Imperial Roman Empire

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Imperial Roman Empire
Flag of ROME
Leader(s): CosmicKingTaco, GoldenMoneyz, MysticTitan, Enderzalt, and Solembus13
Founded: May 27 2019
Member Count: 95+
Structure: Empire
Character: A mix of peace and aggressiveness


The Imperial Roman Empire (ROME) is one of the largest and most influential crews in PirateCraft. Created in May 2019, ROME have amassed large amounts of territory, spanning 3 continents. The empire has over 5 impressive cities and settlements, many powerful allies, and a large and dedicated player base. Additionally, ROME received the Crew of the Year Award for 2019.



The governing system/leadership of ROME is organized like Imperialism. Basically, there is one Imperator (similar to an emperor), who rules the entirety of the Empire.

Under the Imperator is a council of 3 "High Capals". The High Capals are put in-charge of different branches of the empire. (The branches are Labor/Development, Economy, and Military.) Each High Capal is put in-charge of one of these branches, and they are chosen by the Imperator. High Capals report directly to the Imperator. Every High Capal has a "capal" serving under them. The capals are like secretaries for the High Capals. Capals also can be assigned to oversee different parts of their respective branches.

Governors govern over the provinces of the Empire. There are currently 3 provinces, so, likewise, there are 3 governors. The governors' jobs include: managing the cities/settlements within their province, overseeing new construction and development, taking censuses of the population, and maintaining "provinciae gloria" (the glory of the province). Governors must be long-time members, and they are elected by the citizens.

Directors are put in-charge of cities. Their jobs are similar to that of a mayor. Directors oversee development in their respective cities, and aid architects in planning out city infrastructure. They also manage the welfare of their city, act as military commanders for the troops in their city and welcome new citizens. Directors are elected by the citizens, and can only be re-elected twice.


One very important aspect of the Imperial Roman Empire is the military. The military consists of main units called “legions”. Each legion has 7 members, with one of them being the leader of that legion. There is a ranking system for the military.

First, when a member enlists in the military, they become an L0 (“L” is short for legionnaire). And L0 has no authority and isn’t technically a member of the military yet.

After the initial training, a new recruit becomes an L1 (Tirones). L1 also has no authority, and therefore is the lowest actual military rank. After meeting certain requirements, an L1 can become an L2 (Milites).

L2 are the regular soldiers and have no specializations. After an L2 has completed more training and specialized in a certain field, they become an L3 (Immunes).

An L3 is a specialized soldier, who may be granted authority over the L1’s and L2’s. After an L3 has done training in combat and has shown proficiency, they may become an L4 (Tesserarius).

An L4 is a Legionary Guard and has authority over all L1’s and L2’s. After several more days of activity, significant contributions, and improvement in pvp skill, an L4 can qualify to become an L5 (Optio).

An Optio is chosen by a Centurion (or by senior officers) and works directly under them. An Optio has authority over everyone under them. Optios also usually lead, or help lead, legions.


Cause: ROME starts war to break off from SPQR

Outcome: Roman Victory

  • ROME v ESE



  • ROME v DD


Outcome: Melon gets banned, DD disbands

  • ROME v Isen

Cause: Isen stealing ROME members and performing a raid on Vastere

Outcome: Isen forced to surrender and pay reparations. Roman Victory



Military Forts and Bases:


  • Pescata Village
  • Imperial Wood Factory
  • Old Tempest Town

Prominent Members