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Harry_Potter1212 is one of the main active members of the Lancastrian Empire and resides on the eastern sections of the Homeland Region of the Empire. He is the Prince of the town of Numenor, which is the largest population center within the Lancastrian province of Easteria.


Crew: Lancastrian Empire

Crew Rank: Prime Minister

Server Rank: Boatswain


During the time of expansion of the Lancastrians from their new home settlement of Nova Halifax. TheAgentGamer came across him while sailing, deserted on some marshy islands near the current location of the town of Numenor. Numenor however did not exist then and the marshy/mountainous area was wilderness and dangerous. Agent could not find his parents anywhere and decided to take the small boy to the newly established outpost city of Rainingborough for him to be raised there with him from time to time with other people near his age like Furgishmishgurr. Over time Harry would grow and become much better at the realities of Piratecraft and would create an expedition of his own southeastward from Rainingborough to found the town of Numenor and establish himself as prince of the town. He would then charter the construction of some of the first main heavy warships of the Royal Lancastrian Navy for the guarding of the Lancastrian Bay and the canal that connected it to the North Sea.