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Thymen is a player of Piratecraft who joined in September 2015. He, and his many loyal Dutch counterparts were some of the first members of the Xenon Empire.

He became known for leading many successful attacks in the Verussian Wars against the Verussian Empire, which earned him the rank of General. He is currently the Master of Arms of The Xanthian Order, and King of Xenia. His Dutch counterparts all hold high positions in the army or navy. Thymen has since remained an extremely loyal leader of the late Xenon Empire, and the new Xanthian Order.


Thymen was born to a family of Dutch traveling merchants. His parents travelled the world, buying and selling ancient Elven and Roman artifacts. He spent most of his childhood on-board their ship; Jaarsveld. During a visit to Port Hope, his father bought a legendary Elvish sword per request of Reptaria, queen of the Elves. Amazed by the sword and the various artefacts his parents traded, he strived to one day be a military leader and create his own sword.

En-route from Port Hope to the previous Luteus Republic capital, Port Caraway, their ship passed through the Xenon Sea. Known for its rough waters and unpredictable weather, the Jaarsveld was caught in a fearful storm. In an attempt to stabilize the ship, a portion of the crew were swept overboard by a giant wave. The ship started taking on water, and the remaining crew desperately tried to throw the cannons overboard to reduce weight. But their efforts were in vain. In its final moments, the Jaarsveld capsized and sunk with its valuable cargo, the Elven sword, and Thymen's parents. Thymen managed to free himself from the wreckage, and floated away.

A day or so later, he washed up on the shores of the Xenon Empire, just a few miles from the Port of Xenia. During an expedition along the shores, Maximus_Terragon discovered Thymen, along with the remaining crew that had been swept overboard, or escaped. These included steentje321, Justluc, FloranVerveelt, PiWish, Maxxloader, and Tjeerd.

Maximus_Terragon took them in, and cared for them. Giving the group a portion of his land, and an abandoned port to take care of. Thymen and some of the other Dutch crew attended one of the top military academies in the Xenon Empire. Using his knowledge, he trained the remaining Dutch members, and together they started construction of Fort Bambini. Their port grew quickly, being close to the now rapidly expanding Port of Xenia. Their fort was finished soon after, and the first ships were being planned and constructed for the Xenon Navy.

The Verussian Wars

However, before the first ship was ready, the First Verussian War broke out between the League of Nations, and the Verussian Empire. Thymen and his friends participated in the war, leading attacks and scoring victory after victory. The war was over, and Thymen became a general, while his friends became officers and colonels.

Construction of the navy resumed, and soon two large galleons were finished. Steentje321 was promoted to the Admiral of the fleet. Being a group of around 6 people, they were particularly fast and efficient at building. A vault was constructed under the sea, and became known as 'Vault 111'. Many expansions took place on the vault even to this day, including a railway system. Living close to the border, a wall was constructed on the Xenon-Verussian border.

After around 4 months of peace between VE and XE, the Second Verussian War broke out. Thymen and steentje once again lead successful attacks. Steentje even managed to defeat the Wither in the VE vault. Its nether star was turned into a beacon, and now rests in a small tower owned by Steentje on the VE-XE border. The Verussian Empire surrendered soon after.

After-War period

After the war, Thymen and his Dutch friends went on an expedition to find his sunken ship, Jaarsveld, along with the Elven sword still within the wreckage. The wreck was found, but it was in a bad condition. Thymen found the sword, and took it back to his fort. Unbeknownst to him, his previous friend Tjeerd started plotting against him in hopes of taking the sword for himself. Tjeers failed, and after scuttling one of the navy's ships, Tjeerd was captured and sent into exile for treason.

Thymen begun work on his own town, but was interrupted by a new neighbour, and soon to be King of the Elves, Texter495. In hopes of impressing the Elven Queen Reptaria, Texter planned on sieging Thymen, stealing the sword, annexing the vault along with its riches, and then asking to marry Reptaria. Texter successfully sieged and stole the Elven sword, badly wounding Thymen. The Elves and the Xenon Empire cherished good relations, so as Texter sieged Thymen, it deeply upset Reptaria. Along with rumours of his power hunger, Texter was refused to be King of the Elves, and was banished from the Elven Empire.

In the aftermath, the Xenon Empire became increasingly inactive. Thymen and his friends decided to take a break from Piratecraft, and sail for new lands in hope of finding new riches. Maximus_Terragon abdicated as Emperor of the Xenon Empire. In October 2016, the Xenon Empire merged together with the Luteus Republic, and Iborian Empire, into the Xanthian Order. Thymen immediately sent messages to Maximus_Terragon, telling him of the new lands he discovered, and wishing to become apart of the new Order.

His wish was granted, and Thymen became the Master of Arms in The Xanthian Order. He was also made King of Xenia by Maximus_Terragon. His Dutch friends were given ranks of General, Colonel, Captain, and Officers. He began building a new town in his newly discovered land.

Additional Notes


Thymen is a valued and loyal member of The Xanthian Order, as well as a good friend of Maximus_Terragon. He has only ever been a member of two crews; the Xenon Empire, and The Xanthian Order, both ruled by Maximus_Terragon, with Thymen as a fellow leader.

Fort Bambini

A somewhat ironic name that translates to 'Fort Baby'. Despite its name, it is a mighty fort with a large underground system of tunnels to protect all of the Dutch crew members. Today it stands partially abandoned, as newer and more powerful forts and bases were constructed.

The Legendary Sword

It is unknown where the legendary Elven sword is currently located, even if it still exists. However, by studying the sword Thymen started creating his own sword, which he carries by his side ever since.

Crew History