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Gwinlonde on the live map 3/17/2019
Crew Affiliations: EM
Founders: TheTikiTotem and Piki21
Location: North
Coordinates: -7480 64 -6984

Gwinlonde is an town in the Elven Empire founded around February 2018 located in the far north-west region of PirateCraft.

History[edit | edit source]

Gwinlonde was first built by Piki21 and TheTikiTotem as a temporary settlement of the nomadic 0USSR crew, which moved after every major attack, and was repeatedly attacked by JusaShrek1, but the city was well isolated enough that it had become siege-proof and well defended long before the first attack, and became permanent. After the departure of slyant609, leader of 0USSR, before the town was started, the town's sole inhabitants were Piki21 and TheTikiTotem. After Piki21's inactivty, the town indirectly joined the EM when TheTikiTotem joined the it, and fully joined at Piki21's return and his joining of EM.