Mesa Basa

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Mesa Basa
Mesa Basa.png
Designed By: AstroTech R&D
Closest Warp: /warp south

Mesa Basa is Astrobolt's current base. It is also the main base of operations for AstroTech R&D.


When Astrobolt joined TAS, Jmoo12086 convinced him that he needed a new base. Astrobolt's old base was filled with problems. It was easy to raid and very vulnerable in regards to its proximity to the Cove. Additionally, essentially being a stone brick box, it was very ugly. Therefore, Astrobolt started work on a new base. The new base would be more isolated with much better security. It would also be in the vicinity of dagersh's town, giving another reason for invaders to stay away.

When Astrobolt first started brainstorming, he used the capabilities of AstroTech R&D to come up with a good design. The only downside was that it was a very resource demanding design.

After several months of building, the main framework for the base was done. While there was still much to be done, the main structure was complete. Due to its top secret status, details cannot be given about the inner workings of Mesa Basa.

After a while, Astrobolt decided to decorate. He built a house on the surface that mixed well with the hard-to-build-with mesa biome. Six beacon spaces were also added. Eventually, a wall was completed around the perimeter of the surface.

While Mesa Basa is for the most part complete, it is an ongoing project. Improvements are added when needed.


After Astrobolt purchased the Lady Faye from Daniel_McLachlen, he stored it at his old base. Eventually, he made a dock near Mesa Basa to keep the Lady Faye. This dock is an annex of Mesa Basa.


Mesa Basa is one of, if not the most secure base on the server. While its location makes it easy to reach, the security system, developed by AstroTech R&D, is one of the most functional (and aesthetically pleasing) on the server. Since it is top secret, details about the security system are not available to the public.

While there have been several attempts to raid Mesa Basa in the past, all of them have failed. Perhaps the most famous instance is when a hacker with several alts (commonly known as "the king," or "the princess," estimated to have at least 50 alts) attempted to loot Mesa Basa and throw everything away. Fortunately, Astrobolt was able to put the base on lockdown and everything in the base was secure. Another instance is when Saltpigeon attempted to raid Mesa Basa. Just like the hacker, his attempt was thwarted by the state-of-the-art security system.