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Overview[edit | edit source]

WilsonManzer is an old player of Piratecraft who joined in 2014. He became good friends with the previous leader of the Verussian Empire, KingRS.

He is currently one of the leaders of the Verussian Republic.

Background[edit | edit source]

Wilson's background remains largely a mystery.

While young, he joined the Polynesian Empire for a brief period before it fell. He then founded the Verussian Empire along with KingRS. He became a leader of the Verussian Empire soon after.

Some time in July 2015, he along with KingRS and Buckmaster1993 founded the Federated Nations Alliance. He helped run the forum group while being second in command for the Verussian Empire]]. He helped the Verussian Empire during the brief conflict with the British Empire in April 2015, and subsequently helped improve relations to the point where the Verussian Empire was allowed to join the League of Nations.

In September 2015, the First Verussian War broke out between the Verussian Empire and the League of Nations. Wilson supported the Verussian Empire. A peace treaty was signed a few weeks after war initially started. In November, Wilson started construction of the Verussian Royal Palace - a tower near the border of the Xenon Empire, overlooking Thymen's Fort Bambini. Wilson briefly joined Solis during this period, but left again.

The Second Verussian War occurred in February-March 2016. Wilson's tower was hit a few times by projectiles fired from the Xenon Tower. But due to its robust build, the damage was very minimal. Wilson helped organize skirmishes against the attacking forces of the British and Xenon Empires. Toward the end of the war, a member of the Xenon Empire army, Steentje321, managed to infiltrate the Verussian vault, and killed Wilson's pet wither. The nether star was turned into a beacon and now stands in Steentje's tower.

Thereafter, KingRS was removed as Emperor, and the Verussian Empire was reorganized into a Republic and became known as the Verussian Republic. He took up the role as the main leader of it, and the subsequent other crews that followed (such as NRR and VR, and the Rohan Verussian Republic).

Additional Notes[edit | edit source]

Piratecraft Skype group

As long as Wilson remains in the Skype group, it will remain active. He often sends random messages in hopes of catching the attention of someone, and keeping the group active. Despite it being considered annoying by some, he does his part to keep it somewhat active.

Crew History[edit | edit source]