The Olymp

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The Olymp
View of The Olymp from Red Mountain.
Crew Affiliations: House Indoril
Founder: Pashjn
Founded: November 2018
Population: 3

The Olymp is a settlement owned by House Indoril, north-west of Red Mountain. The Olymp was magically created by the grand architect Pashjn, and is a symbol of the power and wealth of House Indoril. It maintains peace and protection in the lands of Vvardenfell.


Little is known about the Olymp, but it is said that it keeps many secrets of ancient times. Some people say it just “appeared” in November 2018, but others think it was simply hidden from the eye by some divine power.


All Residants had to be evacuated as Armin the giant has chosen to go to sleep beneath the Olymp. The Olymp shakes under the preasure of him snoring, while in a deep slumber.


  • The Grand Library