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The United States Empire
Leaders: GO_BLUE, GodsAlive
Founded: November 2015
Founder: Galaxy219
Structure: Confederation
Character: Peaceful

The United States empire (USE) is a crew founded in November 2015 by Galaxy219 and currently led by GO_BLUE and GodsAlive.



USE was founded in late November 2015 by former Elf Galaxy219. USE was formed because Galaxy got into a fight with some of the other Elves so he decided to leave and make his own crew. This did not go over well with some of the Elven leaders such as GO_BLUE, so they led an attack on Galaxy that lasted about 12 hours. After the attack was over, Galaxy decided to stay with his new crew and he was joined by several other players, such as GodsAlive (Raven) and SBurger6969.

Prosperity and Trouble

Early December marked a very successful and prosperous time for USE. New members joined, including Quackbot, BlackMambaVenom, AidsPlays, _grandon_, Xboy123, Astrobolt, and lites59. GO_BLUE, the Elf who had led the attack on Galaxy, even joined the crew after becoming disillusioned with the Elven Empire. They formed a settlement town called Decky Town that served as the capital of the empire. Decky Town was a large fortress with many watchtowers and it had two mob spawners nearby. There was also an expansive mine within Decky Town that helped crew members obtain resources.

After a couple of weeks, troubles began in USE. The troubles first started in early December, when Decky Town was attacked three times in one week. The lack of proper coordination between the USE members caused GO_BLUE to leave the crew. USE continued to get attacked throughout the whole month by various crews such as CoV, Cubigran, and Solis. There was also a dispute with the Thirteen Colonies over the rights to the United States name. Despite all of these problems, USE held together and had over 40 members by the time the new year started.

The Coup

On New Years Eve, a group of USE members led by AidsPlays demoted Galaxy219 and overthrew the USE government. The situation got worse after Galaxy found out and AidsPlays lied claiming it was a glitch. Aids later gave Galaxy control back and then left to form the crew SKATS with QuackBot, BlackMambaVenom, GO_BLUE, and SBurger6969.


After SKATS was formed, Galaxy and GodsAlive declared war on them. The war lasted for a very short time and the members of SKATS rejoined USE (except GO_BLUE and SBurger, as they joined Engima). After this was settled, most of USE went inactive for a long time, leading to loss of members. They reemerged in early February, with Galaxy and Red_Wing rejoining the Elves due to bordom and their past ally, GO_BLUE, being in it. Before they left however, they put Xboy123 in charge so the crew would not go completely inactive.

The New Age

In May 2016, Galaxy, GodsAlive, Sburger, and GO_BLUE rejoined USE. After improving the ruined crew home, they got into a war with the 13 Colonies, which is currently ongoing according to the Thirteen Colonies leader NickyB_123, but little action has happened so far and attempts at resolving the conflict diplomatically have failed. Minor attacks against The United States Empire started to become more and more frequent by rogue pirates.

More Problems and The Downfall of the New Age

After USE reformed, it became clear that the new government was failing. Fights were constantly breaking out and the empire was practically in turmoil. A civil war was breaking the empire apart. Finally, after all the fights, Galaxy219 and Xboy123 left USE and joined Solis, leaving GO_BLUE as president. Blue attempted to rule with GodsAlive as his vice president, but GodsAlive ended up leaving the crew. GO_BLUE then ruled with SBurger6969 as his Vice President, but Blue stepped down in mid-June, leaving SBurger as the new president.

USE was revived again in October 2016 by GO_BLUE, GodsAlive, Galaxy219, Xboy123, and SBurger6969. They built a new settlement, Sailorton. This new revival did not last long, however, as everyone eventually became busy and left, save for SBurger, who became interim president once again.

Current Era

In March 2017, USE was reformed once more. Galaxy was not apart of this rebuild, but he decided to play an advisory role instead. The new government was led by GO_BLUE, GodsAlive, and SBurger6969. Loyal members Merk_Slayer (AidsPlays) and Xboy123 also returned. One of the first things the new government did was build a roof on top of Decky Town. They also started to build trails from the Western part of the Empire to the Eastern part. At that point, it looked as though USE was going to grow and prosper.

However, things did not go as planned. There was a war with The Fire Nation, a former ally. The USE won this war, but some USE members betrayed the crew and joined TFN, weakening the USE. GO_BLUE and GodsAlive also became far less active, and GodsAlive was later banned for a profanity-laden rant against Astrobolt and others. After his ban, Blue basically quit. Although GodsAlive was later unbanned, he did not return to the server much, nor did Blue. Blue and GodsAlive attempted a comeback in June of 2018, and although they succeeded in fixing up Ireland, they did not accomplish much else.

In late 2018 and early 2019, the settlement of Mahogany Town was completed on Ireland. As of 2020, USE is not nearly as large and active as it used to be, but that may change in the future.


In the past, USE was located in the Southwestern part of the Piratecraft world. It was located in several biomes, including desert, swamp, and savannah. Presently, it is located in the East, and is made up of rolling forested hills and plains.

Current Government



GodsAlive (Raven228)

Past Governments

Fall 2015:

President: Galaxy219

Vice President: SBurger6969

Secretary of State: ravensrock1234

Secretary of War: CelticHawk

Winter 2016 President: Xboy123

Spring 2016:

President: Galaxy219

Vice President: Sir_Croc0dile

Secretary of State: Larry_Palomino

Secretary of War: Xboy123

Secretary of Treasury: SBurger6969

Summer 2016:

President: Sir_Croc0dile

Vice President: Raven228

Secretary of State: SBurger6969

Secretary of War: AidsPlays

Secretary of Treasury: SmoltenDuke

Interim government:

President: SBurger6969

Diplomatic relations


Verrusian Empire



Kingdom of Nador Duhl

Lancastrian Empire

United States (not USE)

German Empire

Parrot Lovers


The Redstonian Legion

Deckhand's Revenge



The Coalition

Ebonheart Empire

The Fire Nation

The New Roman Republic


Constitution of the United States Empire

We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States Empire.

Section one: Bill of Rights

1. All citizens of the United States Empire have the right to free speech, so long as it is not inflammatory in nature.

2. The right to life must be respected. Therefore, the killing of fellow Americans is forbidden, unless authorized by the President and/or Vice President. In addition, the killing of allied and neutral crew members is forbidden, unless it is in self-defense. The killing of rival crew members must be done at one's own risk.

3. All citizens have the right to vote.

4. All members have the right to live where they choose. However, it is highly recommended that they live in an American settlement.

Section two Punishments

1. Any offense committed by an American citizen is punishable by a trial in front of the Supreme Court. The decisions by the court can only be reversed by 2/3 majority in the House and Senate.

Section three: Government

1. All members are immediately promoted to the House of Representatives upon joining the crew. Any members that are in the crew for over a month and are deemed active by the President are promoted to the Senate.

2. Bills are proposed by either members of the House or Senate.

3. Supreme Court justices are appointed by the President and serve for life, or until resignation.

4. In the absence of the Supreme Court, the President can serve as a justice.

5. The President has the right to veto a bill. The House and Senate can overrun a veto with a 2/3 majority.

6. The President can serve for as long as they wish.

7. Amendments to the constitution can be passed with a 3/4 majority in the house and senate.