Lancastrian Empire

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Lancastrian Empire
Lancastria Cross.png
Cross of Lancastria
Monarch: TheAgentGamer, Sharkygirl9
Prime Minister: Harry_Potter1212
Founded: July 2015
Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Capital City: Nova Halifax

The Lancastrian Empire, (tag: LE), is an Empire/Nation that was first founded on PirateCraft in mid-2015 but has multiple times throughout its history been nearly forgotten about and then reborn into the limelight. At current times the Lancastrian Empire is active and if you want to join you can ask/contact TheAgentGamer, Sharkygirl9, Harry_Potter1212, or Iwan The Pirate.

Purpose[edit | edit source]

The purpose/main goal of the Lancastrian Empire is to protect liberty for all those who can't protect it themselves.

Politics & Government[edit | edit source]

Current Leaders and Positions of the Lancastrian Empire[edit | edit source]

-National Government-

  • His Majesty Crowned Minister (Head of Crown) of the Lancastrian Empire: TheAgentGamer
  • Her Majesty Crowned Minister of the Lancastrian Empire: Sharkygirl9
  • Prime Minister of the Lancastrian Empire: Harry_Potter1212

-Provincial Governments-

-Overseas Territorial Governments-

-City/Local Governments, and Lower Governmental Positions-

Former Leaders and Positions of the Lancastrian Empire[edit | edit source]

  • Prime Minister of the Lancastrian Empire (spring to mid summer of 2018): RainbowInferno
  • Prime Minister of the Lancastrian Empire (mid summer of 2018 to late august of 2019): SaiTheGuy1011

Military Branches of the Defence[edit | edit source]

Constitution[edit | edit source]

Explanation of how Government Functions[edit | edit source]

The Lancastrian Empire is by most definitions a constitutional monarchy, but with some degree of changes. The Crowned Ministers, either be the King or Queen of the main bloodline decent, hold some power within the Lancastrian Empire, but their power is shared with that of the Prime Minister and if possible the Vice Prime Minister. There is then the Council of Ministers that acts like a Parliament, but they are selected by the Prime Minister just like the Vice Prime Minister when they are running for office. The Crowned Ministers, Prime Minister, and Vice Prime Minister are known as the Executive Branch, and the Council of Ministers are known as the Parliamentary Branch.

Visual of Governmental Structure[edit | edit source]

Foreign Relations[edit | edit source]

Nations/Crews Allied With[edit | edit source]

Pacts and Other Positive Relations[edit | edit source]

  • Non-Aggression Pacts:

Former Nations/Crews Allied With[edit | edit source]

Note: All of these alliances died due to these nations/crews dying

Active Citizens of the Empire[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

Time Before Empirehood[edit | edit source]

The story of the Lancastrian Empire all started in mid 2015 when TheAgentGamer joined the server, he joined as part of a small crew made by JMChilly, which was made up of people from another server who came to PirateCraft for just some survival fun. They set up a large structure which was basically a large stonebrick structure along the coast of the mainland in the Northern region of the map. It had multiple levels inside with a main room pretty much in the center that was multiple stories and took up most of the building. The main room was made up of lots of levels of farms, the plants in the farms where pumpkins, melons, wheat, and some others. Besides the main room there was private rooms for each person and storage rooms with lots of chests that where on all the levels and each room was fairly small, only 1 level high and not that wide. They eventually also built a dock and built some small ships for the dock and some cannons. But disaster soon struck as about a month or so after they started the project, they where attacked. Now the construction for the stonebrick structure and dock where done but they still did damage, mostly just with burning the ships and dock since both where made out of wood and wool. The dock was for the most part repaired but TheAgentGamer decided to just adventure out and make a small mine and also a fort (though the fort was never finished). The small finished mine and partly finished fort still exist on the map to this day.

First Era (The Founding) of the Lancastrian Empire[edit | edit source]

Eventually JMChilly as well as everyone else but TheAgentGamer who where apart of the small crew left PirateCraft. This lead TheAgentGamer to go solo and just continue mining and gathering resources at his mine and partly completed fort. This continued on for a while until TheAgentGamer got two new friends, SnowTrooper7 and Alphaology, to adventure out west to the other side of the main continent to create the capital city and to found the Lancastrian Empire. A spot at the delta of two rivers along the coast in a bay area in the Northwest Quadrant was chosen. Once there, the first Lancastrian Empire was founded in mid July 2015, literally a few minutes before the HOICSquad hacker attack happened to Minecraft (which was a hacker attack that shut down all of Minecraft for 8-10 hours). The timing of this founding is somewhat humorous. After all that drama with the founding and after that the HOICSquad hacker attack, things went well for a while as the rivers where drenched out and made wider and deeper for a port, and the land in and around the delta was flattened and deforested and houses, governmental buildings, docks, and ships where built, partly built, and planned to be built.

Sadly however, it would only be a few weeks after the founding and construction of the capital city that a small group of Pirates would come into the bay area, and attack the small capital city. The Pirates would deforest and flatten an area on the northern side of the bay, which was the opposite side of the bay to the Lancastrian capital city. The Pirates would build a huge fortress made out of stone, stonebrick, netherbrick, and some other things and would eventually build a large Hydra symbol, (this group was also one of the first crews Cysteen was in). They would continuously attack and plunder the Lancastrian Empire and eventually the Lancastrians called for help. It is not remembered who came to burn down, block-aid, and destroy part of the fortress made by the pirate group in response to the call for help from the Lancastrians, but seeing that the British Empire had their major town of Gloomsbay nearby, and that they also hated the pirate group, it is likely that it was the British Empire who came to the Lancastrians aid. But even with outside help, the pirate group would continuously build the fortress larger and larger and would continuously loot and destroy the Lancastrian capital city over and over until everyone, including TheAgentGamer who was the leader of the Lancastrian Empire at the time, left the Lancastrian Empire and the server. The site of the first capital city and attempt would be rolled back due to the long period of inactivity by TheAgentGamer and his friends and today its just a delta of two rivers in a very forested area with an abandoned cabin nearby.

Second Era of the Lancastrian Empire[edit | edit source]

About a year later after the Founding and eventual failed attempt of the First Lancastrian Empire, during the winter and spring of 2016, the second attempt at the founding of the Lancastrian Empire was made. TheAgentGamer, the founder and ruler of the first attempt of the Lancastrian Empire, came back to PirateCraft. Sadly though his friends from the first attempt never came back, but TheAgentGamer would find some new friends, and move further south from the first attempt of the capital city, though this second attempt would still be basically in the Northwest Quadrant of the server, it was a bit more south. The new capital city (which I think was named New Halifax) would be founded in the delta of a small river along a secluded lake that was right next to the ocean. The construction of the capital city would go along well for a while, but the large hills in the area would greatly slow down the flattening process and thus be one of the reasons why the second attempt of the capital city would take a lot longer.

New Halifax (Note: this is a different city built at a different location than the current Nova Halifax) - Late Winter 2016

Eventually within a few weeks the Lancastrians would get raided from time to time, but not as badly as during the first attempt, which would be due in part because there wasn't really a large crew trying to kill them continuously, and the Lancastrians would get an ally that would fight with them, trade resources with them and ultimately be the first true ally of the Lancastrian Empire in its history. Sadly however, the name of the crew is forgotten but the person who ran it wasn't, and the leader's name was Asterity. Asterity and her brother would run a large kingdom just north of the Lancastrian capital, and it was very large scale. The alliance would be very useful, with roads and railroad networks built between the two and both nations would go on resource adventures and such, of course not everything was so uphill and happy, both nations still most of the time did their own thing, but the alliance between the two nations was fairly strong. It was also during the second attempt that the Lancastrians would also build their first colony, a small trading town just northwest of the capital at the entrance/exit to a canal that connected 2 oceans. The small town still remains there to this day and still has a small shop there, although it is not known if the shop still has resources to trade or not. Besides the first ever real colony/actual second city, the Lancastrians also built a small hydroelectric dam upstream of the same river as the capital city was along, the dam and the lake it creates still exists to this day. Eventually over a few months the Lancastrians would get bored of PirateCraft and virtually all the members over time left, and the capital city would be abandoned as well as its colonies for many months until the beginning of the third attempt. The capital city would be rolled back during the third attempt at request by the TheAgentGamer after he took all major resources out of it. As of now all that exists of the capital from the second attempt would be part of the wall and gate that extends into the lake.

Third Era of the Lancastrian Empire[edit | edit source]

Nova Halifax - Summer 2017

Beginning in the early summer of 2017, TheAgentGamer came back again, and this time to truly set a foot down to finally get a true Empire going. TheAgentGamer obtained some friends, the two that of which would help the most being KaTcsu, ChibiDoge, and SaiTheGuy1011, and set out to unclaimed territory further northwest than the capital city of the second attempt. As of the time of the third attempt, the PirateCraft world increased its world border so now more land existed in the world and thus, the Lancastrians found the perfect spot in the new lands to found and construct their capital. TheAgentGamer would travel back and forth, sometimes with KaTcsu, to get the resources out of the vault from the second attempt's capital city and move them to a new vault made in the new capital city of the third attempt. The capital city first would be a bunch of random houses randomly spread around in the river valley area of the capital but then TheAgentGamer would calculate and plan out a city structure with roads, houses, public buildings, and so on. It would also be around this time that TheAgentGamer would begin his plan of conneting up the capital city to the global path network that the British Empire made a while back.

Eventually three other people would join, DrAndrew, RainbowInferno, HeilHouseSoviet, and they would help gather resources for the construction of the capital city and after a few weeks they would leave to make their own group, the name of which is unknown at this time. The other members would eventually start to do their own adventures and make their own overseas towns and such when the construction of the capital city was doing very good, but would still remain within the Lancastrian Empire. Some people would from time to time try and attack and raid the capital city but it would be fairly rare. Eventually after a few months and getting near the end of summer everyone that was in the Lancastrian Empire at the time would leave for their own life reasons and once again the Lancastrian Empire would go inactive, but only for a little while.

During the fall of 2017, TheAgentGamer came back, the reason he was gone for a few months is of unknown but he came back due to increased activity by some of his crew members, most notably KaTcsu and RainbowInferno. This lead TheAgentGamer to decided to finish the dream of the Lancastrian Empire once and for all. By November, Nova Halifax, the capital city of the Lancastrian Empire, had grew almost twice its size and had now shops, factories, and its own tavern that produces its own alcohol. On top of that by early December the arena was built, and so eventually was the parliamentary building and other notable buildings that would be needed for a capital city. By this time the Lancastrian Empire hit new heights in its overall population. With the first time in history getting over 10 crew members in mid-late November and first time getting over 20 crew members total by early December. Notable names of people that where part of this new Lancastrian growth spurt, were TheAgentGamer, RainbowInferno, HeilHouseSoviet, DrAndrew, Furgishmishgurr, Thegrimhunter2, Harry_Potter1212, and many more. By early January, the Capital Palace had begun construction, and the walls for Nova Halifax had also begun construction.

Freezing of the Winter[edit | edit source]

Nova Halifax - Early Spring 2018

Between the time from January into April of 2018, the growth of the Lancastrian Empire had frozen greatly and in fact, decreased. Most of the members that were around December had gone somewhat inactive and left the nation with only around 4 main active members that were on at least a couple times per week. Growth in construction of major projects had also slowed, however out in the eastern part of the homeland provinces, Harry_Potter1212 had begun construction on a new city he named Numenor. Furgishmishgurr had also begun construction out in this eastern area as well, building a fort and floating house. In the Lancastrian Bay, Peppykiss395 and Shockerboy686 started construction on a group of floating islands way up in the sky. In the beginning of it, Shockerboy686 started building it only 20-25 blocks or so above the water, which would block ships. After a series of negotiations, he moved it up over the clouds around 70+ blocks above the water, making it less of a nuisance for ships. TheAgentGamer would then take part in the construction of the islands that he would eventually name the Heaven Islands. Going into more of April, TheAgentGamer would work with Furgishmishgurr and Harry_Potter1212 to make a new homeland province just for them, called Easteria. This new province would include Harry's city of Numenor and Furg's fort and floating city and as the name suggests, would be on the eastern side of the Homeland Region.

Going into May of 2018, the Lancastrian Empire found itself with a plethora of new allies, the major one being ASN, run by Queen CookieSoul. With that being said, less attacks where carried out from various pirate crews leading to much more smooth sailing, construction wise, for the members of the Lancastrian Empire. Like for the city of Nova Halifax, the Lancastrian Historical Society building was finally finished on May the 25th. And while the Lancastrian Historical Society had been around for over a year with various historical documents and machines, the official building/storage unit was finally built in the capital city. It would also be around this time that Harry_Potter1212 would first make up the term Agentism to describe the various political and philosophical concepts created and discussed by TheAgentGamer.

Nova Halifax - Late Summer 2018

Continuing on into the late summer of 2018, the Empire saw another dip in overall activity within itself and from its allies. Despite this, TheAgentGamer and Harry_Potter1212 continued to work hard to finish their cities respectively. Nova Halifax and Numenor at this time had most of their city buildings finished and where in the process of finishing up their walls. Thankfully at this time, due to the acquiring of God Tools (diamond pics/axes/shovels with maxed out enchants) and a plethora of iron, stone, wood, and other resources, both Agent and Harry could focus almost exclusively on building their cities and little with resource gathering.

End of the Third Era[edit | edit source]

In the fall of 2018, the Lancastrian Empire began to have an increase of activity. Several new members, like nitro77live, Treeboy2000, and Storm_Ryder8, would join the Empire to help build it up and increase its size and strength. The city wall of Nova Halifax would finally be finished in late September. Thanks in part to both Harry_Potter1212, and Storm_Ryder8, who both were able to copy the design that TheAgentGamer made for the wall and build some sections of it to help speed up the completion process. On top of that, Treeboy2000 would find a skeleton grinder underground just upstream from Nova Halifax near River Halifax. The grinder was unclaimed, and thus Tree and Agent would work to build an xp grinder around it, making it able to produce xp for them. This in turn would be used by both Treeboy2000 and DrAndrew to make G-Sets for the Empire.

By Thanksgiving, the walls of both Numenor and Nova Halifax would be completed. With Numenor's being completed on the 21st/22nd, and Nova Halifax's on the 24th. Growth continued at a stable rate until around January of 2019 when TheAgentGamer, some of its more long term members like SaiTheGuy1011 and Katcsu, and some of its newer members like Storm_Ryder8 would greatly slow their activity on PirateCraft. This is most likely due to various bureaucratic problems from the capital, as well as outside sources that began to plague the Empire. These problems plagued the western portion of the homeland a lot more and this region began to fall apart, threatening to bring down the entire Empire with it. One of the Empire's more loyal officials from the eastern portion of the homeland, Harry_Potter1212, would break away from the decaying Empire and form the Lancastrian Empire Of Numenor, capitaled in Numenor. The purpose was to try and revive the Empire from the eastern portion as this part of the Empire was still mostly thriving. Harry would also during this time stumble across iwanio, and together they would try to strengthen what was left of the Lancastrian Empire.

Fourth Era of the Lancastrian Empire[edit | edit source]

Nova Halifax - Fall 2019

TheAgentGamer returns in early August of 2019 and with the help of Harry_Potter1212, they reform and bring the official government of the Empire back on course. Harry starts expanding the town of Numenor, building up the infrastructure in the surrounding region, and start making Tutiora Loca Numenoria. While that is going on, Agent begins making Port Vancouver an official port. Agent would then on August the 25th marry Sharkygirl9 in the Cathedral at Nova Halifax to form the first official Royal Family of the Lancastrian Empire. With the teamwork of the new Government of Lancastria under Agent, Sharky, and Harry, they would recruit and grow the Empire massively to the largest extent it has ever been in its history. During mid-September, iwanio and Agent would venture north to enlarge their claim around Katcsu's island from just her island, to the entire islandic archipelago within the region. It would be named the Northern Evergreen Archipelago, and iwanio would be sworn in as the first Governor of the whole province. By the end of September the crew would reach around 17 active members, and a territorial extent that included multitudes of cities, villages, and forts. The Royal Lancastrian Navy would also be expanded, with it now have many different types of warships and cargo ships, varying many different sizes. On October the 4th, 2019, Agentism would be first written onto the wiki.

List of the Settlements, Provinces, and Colonies[edit | edit source]

Homeland Settlements and the Provinces[edit | edit source]

Nova Cascadia

New Caledonia


Northern Evergreen Archipelago

Isle Taigalaria

Isle Delphino

Isle La Ferme

Overseas Settlements, Territories, and Ports[edit | edit source]

Isle Requin

Terra Veteris


Andine Côte

Former Overseas Settlements, Territories, and Ports[edit | edit source]

Fort Nitro

Outpost 91

Older Maps[edit | edit source]

Map of the Lancastrian Empire - 9/7/2019
Map of the Lancastrian Empire - 1/1/2018

Geographical Regions of the Empire[edit | edit source]

Homeland Geographical Areas[edit | edit source]

Overseas Geographical Areas[edit | edit source]

Transportation Network[edit | edit source]

The Lancastrian Empire has been building transportation networks to connect its cities, forts, and colonies up ever since its beginning. The Lancastrian Empire has road, rail, and sea connections between its cities, forts, and colonies. The map of the transportation network sadly is not available at the moment.