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In-game skin
Joined: Summer of 2015
Crew: Lancastrian Empire (Leader-King)
Rank: Firstmate

Overview[edit | edit source]

TheAgentGamer is the founder and His Majesty Crowned Minister (King - married to Sharkygirl9) of the Lancastrian Empire, and is a part of the PirateCraft staff team as a chat moderator/helper. Agent has been around since the mid months of 2015 on PirateCraft and has been active most of the time on the server since he first joined. His main accomplishment have be the creation and furthering of the Lancastrian Empire, often times by sheer willpower despite all odds. He lives in the city of Nova Halifax, a city built built almost entirely by himself, in a palace rested upon the hills of the river valley.

Background[edit | edit source]

TheAgentGamer was born on what is sometimes referred to as the "old continent." The parents of Agent are unknown at this time but where he lived his first years was most likely on the northeastern shores of the old continent. He later was separated from his parents, reasons again and how that happen are unknown at this time but he was found by a man by the name of JMChilly. JMChilly basically raised him and taught him the ways of life in this weird and sometimes cruel world. JMChilly would also find another person by the name of Gerbology, and he remains a close partner in crime as you could say with JMChilly. Agent however, after spending a good portion of his late childhood and teen years with JMChilly, would go on to make his own base on his own. The fortress, which was made next to a river just northwest of JMChilly's house, would be the new home for Agent for a while. He also learned skills in mining and construction as he built the walls for the fortress and a mine just on the other side of the river from the fortress. Due to the river's major shifts from low points to high points in water flow from winter to summer, it was difficult to stay in the region and the fortress would multiple times get partly flooded. It was here where Agent decided to say goodbye to his friend JMChilly, pack up, and move out west to the untamed lands of the North Sea where he would find some new friends, and begin the long journey of creating what is known as the Lancastrian Empire.