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Verussia is the main country and body of land from the old Verussian Empire, and the new Verussian Republic.


Verussia is a country created by the Verussian Empire. It is located north east of the Cove.


After the siege of South Verussi, by which the city was destroyed, the Verussian Empire was looking for new lands. They planned to found a new country by the name of Verussia in new lands.

In September 2015, the Verussian Empire moved to a new continent, originally populated by Maximus_Terragon and the Xenon Empire, and Lord__apples and the Elven Empire. After pirates sieged Vivenheim (city belonging to Lord__Apples), the Verussian Empire took over the ownership and now had its first city.

The Verussian Empire originally planned to claim the whole continent as part of their new country, and inviting and existing residents to join their Empire. The only other resident (after Lord__Apples fled), was Maximus_Terragon with his port; Port Terragon (now the Port of Xenia). At the start, the Verussian Empire were adamant for Maximus_Terragon to join their crew and make his land and port apart of their country, even threatening with military intervention. Maximus stood his ground, even being offered to have his own 'state' in the new country. Eventually, the Verussian Empire gave way and Verussia was founded, without the land owned by Maximus.

Soon after, the First Verussian War broke out between the League of Nations, and the VE. In partial, this was due to the previous land disputes between VE and Maximus, but the main reason remained international relations. The LoN won, and Verussia lost land, going to Maximus instead. VE started construction of Pallivadia, the new capital. A few other minor towns were built, including an expansion of Vivenheim, and a new city built by Harry_Mason2 for KingRS.

In January 2016, the Second Verussian War broke out between the LoN and VE again. VE surrendered, and lost even more land to Maximus. Vivenheim was occupied by the British Empire, and part of it was dismantled. Verussi was littered with holes from cannon shots.

Once both wars were over, the Verussian Republic was formed, and Pallivadia was repaired, expanded, and announced as the capital yet again. Mass construction of cities begun. The walls of Pallivadia were torn down, and new foundations were laid. The foundations of 3 new large cities were laid, as well as many more houses for Pallivadia. Among one of many new structure built includes the foundations of a tower that resemble the Xenon Tower. This caused friction between Maximus and WilsonManzer again, and almost lead to another war.

After the world was expanded, Verussia seems to have been abandoned. The foundations for the 3 new cities remain unfinished, many structures are only about 20% complete, and Pallivadia is largely abandoned and dismantled. Vivenheim has been reclaimed by The Xanthian Order.