Entarian Orbital Bombardment System

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Orbital Entarian Bombardment Network (O.E.B.N.)
Affiliation: Entarian Alliance, InventorJohn
Class: D

A Super Weapon theorized by InventorJohn, it is the believed to be the first 'Super Weapon' and caused the LoN to go into shock and encourage members to develop their own 'Super Weapon'.

[1] [2]

  1. [1], In January 2016, the Entarian Alliance announced plans to construct a [Super Weapon] capable of firing an array of cannons, at the flick of a button. These cannons could fire clusterbombs over 600 meters away.
  2. [2], Screenshots of a FNA members plans for a 'Super Weapon' planned by the EA reached the LoN, and set them into high alert. The 'weapon' was a defence system designed to protect themselves in case of chaotic events (known commonly as the Entarian Orbital Bombardment System).