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Elo in Phoenix Armor
Date Joined: July 2015
Crew: House Indoril (Leader)
Rank: Firstmate


Elo106 is a long-term player who was inactive for a while but came back recently in 2018. He is in the crew House Indoril and is also the founder of the Great House Hlaalu. Don't get Elo confused with the band Electric Light Orchestra.

Elo's Story

In 2014, a player by the name of Elo106 led the infamous Phoenix-Pirates (PHXP) to PirateCraft's sandy shores, arriving with a fresh crew of 12 deckhands to dominate the seas. They trekked far and wide to settle down and begin to branch out from, they found this at the foot of a dormant volcano, and built their fort and town on its ashen slopes.

Trouble with 0utlaws

His crewmate SydMontague, soon discovered the brewing plugin and in all its alcoholic glory, and soon found himself overcome with the depressant, drunk and disorientated, he in this feeble state did not see the threatening silhouette of lewboi100. As a result the Phoenix-Pirates soon discovered that the server already had dominating factions of Pirates which already had laid claim to its seas.

The Phoenix-Pirates in response, declared war on the demonic 0utlaws. Elo106 led raids and seaborne attacks upon their forts, peppering their walls with cannon fire in retaliation, for peace, they demanded the finest aged rums, the imprisoning of 0utlaws' 2nd in Command; Mandarin_Panda, and that a month long lasting truce is signed. These requirements for peace are however never needed to be met, as they are able to exact revenge on Mandarin, with his armour and weapons doing just fine for fulfilling the demands of rum, and soon the 0utlaws and PHXP have reached a peaceful agreement, one of the few reached. PHXP so get drunk on notoriety due to this, and are rightly recognized as a Pirate Crew.

Massacre at the Ball

Reptaria soon holds one of her infamous Elven Balls at Port Terragon, owned by Maximus_Terragon. Elo106 sees the Ball as a chance to extend his influence in PirateCraft and as easy pickings due to the "No Weapons" allowed at the Ball. He prepares with an undercover agent, a covert tpa to the Elven Ball, with the goal to crash it.

Soon the signal is given, and Elo106, shoot through the tpa-verse, materialising at the Elven Ball its at full swing, and finds the tune chrip very hard to not swing his sword to, however Reptaria and her allies are among the casualties, Reptaria and The Allied declare war.

Elo106 is besieged by an "angry mob", whilst defending his castle, someone glitches through his iron door and the group soon gains access to the inner keep, Reptaria /backs through cannonfire gaining ground with each death, Elo106 falls back to his inner bunker. More cannon fire follows, more kills, Elo's internet commits "no longer existing" and the enemy wins the siege, with the castle soon being plundered.

A traitor steals Elo's diamond tools and armor, and proceeds to burn his castle to the ground, Elo dies in the flames and is petrified into the ash. Other PHXPs scatter to the winds or perish inside the castle walls, ArminPlugin falls asleep during all of this.

The enemies leave the castle smouldering, soon after they leave the castle and its dead and dying are buried, until one fateful day Pashjn comes to find this lost monument at the foot of Red Mountain.

Gifts of Redmountain

After Pashjn discovers a hidden treasure of an ancient, ungodly power beneath Red Mountain he accidently resurrects Elo. Together they use this divine power to create grand halls and fortify the Volcano, mining the rich Ebony beneath.

Elo, experiencing death himself, turns his back on pvp and greates the Great House Hlaalu a trading Company focused on business and diplomacy. Ebony Gear being among the highest quality of gear ever created soon finds its way throughtout the entire piratecraft world.

Rise of the Dunmeri People

Lord Dagersh hears about Elos resurrection, together they create Great House Indoril. The crew soon expands and the 3 leaders Dagersh, BassQueen808 and Elo106 use the divine power to ascend into god-like beings.

Pashjn the Engineer starts building great structures to channel the divine power like The Olymp. Under the

Under the guidance of the Tribunal the Dunmer prosper and flourish. But slowly the days turn sour and the watchfull nights close in...

The Elven Banquet

RoMich02 the cat and Elo attack the new elven king and the elven court using new chemical weapons and specially trained, pointy ear hunting, dogs.

The BE wedding

RoMich02 the cat and Elo attack the new BE wedding and the BE court using upgraded chemical weapons and specially trained, Polish soldiers.

Peace once more

Leaving behind the troubles of mortals Elo focuses more on creation than destruction once more.

Real Estate

Additional Notes

  • Great House Hlaalu was founded by Elo to help people acquire wealth, advertise shops and improve relations between shop owners.
  • Ebony Blacksmithing Ebony Armor, Weapons and Tools are God Items crafted by Elo using divine power.
  • Owner of Cat RoMich02, if lost return to Elo.
  • Emerald Brother of JusaShrek1, bound not by blood but by emerald!

Crew History