Iborian Empire

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Active Members: N/A
Total Members: N/A
Founded: April 2015
Dissolved: Early October 2016
Structure: Monarchy, Meritocracy
Character: Peaceful
Allies: Xenon Empire
Peace Treaties: Verussian Empire -After The Second Verussian War

The Iborian Empire or IE for short was founded by Palmerageddon in 2015 April/May time. The Capital of the Iborian Empire is New Faythe. It is apart of the merged crew known as The Xanthian Order, and was mainly focused in the South portion of the map, where it dominated for sometime and where its territory still holds despite its disbandment by Palmerageddon.

It has been renamed Iborian Empire after once being called Imperial Empire for reasons.

It is a part of The Allied.

Those who have been apart of the Empire reserve the right to claim the identity of being one of many Iborians.

Diplomatic Relationships[edit | edit source]

Allies:[edit | edit source]

British Empire -CrazyPirate -Mitchy

Elven Empire -Reptaria

Verussia -KingRS

Thirteen Colonies - NickyB_123

Twilight Empire - ???

Endorian Empire - ???

Xenon Empire - Maximus_Terragon

The Iborian Empire Overview[edit | edit source]

The Iborian Empire as of 5/7/15 had over 40 members of which some occupy the Capital or islands nearby which operate on their own, but are under New Faythe's control, but this is not strictly enforced.

Over 10 islands are apart of the Iborian Empire.

The nearest island which is not rated as part of the capital, but is an important part of the greater New Faythe territory, known as Port Acemunch which has a large fortified walls, a dock area, an armoury, brewery and is owned by Governor Amunch2 and __Acewarrior__.

States, Districts, Counties, Provinces etc[edit | edit source]

Others may create states (just going to refer to states so I don't have to write all of the above) in the Iborian Empire.

These states will be else where in the World and must have some decent economy and must be able to work well (quite) independently.

Each state also will have to provide over 3 different economic trades for the Empire, such as mining, fishing, farming, logging, rare item collecting etc.

They must also have some means of defense as other wise a lot of funding from the New Faythe Super State or another well run state may provide could be for nothing.

Heads Of The States will be able to be in charge of these states and cannot boss other states about but can provide, advise and help the other states as well, but must take heed of the Emperor's words and commands which would usually be advice or be there to stop certain conflicts from occurring from other settlements etc.

The Super State (the capital state) which is the New Faythe state is the most powerful state and if it could be come big enough it would become the future Iborian country of Iboria.

The States[edit | edit source]

New Faythe & South West Islands -Owned By Palmerageddon

Imperial District -Owned By Amunch2

Kittago -Owned By xXFurry_KittenXx

Forest Lake -Owned By Lareana

Government[edit | edit source]

Iborian Empire's Government[edit | edit source]

No Government Political Groups or People have been put in place yet, but the following is what the main Government Body will be like.

High Powers Of The Iborian Empire Government Body[edit | edit source]

Emperor Of The Iborian Empire And Head Of New Faythe state & South West Islands - Palmerageddon

High Boars -

Emperor's High Assistant And Advisor - RobLinds

Middle Powers Of The Iborian Empire Government Body[edit | edit source]

Head Of Iborian Land Forces (General) - JohnixG

Head Of Iborian Sea Forces (Admiral) - Hewwy

Head Of Defense Of The Iborian Empire -

Head Of Economy Of The Iborian Empire - MouseMason

Head Of Colonization Of The Iborian Empire -

(Other Heads To Be Decided And Created)

Lower Powers Of The Iborian Empire Government Body[edit | edit source]

Ambassador Of The Iborian Empire - JohnixG

Recruiter Of The Iborian Empire -

Governors Of Important Iborian Empire Colonies, Settlements or States -

Port Acemunch & Imperial District - Amunch2

Kittago - xXFurry_KittenXx

Forest Lake - Lareana

Heads Of Certain Jobs

Head of Building and Construction - TwistDropShot

(More Lower Powers To Be Decided And Created)

  • Note this is now outdated and somewhat redundant, the control and main authorities of said territories fall to Palmerageddon.

History[edit | edit source]

First Period[edit | edit source]

Imperial Empire - Iborian Empire

The First Period started off when the Imperial Empire was born. An island was chosen to start off the First Capital which was based on the now called IE owned island Iron Sands.

But after scuffles with people who were nearby taking stuff from the island it was moved to another place.

An island was located more west and that was colonised with a small Bunker Storage area which is still in use to this day.

Faythe It was named, but after some scuffles with Pirates of Ryeaka (Deadman's Chest) the pirates decided to set up a small under ground base with a cave spider spawner.

They also built a stone brick platform where they moored a boat which had been stolen from Port Acemunch.

This compromised where the Capital was so it was moved to Port Acemunch where until the New Capital, New Faythe is built.

Second Period[edit | edit source]

3/7/2015 (Iborian Empire's start) - 31/Dec/2015

During the 0utlaw Wars the Iborians played little part in the actual fighting but carried on giving support and helping out one decisions in The Allied group.

One of the only true acts played in this war was helping Reptaria/QueenRep and some others hold one of the 0utlaws bases for over 2 hours and defend off a ship trying to blow them out with cannons, it only finally stopped when it either exploded with too much gunpowder of load outs or someone hit the button on front sending it's own explosive into it's carrier's deck.

They didn't go unharmed though during this time as some of the 0utlaws retaliated on the Port Acemunch but failed to break into the armoury.

0utlaws not soon after this, were beaten after their main leader Hardtimez got banned.

As the Period carried on, new settlements where opened by members of the Empire.

The Imperial District by Amunch2, Kittago by xXFurryKittenXx & Forest Lake by Lareana.

Each of these in strategic areas but with very good purpose.

But soon a war waged across the server; the Verussian War which made Palmerageddon very protective and unaware of who and what to trust, as close allies fought against one another.

He decided to steer clear out of the conflict but was weary of the Verussian Empire.

Near the end of the Verussian War a new member joined named MouseMason, Palmerageddon thought she would be a lot like the rest who left the server, never to return again, it soon turned out to be not this way, she carried on coming online. However, as of late, MouseMason has been inactive for a few months.

Third Period[edit | edit source]


This period was a time when the crew went into a short time of inactivity, shortly after the Second Verussian War, in which Palmerageddon decided to take an unofficial stance against the Verussian Empire with the LoN, and not an awful lot occurred during the first part, it was during this time also when Hewwy joined the crew, and became Admiral and Shipwright.

More occurred during the second part, where the crew reinvigorated itself and looked to Iborian Peninsula (also known as the Plant Peninsula) where it was thought it would be able to bring to life the Iborian ideals again and bring activity. Not soon afterwards did a promising crew member and now leader of the large active crew Plant Nation known as PlantPotGirl who was an active and a great pursuer of development down on the Iborian Peninsula.

There were other crew members such as Nukumori who joined and set up down the coastline as engineers.

It was a time of great pride, which was carried on over to the merger with the Xenon Empire, The Templars and the Luteus Republic into The Xanthian Order.