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Alternate names: Verussian Capital
Type: Town/Capital
Affiliation(s): Verussian Empire

Verussian Republic Fruit Kings Xenia

Founded: January 2016
Status: Ruins/Destoyed
Mayor: Prowil
Population: ~15 (2017)
Builder(s): Prowil, ToxicKingRS, warbluke
Industry/Purpose: Capital city and main harbour for trade
Size 40,000 blocks
Coordinates: 2800 100 -2000>

Pallivadia was the capital of the Verussian Empire and was located in the Southern region of Verussia (the old continent shared with Xenon Empire, not the new continent) and was refereed to as the political hub of the empire.

The city of Pallivadia was governed by two parties and was split by a wall down a North and south basis. The North being governed by ToxicKingRS and the South by Warbluke. Further settlements were planned, and their foundations all placed in the surrounding area creating what would become one giant city through smaller connected towns.

As of 2018 Pallivadia no longer exists, and only ruins exist. The city now there is Xenia, constructed by Maximus_Terragon

History[edit | edit source]

For a more detailed history of Pallivadia, please see Second Verussian War.

Pallivadia was founded in early 2016 to serve as the new capital of Verussi - the self-proclaimed continent and country in which it lied, shared with the Xenon Empire. After the outbreak of the Second Verussian War, the city (still under construction) was bombarded and heavily damaged by the Xenon Tower. The Xenon Empire agreed to later aid in repairing it.

From mid 2016 to early 2017, there were no further conflicts involving the now Verussian Republic so building progressed quickly. In late 2016 the old city walls were taken down to make room for more buildings and expand the city south - something that worried the neighboring The Xanthian Order.

When the map was enlarged in mid 2017, the Verussians chose to move large parts of their population away from the now overcrowded island to head for new lands. In doing so, Pallivadia fell into disrepair due to its unfinished state. It was sold to the Fruit Kings shortly afterwards who wished to take over the island for themselves and establish a north-easterly outpost.

By late 2017 the city had been completely abandoned and had become an eyesore. The neighboring Xanthian Order had split up and become Xenia. Its leader, Maximus_Terragon, who was now admin, pushed for the removal of claims on the ruined town in order to expand his own town. These wishes were fulfilled by Godsdead in support of ToxicKingRS and many other members in the community, despite protests from Prowil. Most of the ruined houses were torn down to make room for the new Free city of Xenia - named after the crew.

Beneath the surface of Xenia, remains some of the ruins which have been restored in memory of the capital. The final settlement with respect to Verussi was agreed upon in early 2019, such that the Verussian Republic renounce all claims and remaining towns on Verussi - and give the full rights to Xenia in exchange for aid of construction with their new capital.

Structure[edit | edit source]

The capital was still in construction at the time of its destruction. It was expected to be finished at some point between February and April 2016. Pallivadia was not only a home to many Verussians but also to a sizeable Rohirrim population although they later moved to nearby Dunharrow.


  • Roughly 10 large houses for 15 inhabitants
  • Docks for 2 small ships
  • Town hall (foundations preserved)
  • Several embassies
  • Furnished roads and a small market
  • Memorial to the Verussian Wars (preserved in Xenia)
  • Walls, gatehouse, and towers

Legacy[edit | edit source]

After plans to expand Pallivadia failed to materialise, many of its buildings and walls were town down leaving a mostly empty maze of roads and foundations. Several of these, including the monument built in remembrance of the Verussian Wars are preserved in Xenia in the northern market.

Pallivadia during its peak in late 2016 was among the top 10 largest towns and cities, placing #10 by area and #7 by population.

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