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Stewie0404 is a attorney and chief legal advisor to the Lancastrian Empire. Stewie joined in August of 2019, he quickly became known among the community for his many infamous deeds.

He joined ROME on his third day on the server and quickly got into trouble for defending the crew during their banishment regarding titles within the crew. Soon after, they kicked him for harassing allies.

He then later joined the British Empire, where he became both a sailor in the royal navy and a part-time writer. This is where he won his first legal case in MonarchChickens V. Stewie0404. Though, he was yet kicked again from another crew (this time for calling SpikyCactus01 a "**g"). He later found himself homeless, living in Spawn. Until later when Sharkygirl9 gave him a place to call home. He is currently a renown lawyer (and drunken clown) in the Lancastrian Empire.

After problems both In game and in real life he decided it was best to go to a rehab crew. He choose GUCS as this crew and for 2 weeks he farmed on its communal farms and didn't touch a single drop of alcohol. He left GUCS after his kick appeal referendum to the British Empire was quashed (10 in his favor 11 not in his favor, due to his insisting they call it off a day early, a fact which still haunts him) he rejoined the Lancastrian Empire and assumed the title "Sheriff of Lancashire".

After continued debating on what he was to do on the server he finally came up with a Idea. On the 16th of April he founded the Kingdom of Scotland. He married Viabbear (their marriage lasted 2 weeks before she left the server, a huge blow to him) and claimed a small plot of land up north for his crew members to freely build on.

Fun facts about Stewie0404:

  • He was a Cadet for 2.5 months.
  • He is sometimes known as "The Clown" for his horrible bad luck and common stupidity.
  • His Favorite In-Game drink is Jeweled Champagne.
  • His Full royal title is: Malcom I (the unwise), King of Scots, Protector of the national Kirk, and Earl of the Clan of Stewart

Facts about Stewie0404, that are not fun, just facts:

  • He is a member of the Jewish Faith
  • He plans to become a lawyer outside of the server

List of stupid things he has done:

  • Thought that if you lost a siege the claim was handed over to the winner (Causing his screaming in ROME's Discord server when Pathere was sieged to annoy Cosmic to the point of kicking him)
  • Thinking SpikyCactus01 was a enemy to BE (why he didn't think twice about calling him that horrible word)
  • Breaking into the Royal Navy's Munitions Factory
  • Accidently scamming people into believing he had discovered the brew "Fizzy lifting"
  • Gaining 80 levels for a rankup only to forget to do /rankup so it would register before doing some awesome high diving off of the cove jail.