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The French Republic Flag
The French Napoleonic Flag


THE FRENCH REPUBLIC is a crew that allows some democracy as well as freedom. This is Napoleonic France, and our goal is to make sure people will have a say in the government.

War and Peace

No wars yet.

Rival Crews

  • British Empire (BE)
  • Contra Norstra (CSN)

The Constitution of the French Republic

The Declaration of Rights of the Man and Citizen

The Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen is based on Rights of Citizens and Common Sense

Section 1: Rights of Citizens

• All citizens are entitled to good treatment, prosperity, and the pursuit of happiness. Under no such circumstances should these fundamentals be withdrawn from any citizen.

• All citizens are given the right to participate in any crew/country activity or event.

• All citizens are given the right to vote in elections and events. All citizens have the right to own private property, weapons, and items.

• All citizens are given the right to own property of their own inside of the French Republic. Any citizen who owns property inside the Republic's soil would have to pay small taxes in some way for protection against the land.

• All citizens are entitled the rights to joining the government by an election.

• All citizens are entitled the right of vehicles and transportation, whether that be livestock or a seafaring craft. This permission may be withdrawn under certain circumstances.

• All citizens are given permission to raid/loot and kill any rivaled crew. No neutral crews shall be invaded unless given permission from the government. This permission may be withdrawn under certain circumstances.

Section 2: Common Sense

• Stealing is prohibited.

• Slavery is prohibited.

• Foul language, insults, or cursing is prohibited.

• No large projects/construction on the Government land unless there is an approval from the government.

• No artillery shall be used on French Republic soil, unless used to test or used to defend the Republic.

• Keep nature/landscape as beautiful and clean as you possibly can, we want to have everything stay perfect.