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Faythe is the Iborian Empire's FORMER Capital.

The Founding Of Faythe

Faythe was founded by Palmerageddon Leader of the IE (Imperial (but now Iborian) Empire), Faythe was originally the name given to a Red Sand Island (which is now being developed into a Mining Island) which was discovered by Palmerageddon before the current Faythe.

When (Original) Faythe was discovered it wasn't well defended and was being developed by Palmerageddon and his fellow friend Meltdown9000 (now Bencoopertalla) who were new to the server and didn't know too much about claims. This led to 2 attacks which the first was a raids and the blowing up of a ship and the second a raid and the blowing up of a fortification made. Meltdown9000 quickly identified it was Fiver555 and Superkbc2, in retaliation, an attack was made on which damaged parts of their settlement and stolen goods were recovered.

Meltdown9000 quickly declared the settlement he and Palmerageddon worked on compromised and encouraged Palmerageddon to move on which it was successful. On the live map Meltdown9000 had identified an island to colonize. This turned out to be in the next ocean and Palmerageddon decided to stay in the ocean he was currently in.

He then chose an island which was not too far from Fiver555 and Superkbc2's Island on which Meltdown9000 said was a bad idea and went south east down the ocean and colonized another island with ponytailblond2 on which the created the short reigned but comedic 'Pony Empire'.

Palmerageddon quickly went about developing the island into an area one could live and christened it Faythe.

Fiver555 and Superkbc2 had found their island in a state after their conviction, they had been forgiven by Palmerageddon (who was accused of being blind by Meltdown9000 (in a jokey way)) and moves to it's closest isle, built a fort and named it SoulStein (or something along the lines of that) but soon later on packed up and moved south to a mountain.

But now after an attack by a leader of a Pirate Crew named DaveyJonesLocker's Crew set up a base near Faythe after attacks on Port Acemunch, it has now been stripped of it's Capital status. A new Capital of the IE is being constructed named New Faythe.

Faythe is also known as Lost Faythe.