Fort Fascus

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Fort Fascus is a military base belonging to the Imperial Roman Empire. The fort is located between Vastere and Pathere (in the center of the continent of Epirus). Fort Fascus was built by CosmicKingSp00k and Funtime_Foxy2020. It is an important fort, as it cements the Roman control of the Epirus Province.

Originally started by CosmicKingSp00k, Fort Fascus was given to the military to have as a main base. It was decided that Fort Fascus would be the home of the 2nd Legion. At the time, Funtime_Foxy2020 was the leader of the 2nd Legion. Therefore, he gained control of the fort. Renovations were made and more construction was done. However, Foxy went inactive during this time, and hasn’t been seen since. The construction on Fort Fascus was halted, and with the leader of the 2nd Legion gone, the 2nd Legion was dissolved into the 1st.