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On August 26th, 2018 due to a civil war and an attempted coup d'etat on the leaders of the TNRR, the ESE was born by CreeperInX on the foundation of a benevolent empire. Due to their experiences of the Global Roman Conflict, the ESE decided to create a creed in which it's priority was the protection of it's citizens and allies. On a lone coast near the city of SPQR's Scadus, the Citadel began construction and founded the Imperial Capital, Dromund Kaas. The Imperial Citadel is to be the building to house the head of government. Nearby, a City Square, where resources like food, water, cobblestone, forges, etc, will be found for public use for the citizens and allies of the ESE. Such resources is run by government funding.


The government of the ESE is a unique one, with a mix and balance of a Representative Empire and a Democratic Republic.

  • Executive Branch

The Esecutive Branch of the ESE consists of the Emperor who has no term limit and dictates referendums, affirms or negates and bills passed on from the Senate and military activity. Under the Emperor are Directorates. Directorates are heads of a certain area of expertise or field. They respond solely to the Emperor, but the Senate can request/order actions from the Directorates through Legislative Orders that is passed through the Emperor. The Emperor as well can establish Executive Orders to be enforced by the Directorates. Directorates are chosen and selected by the Emperor, but if the Emperor can't decide, a vote shall take place within the Empire.

  • Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch consist of the Senate. The Senate is filled with Senators, representatives from every city/state that is under Imperial Rule. Each Senator is voted in by the respected citizens of the city. Senator hold control over their city/state and hold a 4 month term and have unlimited amounts of terms. Each Senator is to meet at least once a month in the Senate Chamber to voice opinions in national matters, address problems both within their respective city/state and the entire Empire. The Senate is able to propose and pass bills that go straight to the Emperor for affirmation or negation. Once the Emperor affirms a bill, it becomes Imperial Law.

  • Judaical Matters

When the government of the ESE formally brings a person, entity, or nation into trial, both branches work as the judge and jury. The Emperor acts as the "Imperator Judis", or the Imperial Judge alongside the Imperial Directorates that sit with the judge and voice opinions and give suggestions on the flow of the proceedings. The Imperial Senate is to act as a jury, or the "Senado Judis". The jury must be the voices that deliberate on the trial and give final results of the proceedings.

  • Current Government Positions

- Emperor: CreeperInX, [Emperor Kha0s] - Directorate of Engineering: HerobrineBlox - Directorate of Construction: NN2879 - Directorate of Agriculture: kattulz


Peace is a lie, there is only Passion. Through Passion, I gain Strength Through Strength, I gain Power Through Power, I gain Victory and through Victory, my Chains are Broken. The Force Shall Free Me - Sith Code

Imperial Black War

The S0D, an ally of the ESE was attacked by the crew Negra. S0D was pillaged, raided, and attacked. Members were spam killed and a portion of their navy was stolen. The following day, Negra attempted to sell the stolen frigate to the ESE for £600. After the purchase, Negra attempted to frame the ESE on the attack on the S0D, with the stolen frigate as supposed evidence. The story was cleared up and ESE declared war on Negra on crimes against humanity. S0D, AGS, PL and SPQR allied with the ESE and formed a coalition against Negra.

  • The Dorito Siege

The war began with the fortification of a forward attack base. Negra members attacked the coalition which resulted in some casualties. In response, the coalition sent an expedition led by 2face2 and CreeperInX into enemy territory to gain intel on Negra's base and fortifications, which resulted to be extremely weak. Once the expedition was complete, ESE sleeper agents and SPQR members attacked the surrounding area, deforming the surface and damaging their terrain. As a mark of triumph and victory in destruction, a giant lava Doritos was formed to further destroy the terrain near Negra's base. Shortly thereafter, those events were given the name "The Dorito Siege".