Imperial Roman Empire

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|-| colspan="2" style="text-align:center"|Flag of ROME|-| {{#if:|Leader:|CosmicKingSp00k|-| {{#if:|Founded:| May 27 2019|-| {{#if:|Member Count:| 75+|-| {{#if:|Structure:| Empire|-| {{#if:|Character:| A mix of peace and aggressiveness |-


The Imperial Roman Empire (ROME) is one of the largest and most powerful crews in PirateCraft. Created in May 2019, ROME has amassed a large amounts of territory, spanning 3 continents. The empire has over 5 impressive cities and settlements, many powerful allies, and a large and dedicated player base. Additionally, ROME won the Crew of the Year Award for 2019.



The governing system/leadership of ROME is organized like Imperialism. Basically, there is one Imperator (similar to an Emperor), who rules the entirety of the Empire. Under the Imperator is a council of 4 "High Capals". The High Capals are put in-charge of different branches of the empire. The branches are Labor, Economy, Military, and Foreign Relations. Each High Capal is put in-charge of one of these branches, and they are chosen by the Imperator. High Capals report directly to the Imperator. Every High Capal has a cabal serving under them. The capals are similar to secretaries for the High Capals. Capals also can be assigned to oversee different parts of their respective branches.

Republic of Promethea
Red Question Mark 06.02.2016.png
The flag of RoP
Leader: Lego
Founded: December 24, 2019
Structure: Inclusive Democracy
Character: Peaceful