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Map of Morrowind and Vvardenfell

Mournhold, the "city of light and magic", also known as the City of Gems, is the capital city of Morrowind and seat of House Indoril , the largest and oldest city in the province. It is a temple-city of the Tribunal Temple.

Mournhold is located in Morrowind (-6700, -3000)


The city is divided into several districts. The south part of the city is occupied by the Plaza, In the east lies the Royal Bazaar, filled with numerous merchant stalls. The northern part of the city is dominated by the towering Tribunal Temple. In the east lies the Residential District, which contais several houses of notable Dunmer.


Most of the Dunmer of House Indoril reside here or own atleast one manor.


  • The Tribunal Temple
  • The Royal Palace
  • Hlaalu Bank
  • Mournhold Museum
  • Various Residential Houses
  • Market / Bazaar

Other Pictures

The Tribunal Temple
Statue of the Tribunal