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NitroDaNub is a long term player who joined in 2015. Known for being a crazy fellow. Little is known about his way of life, what we do know is where he started.


An extract from NitroDaNub's personal memoirs, edited for coherence

I started in 2015, when I was a young soul, new to the server, the next thing I knew was that I joined EE the Elven Empire which is now known as EM.

It was a nice server but little did I know minutes later I was to be sent into battle by my Queen Reptaria, she ordered that I was to fight, I was tped into an ongoing raid and was armed with an iron axe and clad in iron armor and hurried into battle. We began to give devastating fire from the cannons aboard our ship, however, being only hours old on the server I did not realize what I had gotten into.

We rushed into the battle with my fellow Elves, watching them being slaughtered in a hail of arrows, cutting through innocent faces, I watched unknown comrades die before me, it was a horrific sight, I watched a young elf's head get torn clean-off by an axe. We kept rushing and pushing as hard as we could then I encountered it... he was in ungodly armour, unlike that I've never seen before, my fellow comrades rushed him, and like the British at the Somme, we were cut down in his wrath, we infantry stood little chance.

Slice after slice, he cut us down, Elven troops withered at my feet, an urge compelled me to jump into action, taking him straight on with 3 others, we were critting him like mad but as we fought, he systematically killed us 1 by 1. Mere seconds after one of my comrades fell, another did too, dropping like flies, I tried to dodge his blows.. but heard a sudden, solem crack of my axehead as it shattered like glass over his glowing armor.

I felt his sword find its way between the plates in my armour... I soon joined my comrades dead in the mud. When I respawned back at the depo, believed we were done, instead were sent back, re-equipped this time with a finely forged sword, I charged once more, this time joined by fresh reinforcements. We ran at the Blue Devil. *CRRRCK,* *SHINNG!!* This time his armour was breaking, we hacked at him with combined might, I was ecstatic and heard the graceful whistle of Elven arrows fly over our heads, my eyes were drawn to the last wretched foe, I watched waves of Elves throw themselves at him, desperately trying to drop him.

A gush of wind compelled me to turn my head to witness the Elven Brig I had arrived on bombard the shore with cannon-fire. Seconds later I heard heard a dreadful noise emerge from the muzzle of the cannon. Canister shot was ejected from its barrel, the dreaded shards of steel and lead sheared through my thin breastplate and devastated my helmet. I had wounds, but my armour had protected me from much of the blast, I had survived, but the now fallen enemy did not. I limped over to the shore, requesting a golden apple but it was too late, enemies upon the wall launched a fresh volley of arrows cut through our numbers, including my remaining armour, sending me back to the depo.

After further hours of long hard fighting, we finally took the fort.

And that was my first day in PirateCraft.