The Assassins

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The Assassins
Current Leader: brainysmurfs
Previous Leaders: CookieSoul, Sttary
Total Members: 10
Founded: March 18 2018
Allies: BF, Isen, TSK, PL, sea, XD, PU, GE, TLC, EM, TRT, DEK, Royal, Dawgs, PLANT, PFO, Lone, CULT, BoS, LE, Th, DEU
Rivals: KoJ, CSN, USE, Kings

The Assassins (ASN) were a small group of assassins and friends led by CookieSoul. This weaker crew dominated early 2018, but have recently become inactive after the previous leaders CookieSoul and Sttary left to join Titan’s Hand, and ownership was transferred to brainysmurfs.

ASN reformed and returned in late 2018 when CookieSoul and Sttary returned to lead it. The crew remains a lot more passive then its past forms.