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                                                         The Ballad of BassQueen808

This story, is a story of adventure, sorrow and joy with so much more to come. It all started in the Island Country of Basstonia, off the Coast of Iceland located in the Greenland Sea. A beautiful Island paradise with fresh water lakes and fertile land perfect for farming. As the Crown Princess of Basstonia, growing up as royalty was a burden that was not be taken lightly. The Princess would take daily walks to speak with the people and resolve any issues. Being the only offspring of the King and Queen, one day the mantle of ruling would fall to her. The Royal Dynasty was considered by most to be generous and fair. But then……

                                                 ''''''As the King and Queen was laid to rest,
                                                       For the coronation she must dress.
                                                  To ease the Country in this time of sorrow,
                                                   She will adorn the Crown by noon tomorrow.
                                                   While greeting her subjects in procession,
                                                        An enemy army claims possession.
                                                         During the chaos she must flee,
                                                        Aboard a ship casted out to Sea.
                                                       By Pirates the ship was over taken,
                                                         As captive she was Godforsaken.

                                                         In men’s attire she was bound,
                                                        To conceal her from being found.''
                                                     Amongst the others she took her place.
                                                      Due to the ghastly look of her face.
                                                     Made up to display the face of a squid,
                                                      Salvation provided as she openly hid.
                                                      Sailing the seas with her pirate crew.
                                                   Never looking back on what she went through.
                                                  In the 8th month her new life began year 1708,
                                                   When she became known as Pirate BassQueen808.'''''''''

After sailing the Internet Seas for years BassQueen808 and her trusted Mates found the legendary Pirate World. The place where Pirates were not hunted by Landlubbers. This is where she joined “The LAW Pirates” and sailed with the crew until it was disbanded. Afterwards one of the trusted crew members Elo106 formed a new crew and named it “House of Indoril”. BassQueen808 and her trusted Mates sails with Elo106 to this day.

The Pirate BassQueen808 has been known for her generosity and her belief that there is good in every Pirate.