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GO_BLUE (formerly known as CelticTiger38, CelticHawk, FordCrownVic, Sir_Croc0dile, CommanderCorazon, Admiral_Sengoku, koi001 (fake koi), Pennsylvania_, Shook_One, Hornqvist, Al_Horford, and possibly other names) is the president of the United States Empire.

Early history[edit | edit source]

GO_BLUE first joined the server on May 24, 2015. He encountered some difficulties at first, such as starvation and travelling halfway across the world only to be killed. He later settled at the spot he was killed at and made a farm and a cobblestone house. This settlement would go on to be named Ireland. In June, Celtic's friends AidsPlays (then known as donttreadonme) and SBurger6969 along with Celtic's cousin _grandon_ joined the settlement. They made a crew called Crips, which was likely named that due to the fact that the Baltimore riots were still fresh in everyone's mind at the time. Due to their lack of knowledge of how siege worked, they built cobblestone and wooden houses. Then, on one sunny June day, Celtic set off to rescue SBurger6969 after he got stranded in the middle of the ocean. While on his way, he was attacked by the pirates GrandVitaMorte and 4FawkesSake. The pirates forced Celtic to jump overboard and drown. His ship then taken. That day would get worse however, as Ireland was attacked by Elven Empire members led by Reptaria. The invaders quickly destroyed the siege-able houses and killed the residents. The raid resulted in lots of cussing and the muting of everyone except for Celtic. That night, Celtic decided he'd had enough and sailed away with his friends and what little materials they had left.

First Elven Era[edit | edit source]

After finding a stable area to settle in, the Crips were invited to the Elves after AidsPlays started talking to Reptaria. Although this ended the Crips, it benefited Celtic because he now had better protection. This new settlement, which later became StoneMeadow, had many siege-proof buildings made out of stone brick. As a result, raids were less deadly. But all was not well in this new settlement, as eventually all the ex-Crips became inactive except for Celtic, who became a leader of the EE in early August. As a result of the other's inactivity, Celtic became lonely and depressed. But this changed when Galaxy219 and Red_Wing joined the server in September. The two new players brought life back to the settlement and got all of the ex-Crips to get active again. They also decided to name the settlement Stonemeadow because of the contrast between the grassy areas of the north and the rocky cliffs of the south. But even with this new found happiness, there was still some imperfections, the biggest one being constant raids. The main cause of the raids was Galaxy219, who would annoy Daniel_McLachlen constantly which angered Crusaders of the Void, McLachlen's crew. This caused Galaxy's hut (which later became the largest base in all of Stonemeadow) to get raided at least once a week. The raids typically focused on Galaxy but sometimes sprawled into SBurger's and Celtic's bases. Eventually Galaxy had had enough and blamed the Elves for not helping and, after getting into a fight with EE members Rubihube and ARoman2005, Galaxy left the Elves. Once he had left he started to insult the Elves so Xadiez, Browe_, and Celtic attacked Galaxy. But that was just the beginning. Later on that day, about 20 more players came and attacked Galaxy, who had made his own crew, the United States Empire. The raid resulted in Galaxy and Celtic ignoring each other and a division of Stonemeadow. Later, all of Stonemeadow except for Celtic would join USE, including new residents Quackbot and BlackMambaVenom.

United States Empire era[edit | edit source]

After pressure from the rest of Stonemeadow and growing tensions with the rest of the EE, Celtic finally joined the United States Empire. To symbolize his departure from the Elves, he donated for captain, changed his skin, and changed his name to CelticHawk (he had previously been known as CelticTiger38). Although Celtic was promoted to leader immediately, he was just not happy in this new crew, as they got raided about 3 times a day. Celtic later left USE after being in it for a week.

Second Elven Era[edit | edit source]

After leaving USE, Celtic rejoined the EE and assumed his old position as head of recruitment. But once again he found himself not happy with the arrangement, as Texter495 had become king right after Celtic rejoined. Celtic liked Texter, but he did not feel that he was a good fit for king, as did many other people, so Texter was forced out of the throne. Texter then began to try and get Celtic to let him back in to the Elves, which Celtic did once, but Texter was kicked as soon as he was discovered by the other leaders. The problems with Texter as king, however, was just the start of the Collapse of the Elven Empire. The main collapse of the EE came just after the New Year's eve celebrations at Lathol, the Elven capitol. The celebrations were spectacular and there was little pvp, save for a few instances by Salty_Shay and seegle. Even CoV held back from pvping for the night. But at the start of the new year, chaos struck within the Elves. AdmiralTrench, an elf who was kicked once, was let back in to the crew and made a leader. When Celtic got on later that day, he found Reptaria trying to remain calm and AdmiralTrench the only leader, as he had demoted everyone else. Reptaria then had Celtic stage an argument with him to try and get Trench to make him a leader, but that did not work. Eventually however, Trench relinquished control of the Elves and Reptaria and the rest of the leaders regained command. Just as it seemed that the chaos was done for the day, Celtic and Raginblast confronted Rep about how she tried to frame several players for raiding SeconDeath, when really it was thought to be Rep who did it. When Rep did not answer their questions, Celtic and Ragin both left the crew. Rep then had a small breakdown and said he was quitting the server. The next day, Celtic joined to find TheGrandma in control of the Elves. TheGrandma would later disband the crew, citing an end of an era.

SKATS, Enigma, Eclipse, and Team Rocket[edit | edit source]

Following the collapse of the EE, the USE experienced a coup, with Quackbot, BlackMambaVenom, and AidsPlays taking control of USE from Galaxy219. The situation got even worse when AidsPlays lied about it on the forums, saying it was a glitch. Eventually Galaxy retook control and AidsPlays, BlackMamba, QuackBot, SBurger6969, and Celtic formed a crew called SKATS. SKATS would go on to only last a few days due to Galaxy219 and Red_Wing declaring war on SKATS and CoV raiding SKATS. Quackbot, AidsPlays, and BlackMambaVenom rejoined USE while SBurger and Celtic joined the newly formed crew Enigma, which was led by Texter495. Enigma had a lot of potential, but Texter invited too many of his enemies and promoted VenturaTheWizard to leader, who later kicked all the members and disbanded the crew. After Enigma was disbanded, Texter tried to reform it as Eclipse, but not many players wanted to come back and it was eventually disbanded. Celtic then went on to form his own crew called Team Rocket, which only lasted a week and had only one other member, SBurger6969. Celtic disbanded the crew and was then crewless.

Third Elven Era[edit | edit source]

After lots of begging, Celtic rejoined the revamped Elven Empire. He was joined by all of Stonemeadow except for BlackMambaVenom, as USE fell apart and Xboy123 was put in charge of it. He also changed his name after he joined the Elves to FordCrownVic, after the famous police car. Galaxy, Red_Wing, and Celtic were eventually promoted to leader, but there were still major divisions in Stonemeadow and the EE, as nobody seemed to trust each other. Eventually, Celtic and Galaxy219 were put in charge of an Elven spin off crew known as Rangers of Valor, but the new crew failed due to leadership issues with Celtic and Galaxy. After the disbanding of RoV, Celtic opted not to rejoin the EE, and was crewless for a while.

Fade Era[edit | edit source]

After RoV failed and Celtic spent some time without a crew, Celtic joined a new crew made up of some residents of Stonemeadow and some ex-USE members. The crew was called Fade. Fade was designed to be a PVP oriented crew and frequently went on raids, but leadership issues once again arose and all of Fade was kicked out except for Galaxy219. After he was kicked out, Celtic joined the Elves for about 10 minutes and then left and was once again crewless.

Second USE Era[edit | edit source]

After some thought, Celtic rejoined the United States Empire, and Xboy123 promoted him to leader after Celtic stayed in the crew for a week. Most of Stonemeadow would also rejoin later. After getting settled, the new USE members elected Galaxy219 as President. But after a week with Galaxy as leader, fights broke out and Galaxy and Xboy left the crew. Upon Galaxy's departure, Celtic was sworn in as President. He led USE for a short while, with SBurger6969 as his Vice President.

British Empire and Adult Swim[edit | edit source]

In mid-June 2016, Crocodile stepped down as USE president and joined the British Empire, a dream he has had since he first joined the server. While in the BE, Celtic participated in several raids and enjoyed more protection, as he was now part of a powerful crew. However, when Celtic found out that the Templars were going to declare war on the British Empire, he left and formed Adult Swim with Raven228 (Red_Wing). Adult Swim was designed to be a fun-loving, laid back crew, but there were problems from the start. Raven228 built a large island that ended up not being used at all, and there was some drama with Galaxy219 over the rights to an ocean monument and a nearby mushroom island. However, the drama eventually ended and there was peace.

Temporarily Banned[edit | edit source]

On November 20, 2016, there was an incident involving Celtic, Raven, Galaxy, and many others. Celtic and Raven had made up with Galaxy, and the three of them were on the server when they got into an argument with some other pirates. Their rage had been building up, and they had decided that they were going to not hold anything back. Many profanity-laced insults were spoken, and Celtic, Raven, and Galaxy were temporarily banned for one day by Lawzoneon. They then decided to quit the server for a while, and they had learned their lesson about trolling.

Third USE Era[edit | edit source]

At some point in 2017, Celtic rejoined USE. He planned to restore the crew to its prosperous state that it had under the first era. However, things did not start out well, as Raven228, the Vice President, was permanently banned for a rant that included many slurs and lots of profane language. He was later unbanned however, and USE has had several comeback attempts since then, the most recent being in June 2018, when construction of Celtic's team rocket headquarters base was finished in Ireland. Currently, Celtic is the co-president of USE, along with Zorite (Raven). However, he is the only active member of the crew, and hopes to carry on its legacy in a new era of piracy.