chailey to recreate the Templars. This however, was of short duration, as he left the Templars to join the Phantom Pirates.

Additional Notes[edit | edit source]

Elven King

Reptaria has been known to have had many different Kings along her side in the Elven Empire. As far as we can tell, Lith holds the record for being King of the Elves for the longest period of time. During his rule alongside Reptaria, he was deemed one of the most popular Elven kings. After resigning as king in Sping 2016, he has hopes to regain his title in early 2017.

Crew History[edit | edit source]