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The French Republic Flag


The French Republic is a crew where citizens can vote for their government leaders. It is a group that allows freedom, prosperity, equality, and happiness throughout its lands in the world of PirateCraft. Whether you are a Deckhand to a Captain, you will be treated equally in this group. No one on the face of PirateCraft has the right to take this away from you.

War and Peace

No wars yet.

Allied Crews

Rival Crews

  • British Empire

The Constitution of the French Republic

The French Republic Constitution

The French Constitution The French Constitution is based on Rights of Citizens, Common Sense, and the Government with Checks and Balances.

Section 1: Rights of Citizens

• All citizens are entitled to good treatment, prosperity, and the pursuit of happiness. Under no such circumstances should these fundamentals be withdrawn from any citizen.

• All citizens are given the right to participate in any crew/country activity or event.

• All citizens are given the right to vote in elections and events. All citizens have the right to own private property, weapons, and items.

• All citizens are given the right to own property of their own inside of the French Republic. Any citizen who owns property inside the Republic's soil would have to pay small taxes in some way for protection against the land.

• All citizens are entitled the rights to joining the government by an election.

• All citizens are entitled the right of vehicles and transportation, whether that be livestock or a seafaring craft. This permission may be withdrawn under certain circumstances.

• All citizens are given permission to raid/loot and kill any rivaled crew. No neutral crews shall be invaded unless given permission from the government. This permission may be withdrawn under certain circumstances.

Section 2: Common Sense

• Stealing is prohibited.

• Slavery is prohibited.

• Foul language, insults, or cursing is prohibited.

• No large projects/construction on the Government land unless there is an approval from the government.

• No artillery shall be used on French Republic soil, unless used to test or used to defend the Republic.

• Keep nature/landscape as beautiful and clean as you possibly can, we want to have everything stay perfect.

Section 3: The Government with Checks and Balances
A visual of the Checks and Balances of the French Republic.

The French Republic has 3 branches of government with checks and balances, so that one part of the government doesn't become too powerful. A bill becomes a law only if it is approved by the government. An order is a directive-it is not permanent, and it might need funding by the government depending on what it is.

The Legislative Branch

• The Legislative Branch consists of the Senate. The Senate is a group of 5 members.

• The Legislative Branch is the only branch that can create Bills.

• The Senate can only pass a Bill or an Order if it agrees with a 3/5 vote.

• The Senate can override the President’s veto or edit of a Bill or an Order with at least a 4/5 vote.

• The Prime Minister is the head of the Senate.

• Senators are voted individually.

The Executive Branch

• The Executive Branch consists of the President and the Prime Minister.

• The President can veto or edit an Order or a Bill.

• If the Senate Overrides the President, the Prime Minister gets to decide if the Bill or Order gets to go the Judicial Branch

• The President is elected, but the Prime Minister is picked by the elected President, so the Prime Minister is not elected.

• The President can make executive orders with the approval of the Legislative and Judicial Branches.

The Judicial Branch

• The Judicial Branch consists of 3 Supreme Court Justices.

• The Judicial Branch determines if a bill becomes a law or an order can be passed if it is constitutional.

• If an order or a bill is against the constitution, then the bill cannot become a law.

• The Supreme Court Justices are picked by the President.

Section 4: Voting and How to Run For Office

• Only French Citizens can vote. Voters can only vote for the Senators and the President.

• Government officials are elected every 2 months.

• Voters can only vote for the Senators and the President. This is because the Supreme Court Justices and Prime Minister is picked by the President.

Section 5: Becoming a French Republic Citizen

In order to become a French Republic Citizen, a person needs to be in the French Republic. Citizens also must pay taxes in order to support the group.