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The Elven Empire
Elven Empire.png
The Elven Flag
Founded: August 2014
EE Disbanded: 19th of August 2017
Structure: Chiefdom, Confederation

Welcome To The Elven Empire[edit | edit source]

Welcome to the Elven Empire Wiki Page! The Elven Empire was founded by Her Majesty, Queen Reptaria.Followed by the founding of the Dark Elves by King Hades The Elven Empire is the second largest player group Pirate Craft. As the Empire's lore, history and laws are so rich and extensive, it is a simply impossible task to express them all on one page, and as such, this page notates the ingame history and laws of this nuanced crew. This page is a portal page to all other Elven Empire wiki pages.

The Elven Laws[edit | edit source]

Article I- Recruitment[edit | edit source]

New Elves are recruited by any leader, but particularly by the Recruiters. They are then given the rank of Elven Citizen, and, if not already in possession of a home, are given one in one of the elven cities, as the recruiter sees fit. Players can also join via the Recruitment Notice, and are also given a home in the Palace if they wish for one. The Empire will not recruit former criminals of the Empire, and those put on the blacklist by the King, or the Commonwealth of Nations, unless there are special circumstances.  

Article II- Ranks and Organization[edit | edit source]

The Empire is divided into four branches, the Government, the Military, the Civil, and the Citizens. An elf’s colour of rank can indicate their branch:

  • Purple for the Government
  • Red for the Army
  • Green for the Civil Branch
  • Blue for Citizens

The Government Branch

  • The Queen- she is the head of the Elven Empire and holds absolute authority over it. All power is derived from her. Reptaria is the currently anointed Queen.
  • The Archchancellor– A position now held by Lord_Vanther, he is the monarch's deputy and may wield his power in his absence. He is also the head of all brewers in the crew.
  • Princes&Princesses– they may act using the sovereign’s authority and are equal in powers with them. _Iridus_ and anadak are the two princes in the empire.
  • Royal advisors– the personal advisor to the Queen or King informing them on all actions and acting as a parent figure in a sense but understands the respect and boundries to the crown.The Royal Advisor has a permanent rank.
  • General of the eternal guard: they are in charge of equipping the army and organizing it. In times of war, they are also the supreme commander of the ground forces. This post is held by Kenzo74
  • Admiral: they are in command of equipping the navy and are the supreme commander of all maritime forces. This post is currently held by SnapCrackPlays.
  • Ambassadors-they are in charge of relations with other crews. Each ambassador is delegated to a single crew. Every ambassador has full power to negotiate with the crew he is delegated to, but with no other. Ambassadors do not have leader permissions. App3322 is the current head ambassador.
  • Head ambassador– he leads the ambassador core and may engage in negotiations with any foreign crew. He is responsible for the activity of all ambassadors and is the one who makes everything negotiated by ambassadors official (actually creates the alliance or rivalry).
  • Lord of the Law– he is responsible for creating laws and revising the elven charter after consulting his fellow members. He is also responsible for enforcing the laws of the crew by organizing trials for people suspected of breaking the law.

The Military Branch

  • The military branch provides protection to all elven citizens and is tasked with enforcing the interests of the Empire during armed conflicts. It is headed by the Head of the Guard who may appoint generals and commanders to better organize his soldiers. The military branch not only is responsible for the land troops, but also the navy and any other combat related assets of the elves.
  • The Intelligence Office is tasked with recording events on the wiki, keeping all members up to date via the website, and learning current news. They also are charged with keeping crime non existent within the empire, by reporting all crime to _Iridus_ and the Eternal Guard. They are recruiting, and looking for members.
  • Shipwrights build and repair the ships composing the empire's fleet. They are under the command of the military branch and must first tend to projects that are in the use of the empire and only then, if possible, they can work on projects for individual towns.

The Civil Branch

  • Province Inspector– They are responsible for the activity of all governors in their province. They oversee city activities and must provide a report of the Province’s development and activities every 2 months or whenever requested by the elven council.
  • Governor– They are in charge of leading a specific settlement. Their responsibilities are managing buildings and expansion of their town, organizing a local defence force when needed, coordinating the residents of their settlement to the good of the empire and (?)collecting taxes from their residents.
  • Banker– they’re in charge of keeping all collected taxes or fines and managing a vault in which all community resources( donated or obtained via fines) are kept. They’re also responsible for granting resources to builders that have obtained approval for a project. In order to be appointed as a banker, a player must not have any criminal records within the EM. All withdrawals and deposits handled by the banker will be logged by the use of a withdrawal sheet which will be kept in two copies- one will be kept by the player withdrawing or depositing and one by the Elven Archives .
  • Harbour Master– responsible for managing and building harbors and naval bases in close cooperation with the Head of the navy.
  • The Elven Suppliers are tasked with supplying the nation, whether this be by brewing, ship-building, farming or mining. They are the backbone of the empire, keeping them fully equipped and prosperous. They also are in charge of fund raising, via running shops, and keep a percentage of the profit. They are currently recruiting, and looking for members. They’re split up into multiple ranks according to their profession:
    • Blacksmith– responsible for gathering the resources needed for the making of weapons, armor and tools and creating said items.
    • Tradesman- in charge of maintaining shops either at /warp shops or anywhere else they see fit. They are allowed to sell from the community’s items, but must provide a report at the end of each month detailing what items were sold and what profits were made in the previous month.
    • Bar Keeper- in charge of getting food and building farms and also responsible for brewing potions and brews under Lord_Vanther’s supervision.
    • Builder- they must help in projects anywhere around the empire. Their first priority are local projects and then they can help out in any other imperial projects.  They are free to start their own projects, but if they need financing from the empire, they must apply by making a post detailing their build idea in this forum.
  • Engineers- are tasked with working with redstone and completing any technical builds( bridges, gates, automated systems, etc.).

Article III- Laws and Rules[edit | edit source]

Section 1

Theft– will be punished as follows: The offender must return the stolen items. On first offence, an extra fine of 40-100$ will be charged or a warning handed out if the item stolen is of negligible value. On second offense, the fine will range from 80-140$. The third offence will be punishable by death or kicking from the crew. Theft is a crime only if committed against a fellow elf or against an ally of the empire ( which may be official or declared by the sovereign)

Section 2

Killing– is punishable by a fine of 80-150$ on first offence, 160-300 on second offence and expulsion and adding to the CoN blacklist and elven KoS list on third offence. Killing neutral players is not punishable unless they enjoy protection by the crown.

Section 2.5

Allied killing– is punishable by the same means as killing a fellow crew mate. The leaders of the allied crew may decide additional punishments if they deem them necessary. This section extends not only to crews officially allied to the EM(which are allies in the crew plugin), but also to crews which the queen has declared to be allies, even if there isn’t an official treaty binding the alliance.

Section 3

If an Allied Nation is to be convicted into warfare the elven empire has the liberty to intervene to help its ally in the conquest to end and solve the warfare happening between its lands. The Elven Empire has the ability to use hostile actions against the pirate crew or nation that has committed the attack. If the allied nation ignited the attack against another land or crew the Elven Empire will not intervene unless requested to by the Government officials of that land.

Section 3.5

Foreigners getting into the EM territory– will need an elven passport which is issued by the Lord of the Law. A tax will be paid by the player who wants a passport made. Passports are valid for 5 (five) real days.(24h per)

Section 4

Military-civil relationships– Guards are mainly a defense force for the elves, and if you join the armed forces, you must remain with them for at least two weeks. This is to ensure the protection, and safety of the empire. If a player notices the breaking of a law, he must report it on the forums or directly to the Lord of the Law in-game.

Section 5

Corruption- The punishment for corruption, the act of using a position for illicit purposes, is a fine of $400 to $500 and an optional expulsion. If the corruption badly harms the Empire, they may be placed on the Kill on Sight list.

Section 6

Abuse of office- is the commission of an unlawful act, done in an official capacity, which affects the performance of official duties. It is punishable by death and/or a fine of $300 to $450.

Section 7

Treason- The act of direct betrayal to the Crown or to the Empire is a grave crime, and is followed by instant expulsion, and a placement on the Kill on Sight list. This applies to the betrayal of crucial information to the enemy, the attempt to overthrow or kill a monarch, an attempt to dissolve the Empire or harm its citizens on a mass scale, or assist an enemy.

Extra Mentions

Each governor may set additional laws for their settlement as they see fit. These laws must not contradict any part of this Charter. All fees can be also paid in diamonds at the rate of 1 diamond=8£. All punishments must be fulfilled within 7 real days(24 h each) starting with the day on which the sentence was given. If this is not followed, the offender will be kicked from the Empire and placed on the KoS list.  

Article IV- Voting[edit | edit source]

The Elven Empire is a monarchy, and the King holds ultimate power over it. Yet, voting is commonly used to determine the public’s view and aims, allowing them to have a voice in the running of the Empire. All Elves have one vote in the public voting, and all members of the Elven Government group have a vote when the voting is more selective. This voting will be held via comments on the website, online surveys for maintaining anonymity, or ingame via chat or the bulletin board. A vote can be called for by any elf, and the King will then hold the vote. Unless the vote is called for by over three members of the Empire, the King can cancel the vote, if they see fit.

Article V- War[edit | edit source]

War can be declared by the king/queen, the Head Ambassador or by vote of the other leaders, needing at least 50% +1 of the number of leaders to be in favour. Once at war, emergency powers can be granted by a majority vote of the leaders. Emergency powers allow government officials to make swift decision without consulting their piers. The only powers that are not granted by the emergency powers are disbanding the crew, ending the war or cancelling allies. A war may be ended by the king/queen or head ambassador only after holding a vote in which all elves can take part.

Treaty of Lan[edit | edit source]

This treaty is to be applied before hostile relations with an empire or even war itself is upon the Elves. This treaty is to try to call a cease of communication for a maximum of 9 days until relations cool down.

Abolishment treaty.[edit | edit source]

If a nation allied to the Elves has a state criminal, then they are required to return the criminal to Elven custody, if this treaty is applied. Criminals in possession before this treaty is applied are not required to be returned to the Elves.

Signed: TheHattedHatter-High King

Iridus-Lord of the Law / Prince

SnapCrackPlays-Admiral / The Duke Norrington





History[edit | edit source]

The Elven Empire has been around for generations, and for more to come. The elves are led by the daughter of Galalexandrea and Enrold making their first born child, Reptaria. She was the pure starlight of the evening sky, and the valor of a great white steed. Later to rule along side her was King Lithvather, a blacksmith assistant in a small town when she was a child. As this young lady began to grow she knew in her mind that she would be the Queen of an empire one day. As the oldest of her brothers and sisters she knew everyone would soon look to her. The Elven Empire was born. The Kingdom of Cornola was a once thriving city and it was there where the queen first started to rule. She has yet to become as powerful as the British, but, she knew one day she would make her people known throughout all the land. Cornola was located north of skymanjay shop, surrounded by mountain ranges.The city had thriving imports and exports until the day they were raided by pirates. There was a noble man in the midst of the elves, he is now known as zoroax999. He helped and guided knowledge to the elves after soon taking departure off to his own path in the world.

One generation came until the city of Cornola was set into flames and raided by athenmos12 and Unic0rnjunk101 the small population of elves had to abandon the home they once had to search for a new home.The elves had found the ground where Evermoor will be, and made a settlement around it named Fort Charles. Fort Charles thrived there for 2 generations, and started to slowly grow. The elves were never known until they started to join the alliance of TUPE. This alliance was between Reptaria and Uni to keep the elves at peace with him and his crew. Evermoor was the biggest city in all of Pirate Craft, and the elves began to thrive and grow in massive numbers; making it a city. The British and Elves began to have friendly communications and the TUPE alliance was holding strong. The city caused a world wide attraction to it but the government of the elves did not want to turn the city into a tourist attraction spot so they locked off the city to begin a militia, and started their very first borders. Generations went by and the cities numbers began to grow and other elves began to forge settlements on unknown lands to start other towns. The Queen, along with her royal advisers and other government members, publicly announced the elves will become an empire. This started the Elven Empire. Soon the empire began to grow more, and more, and more. Good military commanders and government members soon began to leave to go their own ways in the world. Good people like Dr_Solid and KarimNaba

Time started to go by and British citizens and ect. started to spread further out and the elves did not like how close they were getting to their lands. Border conflicts, and small military engagements started to become frequent, and both empires began to grow a small hostility to one another.Generations flew past, and the TUPE alliance had formally declared war on the British Empire knowing that the elves did not like the British at the time. They did not hesitate to accept the TUPE alliance call for help to go to war with the British. As war broke out Evermoor became a prime target to the British and small citizens started to commit treason. The day Evermoor was bombed was a day to remember, Silverstone a elvish citizen betrayed the elves and sneaked in British troops by surprise. They sneaked passed armed guards, and military battalions ready to give their all for the city they called home. Moments went by when the first shots in the city went off and it created mass chaos with innocent elves dying. In the midst of battle, the queen had no choice but to call out a cry for help to all elvish cities nearby. That is where Reptaria and Lithvather we're reunited and fought off the British side by side along with other guards, armed citizens, and soldiers. KarimNaba the princess had came to aid the elves and help fight off the British armies. Cannon fire roared through the city killing thousands of elves and the battle came to a sudden stop, all the men in the cannon bunker were killed and turn of events happened. Dorkito101 , Crabriel , Locknload had fired the cannons along with other British men. The battle came to a stop and the war had ended that day. War raged from Karjat all the way to Evermoor, but on that day all in the city stopped fighting and ran to help the innocent, the elves had proclaimed Lithvather King and again, the Elves became homeless. From that day forth the Elves and British made a vow never to go to war again; for the reason that we would cause to much damage to everyone and that we can do better working together rather than fighting.

After the war the elves had fled to the dark oak forest and there lied a great ranger who lived and owned that land. CallieMav helped the elves build Mirkwood and make a new Elven Capitol. King Lithvather was overthrown after wide-spread riots and violence. Later to come, the Elves held a fast election and Saraphim7 was now the King of the Elves for a short period of time. He had left the elves for the reason he needed to pay attention to his port market town and later joined the British as chief of police. Lathvather was offered a second chance to rule and since then the empire had been prosperous. The Elves had spread their borders and expanded across the world with many forts and kingdoms. While the transitions with the elves happened a pirate arose to soon become the worst pirate warlord in all of time hardtimez . He declared war on the British empire for no reason and waged all out war with all who stood in his way. When the elves got word a world war broke out they had to quickly end there friendship with the outlaws and fight with the British for an all out bloodshed.


As war grew on HardTimez has been attacking newmourous cities and towns and pirate crews. The warlord has a piratecrew named the outlaws and they are allied to red lotus who withdrew from the world war and the outlaws strength weakens. In the early morning in late July the warlord hardtimez has been banned! All began to celebrate in the streets after this amazing surprising event. After the banishment of the worlds most hated dictator the outlaws fled and all battle lines and defences fell to the might of the Elven forces to the east and British to the north. In the weeks following the outlaws disbanded and retreated to the Lotus Empire. The queen and king of the elves fought on and attacked the lotus empire. War raged on for 4 weeks until the 3 nations of British, Elvish, and Lotus made a treaty to not fight each other and all nations are at peace.


On August 6th 2015, the ottoman emperor was banned. Lego will live in rememberance of all. As tensions with Verussia was rising the King Lithvather state rude remarks in a world meeting. As the queen demanded he apologized he left the empire and his King Lithvather position that very moment. Relations with the elves and Verussians are allied and will always stay that way. The Verussian government was cought in a scam to betray the allied powers and wage an all out war. The Elven and British governments held a 2 week trial leading to the Verussians were guilty and to be kicked from the allied, they have stopped all trade an communication with both nations. Mid October 2015 and the Verussian Empire declared an all out state of war against the British Empire lending aid to there ally Delta to attack the British, as the elves and Delta have an ever lasting alliance they will marched on the Verussian Empire to get military movement of the British.

Art Wallpaper 11 1900x1200 263.jpg

Under the orders of Commander Xadiez and Chief Dorkito the Elven Guards were sent out to the Verussian Desert to the east to take out all Verussian strongholds and settlements forcing the Verussians back to there homeland. The Scorching heat was horrid for most elves for they were used to wet, cool forest areas. As for the Commander and Chief they both had experience with desert campaigns before. Elven troops reach to the strong hold of Vievenhiem main city to the east in the Verussian Empire, the elves surrounded and attacked the city with cannon fire and naval fire and ground raids onto the city and it was slowly being destroyed, as offices and markets were being blown up the elves showed no mercy, for someone they dared to call a friend. About few weeks into the war the Verrusian Former leader KingRS pleaded with the elves to stop the war and that it was nothing but big accident, the elves did not respond in nothing but cannon fire and more attacks. Under orders of the King and Queen the Verrusians will not see the light of day until there empire falls, for breaking trust, friendship, and most of all betraying those who helped them in the worst times possible.

The new capitol of Rivendell has finally finished and is now the capitol of the elven empire, and home to many great elders and warriors that teach new elves there education on what they want to learn.


As days in the empire continues Elven unrest began.. After years of Curruption the Elven Govermnent had to make a drastic decision on how they we to cleanse the Elven Empire so they publicly announced the end of the Elven empire. As the old pirate crews died off there was one small band of people quiet yet very powerful. As the age of war came to an end there crew rised from the shadows and waged war on everyone. CoV is the most vicious pirate crew beating the outlaws and lotus combined. They have became the most despised piratecrew in Elven History launching constant attacks on elven settlements. Killing itocent people. Months have passed since the rising of CoV and other piratecrews out there band together to fight off the major threat. The Elven Empire had issued a national state of emergency demanding all citizens stay away from international meeting spots (warps) which is a hotspot of attacks for CoV. As time goes on the selves still fight hard and will hope one day those savage piratecrew will see its end, or others go there different ways..

The lord of the rings fantasy art elves artwork the hobbit armies of the third age www paperhi com 52.jpg

As under the oppression of CoV the elves have increased 87.3% in trade with other nations bringing in goods and services. The Elven empire has doubled the production of more towns and the woodland elves have began the construction of there new homeland Vailinor in the Realm of Vailar where Mirkwood and both Rivendell both lie. As the Dark Elves continue to thrive in harmony, led by King Hades and Queen Angel Morvothril Time has came and gone and the Elves still face new threats. As the brave Royal Guard defends our people we the elven people began to construct a new home. A replacement of Evermoor. The kingdom lies to the east and will soon be he most heavily fortified kingdom of all the east in the realm. In March 2017, Queen Reptaria decided to leave the Empire for a while and create a new crew to focus on pvp and getting revenge on our enemies. She crowned TheHattedHatter as the new high king. The coronation was attended by many lords from all lands of the server. Right as the event was about to begin, Reptaria suddenly passed out and, seeing as she couldn't be brought back in time for the ceremony, Lord_Vanther decided to take her place and crown the new king. By the grace of Manwe, he gave Hatter the divine touch and was all the sudden blazing with divine fire. After the king's coronation, the Crown Prince also followed, though his tale is less eventful. As the festivities were ending, the queen finally came back to her senses and rejoined the crowd. After feasting and drinking, all who attended the feast heard the dark knight, Javainvader at the gates of Gondolin and he was not alone. Riverkitty and the former king of the elves, in an act of treachery that shall never be forgiven, were also with him. They are teleported in and quickly proceeded to kill everyone in the throne room and the treacherous old king also lead the attackers into the elven vault which was then emptied. The elven throne itself was blown to pieces and the Grand Hall stood in ruins. That day shall forever live in infamy. "It wouldn't be an Elven gathering without a betrayal, and Java killing everyone."-Lord Vanther


Emielreijs still remains, and rebuilds Gondolin together with lazydog. In June of 2017, her majesty The Queen then returns back to the Elven Empire after receiving word things at home were growing progressively worse day by day. Once she returned she quickly restored order back into the empire, handed back over the right to rule as queen. Now rises a new castle in the Elven Empire, Lethuina. This is house of the Queen herself, the castle is placed on the highest hill in the rocky realm, once the castle is complete and with the queen finally getting herself back to a stable state, from there she will make another city which would be an update remodeled evermoor and the first city in the empire to NOT have walls.

But the times had changed. God sets were more common than ever. Rep states “The time of the Elves is gone now and the time of the humans is starting.” And they left. At this time TarCalen, Greenroyal, is born. He knew his mother, lazy, but not the father. Lord Snow of Gloomsbay. He reads a book in emiels library, about his parents. Guess who’s names were on it, Emielreijs and Lazydog. Half human, half elf. Like Elrond of the old history. Then Tar started, recreated the empire as EM, it grew, again, but it didn’t get its glory back. He married an elf, and got Tiki, his son. Then poison took the mother’s life. Here we are now in the present. Tar adopts the dwarf Swampfoot. The town Miadris grows under the newly forged empire.

Notable Elves[edit | edit source]

CelticTiger38 ~ Responsible for many new players joining the Elves during his time as head of recruitment.

Raven228 ~ Built many great ships for the Elven navy.

Galaxy219 ~ A former Elven prince, Galaxy was a powerful Elven warrior.

Aidsplays ~ Aids was responsible for getting Celtic and others into the crew.

SBurger6969 ~ Burger is very famous for his jokes.

Quackbot and BlackMambaVenom ~ They built a large fortress that is a landmark of Stonemeadow.

Notable Elven Settlements[edit | edit source]




Team Rocket





Further Reading[edit | edit source]

The Elven Empire is known for exemplary roleplay skills. Roleplay is key when joining the Elven Empire and must have a themed skin when joining, and a uniform skin according to their rank if they join the armed forces.

Elven phrases elves should use in game to keep the roleplay alive are:

Mae Govannen "Well met!"(used as hello)

Mellon "Friend"

Suilad "Greetings"

Elen síla lúmmen' omentielvo! "A star shines at the hour of our meeting"