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Buckmaster1993, alias Wadsworth, is the current leader of the New Roman Republic. Data incorrect Wadsworth was the name of Chasedillion123. See _Augustus_Caesar for up to date info.


The New Roman Republic started with one man, Buckmaster1993, he was part of the Dwarven nation of Eternia, a nation that primarily builds underground, and one day decided to explore the surface.

The Dwarven president, InventorJohn (Above average height for a dwarf), decided to let him go, seeing him as no threat to the Dwarves, Buckmaster1993 visited the server archives, and discovered a book telling of an ancient civilization of technologically advanced people named the Romans. However, through the archives he could not find any information on where this civilization once was, so he ventured to the east, away from the major empires, to an area scarcely populated by any.

There, he found a ruined civilization, arrows, not shown to be Dwarven, Elvish, or British littered the ancient walls, so thick you could climb up them. Inside, he found a city full of stone buildings and a single castle, he explored the castle, and found many documents of current technology, but written in ancient glyphs, Buck learned segments of the native language of the Romans, Latin, and built upon the ancient city, eventually, he started recruiting, and a wide-eyed lover of Roman culture came, Chasedillon123.

After a while, Chased became rather disdainful towards the empirical form of government that they were using, reminiscent of late Roman culture, and staged a protest against it, through this Chasedillon123 earned his spot as consulate in the New Roman Republic.

Later, Chasedillon123 found a cavern beneath the city, littered with zombies, skeletons, and spiders, and at the end of the cave he found blueprints for buildings, weapons, and ships previously unseen. These included:

  • The Discus-II an upgraded version of the Discus-I, found in the caverns, that shoots a disk-shaped projectile from a flat barrel, giving the projectile more aerodynamic features and making it easier to slice through enemy ships.
  • The Trireme Mk. II, an upgraded version of Roman Triremes capable of carrying cannons instead of balistae.
  • The Quadreme Mk. II, an upgraded version of Roman Quadremes, capable of carrying cannons instead of Balistae.

He also discovered new Roman building methods, some of these methods did not resemble any Roman structures known to history, and they soon realized these were plans for revolutionary buildings that never got into production, some of these buildings took inspiration from other citys such as Machu Pichu, Mesopotamia, and Greece.

Eventually, the NRR solidified itself as one of the major powers in the East, and the Dwarven president, InventorJohn, realized he was very wrong assuming Buck could not make a crew to rival him.

Eventually, Eternia, Verussia, and the NRR created what is known today as the Federation Nations Alliance, or the FNA, at first, it was a think tank of nation leaders protecting one another, but eventually InventorJohn went AWOL and Chasedillon123 and Buckmaster suggested they turn the FNA into a force for peace, instead of a think tank, this is the current state of the FNA.

Land disputes insued, and the NRR is still expanding, and is currently building a city based on Mesopotamian building and Machu Pichu’s layered city style, known currently as Elexandria, in honor of a CoV warlord known as Elexander.

Additional Notes


Buckmaster, with help from Chasedillon built Rome from the ground up. It was considered one of the largest cities in piratecraft, but fell to pirates. Rome is currently being entirely rebuilt in its original location to historical specs and layout.

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