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Date Joined: 27 August 2016
Crew: CosaNostra (Leader)
Rank: Quartermaster

RoMich02, also known as Pizza_Lover, JUSAPrayer1 or Just_a_Pleb is a long-term player. He joined in late August 2016 and was part of the well-known Italian crew, Juice Pirates and eventually left to create his own crew named CosaNostra.

Background[edit | edit source]

One day, while GodsDead was eating some gnocchi, he decided to try out his magical powers to create a human from his gnocchi, this human turned out to be called RoMich. RoMich grew up in a little town, Aosta Valley in Italy.

On August 2016, he left his little town and sailed to PirateCraft among with other Italians. Come September 1st, he founded a town with Valerio101 called 'New Diana' previously named Cactus. After several weeks of working on his town, he became friends with AppleJK and later joined Juice Pirates. Although he only stayed with the crew for a month, to re-create an old crew called Cactus, in memory of Italian youtuber, videogamewithcek.

Several weeks later, RoMich was feeling hungry, he went travelling around his town to find a place to eat. Eventually he came upon an Italian restaurant and found two people, SpiderDeluxe and sarisinqatil, after long discussions and a lot of pasta, they later decided to create the Sand Empire (SE) together.

SE eventually declared war on the Iron Empire (IE) to obtain more 'Melon Italian Tea', the war only lasted for a few of weeks. During the war, IE deployed a special forces team to destroy SE's main brewery, although during the attack, ColuiCheShark, IE's leader, was trapped and captured. Lost without their leader, IE eventually declared defeat and surrendered. ClouiCheShark was later released.

After long nights of banter, pasta and crates full of 'Melon Italian Ice', the Sand and Iron empire decide to merge as a single group and create Cosa Nostra together.

In February, RoMich came across an "ugly toy" called Lego on the floor, after foot pains, constant trapping and abuse, RoMich declared peace and handed Lego a beacon for peace and trade. They've been good friends ever since.

Every year on the 5th of October, Cosa Nostra has a dedicated celebration to the gnocchi god who bought RoMich to life, they also celebrate the fact that gnocchi inside RoMich doesn't rot. Romich got captured by some America spys a while ago who tried to transform him into a super soldier, the expirement failed but turned him into a super cat, using his new abilities he escaped. Romich the cat got adopted by Elo106 and BassQueen808 calling him Pizzalover106_02 for his love of Tuna_Pizza. Attempts to turn him back into a regular cat have proven unsuccessful.

Crew History[edit | edit source]

The Elven Banquet[edit | edit source]

RoMich02 the cat and Elo attack the new elven king and the elven court using new chemical weapons and specially trained, pointy ear hunting, dogs.

The BE wedding[edit | edit source]

RoMich02 the cat and Elo attack the new BE wedding and the BE court using upgraded chemical weapons and specially trained, Polish soldiers.

Ship Battle History[edit | edit source]

Other[edit | edit source]