Great House Hlaalu

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Great House Hlaalu
House Hlaalu Banner.png
Founder: Elo106
Founded: October 31, 2018
Structure: Business & Diplomacy

The House is largely concerned with business and diplomacy, seeking to strengthen ties with at times unconventional allies such as the PvP-Scrubs, and although profit is often a primary objective, traditional Hlaalu practice recognizes the value of a good reputation over money. This is their great strength - they are fast talkers and intelligent traders - and their great liability; most Hlaalu are bribable, either with gold or with other favors, with their leaders as no exception.

Ideals[edit | edit source]

If you want to understand the essential philosophy of House Hlaalu, examine its coat of arms. Behold the scale: it represents balance, trade, and compromise. These essential concepts influence everything the House seeks to accomplish and directs its activities.

Strive for balance in all things. When the scale tips to one side or the other, someone or something gets short-changed. When someone gets short-changed, unpredictability and strife unbalance the world around us. This idea must be embraced by every member of the House. To achieve freedom from greed, from want, and from strife, all parties in any exchange must find balance.

Trade is the House's weapon, its tool, and its way. The House thrives when value and profit flows between supply and demand. House Hlaalu seeks to maintain open trade with anyone who would engage in honest business. Not even a lowly Ashlander with gold or goods in hand would be turned away. This policy protects and empowers the House. The greatest defense remains a wall built of gold, and many foes have broken against the profitable walls of House Hlaalu.

The most honorable conclusion to any conflict is compromise. When two parties seeking balance come together in any exchange, compromise becomes the natural conclusion. Anything can be achieved if both the left hand and the right hand work together. Not everyone is reasonable, however. Sometimes others must be coaxed into compromise. For that, the House Hlaalu Guard stands ready.

Ebony Trade[edit | edit source]

After being awarded the charter to the rich ebony mines of Red Mountain, Smiths of House Hlaalu specialized in the trade of Ebony Weapons, Armor and Tools.

Shops[edit | edit source]


House Hlaalu Shops listed North to South, West to East, shops who join feature the yellow banner

Warp Shop3 emielreijs Shop / Iron, Fish, Melons, Slime, Blaze

Warp Shop1 Pashjn Shop / Enchanting Books, Tipped Arrows

Warp Shop1 0romis Shop / Enchanting Books

Warp Shop2 grafando Shop / PvP Equip, Slime, Netherstuff, Special Deals

Warp Shop2 Elo106 Shop / PvP Equip, Ebony Equip, Building Mats, Redstone Mats

Warp Shop2 Cysteen Shop / Food, Building Mats, Dye, God Stuff

Warp Shop2 MysticTitan Shop / God Armor, God Pick, Beacon, Wood, Bountyhunt

Customers[edit | edit source]

"Buy or Die!" - Bassqueen808

"ew cheap god amror" - DonRoMich02

"Could have easy-tp-trapped your delivery guy, be carefull next time." - JUSAShrek1

"Stop faking quotes you bloody wanker." - LEGO

"I did not say that, do NOT quote me again." - DriftingSixGuns

History[edit | edit source]

31.10.2018 Official founding date.

26.11.2018 House Hlaalu Expands by moving to the main street and opening its fifth shop!

25.01.2019 House Hlaalu dominates warp shops, nearly all noteable shops join.