Iron Sands

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Iron Sands is named after the red sand in abundance around it, red sand; like how that of Mars contains Iron, and this is how it got it's name.

Ironsands, and its iron rich soils

It is an un-operational Mining establishment, designed to be a launch pad onto make a future mineshaft on the main island to feed the growing needs of the Mainland.

The building is also declared a site of Iborian importance on it's incredible architecture of a small secure room, composed of to Iron Doors to keep unwanted people out, leading to the habitable tower which also acts as storage and shelter to future miners there.

Mousemason for a short while lived there, until she gradually became less active, she built and brought some of the ships in the area, which make the small area more homely. There is a couple of housing establishments there, including a 'Hobbit-like' homey area in the sands, there are also the few small islands off of Iron Sands which have been inhabited also.

There is hope this place can come to look a lot more tidy, and perhaps have a more active settlement and become a place of interest, this idea has been started by building Dylan the Scorpion, who was Palmerageddon's Build Of The Month entry, which got approximately 2 votes.