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Lancastrian Empire of Numenor
Lancastria Cross.png
Cross of Lancastria
Monarch: Harry_Potter1212
Founded: July 2019
Government: Monarchy
Capital City: Nova Halflix
Status: Inactive (seeded to the Lancastrian Empire)

The Lancastrian Empire of Numenor (Lancastrian: Imperial del Lancastria of Numenoria), (tag: LEON), is a branch of Lecrastain Empire that was first founded on PirateCraft in July of 2019 by Harry_Potter1212. This crew no longer exists, as it was seeded to the Lancastrian Empire. Please see Lancastrian Empire

Politics & Government

Current Leaders and Positions of the Lancastrian Empire of Numenor -Federal Government-

  • King of Numenor- Harry_Potter1212
  • Prince of Numenor-
  • Head of Resources-
  • Head of Military of Numenor-
  • Shipwright of Numenor- Iwanio
  • Builder of Numenor -
  • Soldiers of Numenor-
  • Farmer of Numenor-
  • Worker of Numenor-

Branches of Defense

  • Lecrastain Numenorian Navy
  • Lecrastain Numenorine Army

Explanation of how Government Functions

  The Lancastrian Empire is by most definitions a monarchy, but with some degree of changes. The King or Queen of the main bloodline descent, hold the most power within the Lancastrian Empire of Numenor, but their power is shared with that of the Prince of Numenor. There is then the Head of Resources who manages the trade and use of resources. Followed by the Head of Military of Numenor; And so on so forth, each position has its requirements and can be obtained besides the Kings Position.

Foreign Relations

Nations/Crews Allied With

Pacts and Other Non-Aggression Pacts:

Active Members of LEON


During the fall of 2017, Harry_Potter1212 Joined Piratecraft, and after two hours of pirate craft terror, stumbled on the crew of Lecrastain Empire and met TheAgentGamer. TheAgentGamer then saved Harry_Potter1212 from the terror. Harry_Potter1212 was only a deckie then. Harry_Potter1212 was then put in the town of Rainingburough by TheAgentGamer which was not far from where Numenor was founded. During Harry_Potter1212 residence at Rainingburough, Harry_Potter1212 built a fort and started imagining what would eventually become Numenor. Also during that time, Harry_Potter1212 met Furgishmishurr, who was also part of Lecrastain Empire.

Numenor in its early days.
[[File: center|]]

During the late fall Harry_Potter1212 built a Brewery on top of the hill a little ways from his fort. Harry_Potter1212 then consumed himself into the world of brewing for a month collecting as many recipes as he could you can view these recipes on the wiki the name is Harry's Brewing Guide. Later that year in the early winter, Harry would move to a mountainous area and would build the first house of Numenor.

During the Winter Harry, also built the second house of Numenor. Also during that time, the first inhabitants of Numenor came along. His name was Turtle_King. Also during this time Harry_Potter1212 Built the third house of Numenor. Eatheria was also built during that winter Eatheria is the lighthouse of Numenor that guides ships to its harbours.

When early spring of 2018 began to blossom; the first defence of Numenor was built fort Numenor. Also, the church of Numenor started construction. Turtle_King also left Numenor to go to Nova Halflix.

When the raging heat of 2018 came the Castle Munnon was built. Munnon was the last defence of Numenor and with Munnon built the fort was dismantled and commissioned. Also during this time, the Remaking of Numenor came. Harry_Potter1212 added more detail to the rather dull Numenor. His work would continue into early winter of 2019 with the reworking of Numenor. The reworking of Numenor started with the adding of further detail to the roofs; then pathways between building were added; After that, more windows were added to buildings. Then the second defence the walls of Numenor were finished and now wrapped all around the city. Another feature that was added was the new docks, the forge of Numenor, and an extra building. The castle was also remodelled and a basement was added to the castle. Also during this time, Harry_Potter1212 had plans to make a fortress in the mountain. Terraforming was also done at this time.

During the spring and summer of 2019 Harry_Potter1212 went mostly inactive as he watched Lecrastain Empire become mostly Inactive. Then one day he decided to create LEON with its purpose to restore Lecrastain Empire to its former power. The Crew of LEON lasted 3 weeks. The crew is now a branch of the crew LE. TheAgentGamer is the supreme Monarch of Le.


Plans for:River.