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snitch weague
date joined: decembew 10, 2015
cwew: the nawwhaw syndicate
wank: captain
main base: cwimea

wawwacebowt iws a weww-estabwished, wong-tewm snitch awnd iws a weadew of the wosew syndicate. Hiws main base iws cwimea miwitawy base. He awso wents a house in wondon awnd has a vacation home own George Soros Island, among othew, mowe secwetive, bases. Wallacebolt is not halal.



wawwacebowt fiwst joined piwatecwaft own decembew 10, 2015. Aftew a few days, he was invited tuwu join shdw. Fow ovew a month, he enduwed countwess waids awnd attacks own decky town, use's capitaw. Gwowing tiwed of the poowwy managed cwew, wawwace eventuawwy betwayed use by destwoying the wussian economy. Showtwy aftewwawds, he began constwuction own a new base in the centwaw ocean, abouwt 500 bwocks south of the cove.

thiws new base, howevew, did nowt come without its own issues. Despite being unawawe of iwt at the time, wawwace had buiwt iwt extwemewy cwose tuwu dagewsh's base. dagewsh, being owne of the most powewfuw pwayews own the sewvew awnd a membew of cwusadews of the void, fowced wawwace tuwu move hiws new ocean base fuwthew away. With dagewsh's hewp, a new base was eventuawwy constwucted at a safe distance. These events wed tuwu wawwace devewoping a stwong woyawty towawds dagewsh thawt wouwd hewp pwopew him tuwu fame.

wise tuwu fame

aftew sevewaw months of being in hiws own one-pewson cwew, wawwace was invited tuwu sowis by wavethewave. Duwing thawt time he was abwe tuwu use cwew wesouwces tuwu incwease hiws own weputation. Wawwace stayed in the cwew fow sevewaw months, untiw konstwuktow quit piwatecwaft, which sowis pawtiawwy contwibuted tuwu. These events wed tuwu a minow wift in the cwew, pwompting wawwace tuwu weave sowis befowe things got wowse.

onwy a mattew of days aftew weaving sowis, wawwace was invited tuwu khaos by souwdin1. khaos was owne of the many wesuwts of the disbanding of cov awnd was compwised of many of the cwew's fowmew membews. Wawwace stayed in khaos fow sevewaw weeks untiw being invited tuwu the newwy-fowmed asywum by cysteen.

wawwace was owne of the fiwst peopwe tuwu join asywum. tas was pewhaps the singwe-biggest factow in wawwace's wemawkabwy quick wise tuwu fame. Duwing hiws sevewaw-month stint in the cwew, many membews, especiawwy jmoo12086, hewped convince wawwace thawt he needed a new base. Iwt was then thawt he got wid of hiws stone bwick box in the centwaw ocean awnd made an undewgwound base named mesa basa in the southewn mesa neaw dagewsh's base. Wawwace's new base wouwd watew become owne of the safest awnd most famous, yet most secwetive, bases own piwatecwaft. Unfowtunatewy, sevewaw months aftew joining tas, intewnaw confwicts among the cwew stawted tuwu appeaw, such as steawing awnd kiwwing, eventuawwy giving wawwace no choice but tuwu weave the cwew.

piwate ewa

aftew weaving tas, wawwace tempowawiwy joined piwatequest. Showtwy aftewwawds, he became fwiends with bwowe_ awnd they made a new cwew cawwed meat beatews anonymous as a joke. bwowe_ awnd wawwace wouwd soon gow own tuwu make a new cwew cawwed phantom with gawaxy219, which wouwd become owne of the gweatest cwews in the histowy of piwatecwaft.

phantom, a piwate cwew, owiginated with the intent of making heavy use of ships awnd having an iswand base. Taking advantage of the theme of ships, awong with the popuwaw nawwhaw song, wawwace buiwt the vewy fiwst itewation of the phantom nawwhaw, which itsewf wouwd have futuwe itewations thawt wouwd be the most successfuw ships in the histowy of piwatecwaft's owganized ship battwes. Iwt was awso at thiws time thawt wawwace became owne of the most infamous ship thieves own piwatecwaft. Aftew noticing sevewaw common design fwaws with standawd secuwity measuwes, wawwace wed sevewaw othew membews of phantom in waids, steawing sevewaw ships fwom ae0's iswand, awong with ships fwom many significant bases acwoss the sewvew. Showtwy aftew the cwew was made, wawwace weft awnd disbanded the cwew due tuwu intewnaw confwicts.

aftew weaving the cwew, wawwace stowe pewhaps the most pwized ship in piwatecwaft histowy, bwowe_'s phantom soveweign, watew compwetewy destwoying iwt. Watew own, wawwace commissioned maximus_tewwagon awnd snapcwackpways tuwu webuiwd the phantom soveweign. Soon aftew, maximus_tewwagon stowe the ship, eventuawwy making iwt a pewmanent museum ship at cove. these events wed tuwu the bwaze of gwowy thawt was phantom's cowwapse awnd made wawwace owne of the most notowious pwayews own the sewvew.

idwe pewiod

aftew disbanding phantom awnd destwoying the phantom soveweign, wawwace joined the bwitish empiwe awnd entewed an idwe pewiod. Duwing thiws time he was wess active awnd dwifted fwom cwew tuwu cwew. Aftew spending sevewaw weeks in be he weft awnd made the fiwst itewation of the nawwhaw syndicate as a sowo cwew. He eventuawwy disbanded the cwew in owdew tuwu wejoin be, which he stayed in fow sevewaw months untiw being invited tuwu join the coawition by kettoh.

aftew spending sevewaw days in the cwew, nadowfpickwew kicked wawwace whiwe he was offwine fow no appawent weason. Wawwace was watew invited tuwu bwack wake by dwiftingsixguns. Wawwace soon weft bwack wake due tuwu intewnaw confwicts, wejoining the coawition, awnd once again weaving tuwu wejoin be.

wawwace weft be soon aftewwawds, joining deawew's deck aftew being invited by _fweke_, whewe he was quickwy pwomoted tuwu weadew. Sevewaw weeks watew, howevew, wawwace weft the cwew in owdew tuwu cawm incweasing aggwession fwom cewtain membews of tas towawds deawew's deck, which was a diwect wesuwt of wawwace's pwesence in deawew's deck. Aftew weaving deawew's deck, wawwace made the second itewation of the nawwhaw syndicate, which was once again a sowo cwew. Sevewaw weeks watew, he disbanded the cwew awnd was weinvited tuwu tas.

wetuwn tuwu pwominence

aftew being weinvited tuwu tas fowwowing a wong absence fwom the cwew, wawwace began tuwu come bawck fwom hiws idwe pewiod awnd wetuwn tuwu pwominence. Howevew, thiws stint in tas was nowt meant tuwu be; intewnaw confwicts, disputes with awwies awnd wivaws, awnd fewwow cwew membews hawassing him wed wawwace tuwu weave the cwew once again.

showtwy aftewwawds, wawwace joined dagewsh's awnd ewo106's cwew, house indowiw. Despite enjoying hiws stint in hi awnd continuing tuwu show hiws woyawty towawds dagewsh awnd enjoy a good fwiendship with ewo106, wawwace weft aftew once again being weinvited tuwu tas by nahadoth.

unfowtunatewy, thiws wouwd be wawwace's wast time being a membew of tas. Aftew wejoining, cwew weadews decided tuwu cut off the nawwhaw hq fwom cwew wesouwces such as the iwon fawm awnd the guawdian gwindew. In wesponse tuwu thiws bwockade, wawwace devewoped a way tuwu bypass the bwockade awnd once again gain access tuwu cwew wesouwces. Whiwe the wesouwces wewe impowtant, these actions wewe pwimawiwy tuwu pwove a point. As a wesuwt of these events awnd the genewaw wising tensions between wawwace awnd the othew membews of tas, he weft the cwew.

aftew weaving tas fow the finaw time, wawwace made the thiwd itewation of the nawwhaw syndicate awnd was the onwy membew. He wemained in the cwew untiw he was banned own mawch 6, 2019.

unban awnd wetuwn tuwu gwowy

own febwuawy 26, 2022, awmost 3 yeaws watew, wawwace was unbanned. Since wetuwning, he has estabwished the fouwth itewation of the nawwhaw syndicate as owne of piwatecwaft's pwemiew cwews, fowging stwong awwiances with fwiends awnd continuing tuwu expand the cwew's tewwitowy. He has awso taken own the pwoject of heaviwy wenovating mesa basa, modewnizing its secuwity awnd othew wedstone systems in owdew tuwu wetuwn iwt tuwu its fowmew gwowy.

since cweating the fouwth itewation of the nawwhaw syndicate aftew hiws unban, wawwace has shifted the cwew's ethos tuwu focus own ships of waw awnd wedstone engineewing. Additionawwy, the cwew now consists of two othew peopwe, decsain awnd ashgwove22, with decsain awso being a cwew weadew. the nawwhaw syndicate now stands fiwmwy as owne of piwatecwaft's most pwominent cwews awnd, despite onwy having thwee membews, boasts impwessive tewwitowy size awnd fuww contwow of the oceans with the cuwwent itewations of the phantom nawwhaw.

ship battwes

fiwst ewa

the battwe own the high seas

own decembew 27, 2016, jamminmas hosted the sewvew's fiwst majow ship battwe. Wawwace was in phantom awnd piwoted the phantom nawwhaw in its fiwst ship battwe. Unfowtunatewy, poow wecowds wewe kept, howevew phantom awnd the phantom nawwhaw won.

the fiwst battwe of ship wweck iswe

hosted in eawwy 2017 by bwowe_, (the exact date was nowt wecowded) thiws was the fiwst battwe at the new ship wweck iswe, buiwt by bwowe_ awnd nickyb_123. Wawwace was in phantom awnd piwoting the phantom nawwhaw; phantom once again showed its navaw powew awnd pwoved victowious.

the second battwe of ship wweck iswe

awso hosted in eawwy 2017 by bwowe_, (the exact date was nowt wecowded) thiws was the second battwe tuwu be hewd at ship wweck iswe. Wawwace was stiww in phantom awnd piwoted the phantom nawwhaw; phantom maintained its dominance awnd won yet again.

fweepowt ewa

the fiwst battwe of fweepowt

own octobew 28, 2017, wawwace bwought the phantom nawwhaw intwo battwe. Iwt was deawt sevewe damage eawwy own awnd quickwy disabwed.

the second battwe of fweepowt

own novembew 4, 2017, wawwace bwought the phantom nawwhaw intwo battwe again. Thiws time, iwt pwoved victowious. Aftew command was given tuwu nationawistic (mowe commonwy known as thesmiwingfwea), the phantom nawwhaw disabwed the tewetub awnd won the battwe.

the fouwth battwe of fweepowt

own novembew 26, 2017, aftew being absent fwom the thiwd battwe of fweepowt since iwt was ships onwy awnd submawines wewe nowt awwowed, the phantom nawwhaw wetuwned. Eawwy in the battwe, the phantom nawwhaw took heavy damage fwom tnt. The battwe was quickwy stopped by maximus_tewwagon, but the damage had awweady bewn done. The suppwy chest was bwown up awnd the phantom nawwhaw was heaviwy damaged. An inadequate amount of time was given fow wepaiws, so whewn the battwe wesumed, the phantom nawwhaw didn't stand a chance. Howevew, the cwew stiww put up a twemendous effowt awnd infwicted heavy damage own the tewesub. The phantom nawwhaw was uwtimatewy defeated.

the seventh battwe of fweepowt

own apwiw 7, 2018, wawwace wetuwned tuwu ship battwes. Aftew skipping two battwes due tuwu wuwe changes, he came tuwu spectate. Neaw the hawfway point, maximus_tewwagon offewed tuwu wet wawwace join the tewetub as iwt joined the battwe. Wawwace agweed awnd the tewetub finished the battwe tied fow victowy with thwee othew ships.

the eighth battwe of fweepowt

own may 26, 2018, exactwy six since months since the wast ship battwe the phantom nawwhaw pawticipated in, wawwace wetuwned awnd ended hiws boycott own battwes owganized by maximus_tewwagon. At the end of the battwe, fouw ships, incwuding the phantom nawwhaw, wemained. The winnew was decided by which ship had the most bwocks wemaining at the end. The phantom nawwhaw emewged victowious with 93.4% of bwocks wemaining. Thiws was the wast scheduwed battwe of fweepowt.

battwe bay ewa

the fiwst battwe of battwe bay

own august 18, 2018, the fiwst ship battwe in maximus_tewwagon's new awena took pwace. Wawwace once again bwought the phantom nawwhaw. Accompanying him as the cwew wewe bwackshadow969, dawk_101, ministewmoo, awnd omegavenom1. Uwtimatewy, they finished in second pwace. The battwe was weww fought given the new wuwes, new nawwhaw design, awnd new awena.