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In-game skin
Joined: July 2018
Crew: Lancastrian Empire (Leader-Queen)
Rank: Carpenter

Overview[edit | edit source]

Sharkygirl9 started on Piratecraft around July of 2018 and is currently Her Majesty Crowned Minister (Queen - married to TheAgentGamer) of the Lancastrian Empire. She was the former leader of the Pirate's Force crew and owns an island near the Romanic regions of the Northeast.

Background =

The birthplace and the parents of Sharkygirl9 are unknown as of now, but she most likely lived her early years somewhere on the "old continent." One of the first people to find Sharkygirl9 in her early years may have been Bazurka, or emielreijs, but the history books arn't very clear as to which. She would eventually be put on the record when she joined Deckhand's Revenge. This sadly proved costly as TAS had begun mass attacks on the Deckhand's Revenge during this time. She eventually fled refuge to Tarcalen's Elven Empire, where she became the ruler of a small town. Tarcalen's Empire however, would over time lose the means to keep its regions under control and Sharkygirl9 would have to take maters into her own hands. She would create a new crew called Pirate's Force, and grow its be power among the region that it existed. Pirate's Force would begin an allied resistance against the Shreks due to the Shrek's constant destruction and attacks of peoples around the world. However, due to constant internal strain within Pirate's Force, the group would collapse, and Sharkygirl9 would go missing. Sharkygirl9 would return however around July of 2019. She became the owner of an island not to far from SPQR territory, and would join SPQR. When the civil war broke out, her island and land would become under constant siege to various raiders from the civil war. Sharkygirl9 having enough of this, would seek the connection towards a new nation known as the Lancastrian Empire. Meeting with the Lancastrians, she would eventually become affiliated with TheAgentGamer. Overtime the two got closer together and would marry in Nova Halifax, forming the royal family of the Lancastrian Empire.