Dealer's Deck

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Dealer's Deck
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Leader: MelonIsNotAFruit, Yee453 & SJ_Brotherhood
Founded: October 4, 2019
Member Count: 18
Structure: Dictatorship
Character: Aggressive


Dealer's Deck is a heavily PvP focused founded by MelonIsNotAFruit. Their focus is raiding and killing anyone who gets in their way.


Melon's initial goal when creating the crew was to take over most of PirateCraft. Melon lead DD to the theft and murder of most who stood against them. They asked many to join the crew or die, like any serious PvP crew would. Melon was banned however, and so the crew now continues without it's original leader. They contain most people interested in raiding, and so they are the source of much conflict.


MelonIsNotAFruit was unbanned, and therefore DD was revived as a crew once more.