Great Roman War (Third Server World War)

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Length: Mid July-September 3rd 2019 (6 weeks)
Belligerents: ROME: ROME, EE, CLTN, RoV, Cotij (limited), CSN (limited). SPQR: SPQR, VER, BE, TRT, GUCS (limited), ESE (limited)
Casualties: ROME and allies: 30-50 SPQR and allies: 100-150
Results: ROME wins war and gains independence from SPQR

The Great Roman war was the Third "World War" the server had seen. To date it remains the most largest war in PMC history. It saw the downfall of many great nations and the rise of many others. Because of Anchor Articles the war was very well documented and its effects can still be seen today in ROME, ESE, and SPQR.

Background (civil war in rome)[edit | edit source]

Cosmickingjoel (KosmicKingKaiser, Cosmickingsp00k, Cosmickingtaco etc.) had long been a thorn in the side of SPQR's leadership. He was the head of recruitment and owned a fairly large city. On the discord Cosmic's friends would repeatedly mock and harass Buckmaster1993 (the leader of SPQR) and buck would routinely kick them from the discord, only for them to be brought back by Cosmic. Engraged Buck kicked Cosmic from the discord and demoted him in the Crew. In response, Cosmic left SPQR and with his friends formed The Imperial Republic of Rome on May 27th 2019. After raids on SPQR territory (mainly Itz_Wyatt). They changed their Crew name to the Imperial Roman Empire, adopted a banner, and unanimously chose Cosmic as their Imperator.

Early stages of the war (from civil war to world war and the Verussian front)[edit | edit source]

World War[edit | edit source]

TRT and their capital city of Belfast had long been pushed around by their Neighbors in the now capital of ROME Verace. Having a common enemy they formed a alliance with SPQR. This started a chain of ally choosing that would go like this: seeking glory VER joins SPQR's side, having good friends in CLTN and RoV Cosmic gets them to join his side, likewise mystic (leader of EE) due to his good relations with RoV joins the war on ROME's side, BE being friends with buck holds a parliamentary vote on the matter and joins the war on the side of SPQR.

  • side note: Due to EE (EM) being disbanded by Mystic early in the war, the Elves involvement was minimal.

Battle of Pathere[edit | edit source]

A few days into the conflict VER and SPQR lead a force of about 5-7 men to Raid the roman city of Pathere. They faced several Roman soldiers including Cosmic himself. At first the attack seemed to be going well and Cosmic was killed, but then CLTN members came to ROME's aid and drove the republican romans and Verussians out. This was the 2nd largest battle of the war, with 13 people participating, and 2nd in terms of casualties.

First Sacking of Charbeyliene[edit | edit source]

Seeking vengeance ROME followed the retreating Verussians down the road to Charbeyliene. The exhausted and unprepared Verussians where caught off guard and the city was raided with many Verussians being killed.

The Verussian front[edit | edit source]

For the next week the roads in Verussia were the sight of many skirmishes and people being killed. Including the King of the Verussians ToxicKingRS. This period was brutal with at one point 6 people being killed by a cannon at the same time.

Middle of the war[edit | edit source]

Battle of the Outpost[edit | edit source]

in the days following the Fiasco on the Verussian-Roman border BE managed to score the first victory for the SPQR alliance. They attacked a Roman Guard house in a outpost and managed to successfully raid it. Killing several Roman Soldiers. And showing how BE could still fight larger forces and win.

Battle of Ceylon[edit | edit source]

In response to the raid on the Outpost a CSN member by the name of StasKingKrol and 2 Roman Soldiers headed to raid the important southern port city of Ceylon. The Brits Xenocam and Bubster fought off the attackers until the invaders realized they would never break thru and left. Bringing yet another victory to the SPQR alliance.

Cotij[edit | edit source]

Cotij and his crew then joined in the war effort to help Rome by bringing in supplies. Once while in Pathere Cotij became under attack by a SPQR sympathizer. But with the help of Cosmic and a mysterious Viking was able to fend the attack off.

the Week of Drama in ROME[edit | edit source]

The same week of the attacks against the outpost and Cotij, the player Leon declared himself Imperator of Rome as Cosmic was offline for a few days. Leon though was quickly assassinated via a end crystal explosion (the assassin was later found to be RoMich02) and lost a frostie blade event Item in the process. It was at this same time that the player Zackbacon was discovered to be a Roman spy in VER.

GUCS[edit | edit source]

After Griff attacked a GUCS member GUCS declared war on ROME and started to supply food to the Verussian troops.

Seige and 2nd Sacking of Charybeyliene[edit | edit source]

After Zacks betrayal the most horrific defeat and largest and bloodiest battle of the war occurred at the siege and second sacking of Charybeyliene. For 3 hours the Verussian Capital was under siege by Roman, and Roman allied troops. The battle was a massacre for the Verussians with 12 losing their lives as compared to 2 on the side of the Romans.

End of the War[edit | edit source]

After the first 2.5 weeks of the war Things died down with ROME and SPQR initiating peace talks (mainly ROME making ridiculous Demands and SPQR vowing to continue the war to the end of time). The finally on the Third of September 2019 after nearly 6 weeks of fighting the war was over. ROME declared Victory and declared full independence from SPQR.

Lasting effects[edit | edit source]

  • the war was one of the most destructive and large in history, along with the 2 Verussian Wars, and other wars such as the CSN-DD war and the Horisa Wars. anywhere from 200-250 people died (includes multiple deaths per person, and non-combatants) and causing somewhere up to $50k-$250k in damages (this number is debated greatly among the crews involved).
  • It brought a new age of warfare onto PMC, as it was the first major war to see the widespread use of Godset factories, and large scale player raids, and dropped the Price of Godsets to below 1k due to how fast they were manufactured (and the already unstable economy)
  • It saw the end of the Elven Empire and the rise of ROME as the superpower it is today and saw VER lose its third World War and show how its military strength had been greatly depleted, and how PvP crews now dominated inter-sever politics.
  • It brought a new age in media with Anchor Articles displaying very clearly updates in the War as they happened (the reason why this wiki page was made)
  • It caused the later ESE-ROME war after ROME would go on to break the treaty ending the war multiple times. In fact the ESE war started 1 week after the Great Roman War ended.