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London flag.png
Flag of the city of London
View of London from the livemap, 05/10/2017
Status: Capital of the BE
Founded: January 2015

The ultimate province and the capital of the British Empire, London is a centre for trade and culture within the server. Established members of the British Empire are permitted to live in London and trusted players are allowed to create shops.


  • Globe theatre
  • Buckingham palace (under construction)
  • St. Paul's cathedral
  • Tower of London (under construction)
  • Shops
  • Housing
  • Gambling facilities
  • Rail transport to Port Ae0s and Warp shop
  • Full resistance beacon coverage
  • Bank and vault
  • Library and enchanting facilities
  • Elven Embassy

Shops List

A regularly updated list and description of shops in London. (In rough order of establishment)

  • General Store: -1608/68/-378. Buys and sells certain resources.
  • Lazy’s shop: -1696/64/-471. Sells mob drops such as ink sacs and leather, as well as building materials such as stone.
  • Dakota’s redstone: -1610/68/-414. Sells various redstone components.
  • Gildor’s gambling: -1597/68/-380. A simple input cash for a chance to win more cash machine.
  • Scientia potentia est: -1752/63/-438. Sells books.
  • Paul’s shop: [co-ords will be posted when I can get online]. Sells netherwart farming materials and dyes.
  • Emerald armoury: -1667/65/-411. Sells items associated with villager trading and enchanted gear.
  • Taulov’s shop: -1676/65/-406. Sells food and blocks.
  • Okta’s smithy and widgets: -1660/70/-513. Sells high level enchanted gear, food and buys and sells certain resources.
  • Smokinsoldier’s shop: -1660 70 -513. Sells mob drops and enchanted books.
  • Ender’s edibles: -1663 65 -475. Sells food items.
  • Wool and other things that go BOOM: -1627 65 -411. Sells cannons and cannon related equipment, wool and ores.
  • Saltpigeon’s shop: -1670 68 -510. Sells wood (spruce and oak so far) and carrots.

Anybody wishing to run a shop in London should speak to either Gildor_stinky or Bislo.
Any shopkeeper may update the description of their shop - please keep this only to one or two lines and concisely state what you sell and/or buy.
Also, there is advertising space of one sign each by the nether portal entrance to London where you can add further description of your shop – any shopkeepers wishing to make use of this speak to either Gildor_stinky or Bislo.