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SnapCrackPlays, commonly known as Snap, was a player who joined in early 2017 and was well known for holding various powerful positions in Empire crews, before becoming a pirate in The Asylum.

Early History Snap started off his life, like many, as a deckhand wandering the hallowed hallways of the cove. Here, minutes after joining for the first time, he met Maximus_Terragon, who would go on to become his greatest friend and mentor on the server. Snap spent several days at cove working odd jobs to pull together food and funds, and soon left aboard a small corvette along with his own crew, including Rhysee_Rooster. Whilst stopping to restock at a remote port, Snap met Iridus, TheHattedHatter, and Reptaria, who convinced him to join the Elven Empire. Snap worked his way up through the navy, before being made Lord Commander as a reward for capturing and burning JavaInvader's ship.

Snap became a high-ranking member of the Elven Empire, meeting with Kenzo74 of Greywatch and continuing to command the fleet during several raids. Around this time, Reptaria abdicated, promptly crowning TheHattedHatter and Iridus kings, with more than twenty members of the British Empire, Xenia, and others attending. It became known as the red wedding, as JavaInvader and RiverKitty slaughtered every single member. With the Elven Empire in tatters, Snap soon joined Xenia under Maximus_Terragon, being commissioned as admiral with his custom "Heart of Oak" sword and giving Reptaria her own sword as a thank-you gift. He and Max raided Phantom Cove and stole the chassis of XNS Trinity. Weeks after, Snap decided to join the British Empire.

The British Empire Snap was appointed as Captain in BE, and was soon elected MoDJ, becoming the youngest ever holder of the title. He soon purchased a magnificent townhouse in London, known as King's Friday, to house his EM stallion Duncan, whom he had purchased back as an elf. Along with Admiral Browe_, Snap reformed the military, introducing a consummate ranking system and training up fighters, and renovating XNS Trinity to become HMS Iron Duke, British Flagship at freeport, and became famed as her captain during the cut-throat ship battles of the era. He became a wealthy player, amassing hoards of God gear, custom weapons, and renovating his Old Elven castle of Holly-on-the-water, now renamed to Abercrombie. He became friendly with members of TAS through turkeyman11a, and ex-BE member and previous holder of the post of MoDJ.

The Asylum Barely a day before the next elections, it was revealed that Taulov had raided Minister Moo's base. Snap considered resigning, but decided to stand in the next round of elections with CrazyMoneyy, which he summarily lost. He went on to join CLTN and then TAS, flitting between the two throughout the next few months. The Iron Duke was renovated and the ground castle Abecrombie finally finished, with the base underneath being built.

Leaving-Returning Due to various existential issues, Snap left in early-mid 2018. He experienced small chunks of activity, giving away the vast bulk of his wealth in one, including his most cherished items to friends Maximus_Terragon and Crazy_Moneyy. As of June 2019, he is mainly inactive, but plays occasionally.