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SBurger6969 is a player who joined in June 2015.

History[edit | edit source]

Beginnings[edit | edit source]

SBurger6969 joined in June 2015, at the behest of his friend, GO_BLUE. He traveled to the then far-eastern part of the world, where he joined Blue's town, Ireland. Other residents of this town included AidsPlays and _grandon_, and the four of them would go on to form a crew known as Crips. Unfortunately for SBurger and the other members of Crips, Ireland would not last long, as Reptaria and the Elven Empire attacked the settlement in early June. The largely cobblestone town was ransacked in the siege, and SBurger and the other members knew they could no longer stay there. After searching the live map in search of a new home, the Crips would eventually find a rocky peninsula that would eventually be known as Stonemeadow. Shortly after arriving there on GO_BLUE's ship, AidsPlays was able to get all members of Crips invites to the Elven Empire, a drastic turn of events considering the previous raid on Ireland. Despite the raid, the members of Crips held no bad blood toward the Elves and all happily joined the EE, leading to the disbanding of Crips.

Elven Era[edit | edit source]

After joining the Elves, Burger constructed a large base in the heart of Stonemeadow. After his base was finished, he became less active until Galaxy219 and GodsAlive joined. With their help, SBurger and the original Crips members developed Stonemeadow into a formidable Elven settlement, although it never received as much attention as settlements such as Lathol and others. Although this Elven era seemed promising, it would not last much longer.

USE Era[edit | edit source]

In late November 2015, Galaxy219 got into a disagreement with multiple Elves, including Rubihube and ARoman2005. This led to Rubihube quitting the crew, and Galaxy was banished shortly after. After an Elven attack on his base, Galaxy formed the United States Empire and established Decky Town in the southwestern part of the map. Burger became disillusioned with the Elves after Galaxy's departure, and he left the crew to join Galaxy in USE. Eventually, all Stonemeadow residents would join USE, and the crew was showing immense promise. However, chaos and poor communication during raids caused members to leave, and the crew was in shambles following a coup on New Year's Eve. Burger left the crew soon after.

SKATS and Engima[edit | edit source]

After leaving USE, Burger would join a new crew called SKATS along with several other Stonemeadow residents. After a brief clash with the remaining members of USE, SKATS disbanded and split into two factions, with Burger joining GO_BLUE in a crew called Engima. Engima, led by Texter495, showed promise in the beginning, but was soon disbanded due to leadership issues. After the disbandment of Engima, Burger was left without a crew.

Second USE Era[edit | edit source]

Burger returned to USE after the collapse of Enigma. He has been president of the crew on multiple occasions, and is possibly the longest-serving president in USE history. However, he has not been active in years, although he has made appearances as recently as April 2020.