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In-game Skin
Date Joined: 22 November 2019
Rank: Firstmate
Crew: ROME
Crew Rank: High Capal of Military and Conquest

Enderzalt is an active piratecraft player who joined on November 22, 2019. He hold the Firstmate rank on the server and is currently a leader and is the High Capal of Military and Conquest in the Imperial Roman Empire and one of its most active players. As the head of the military, Enderzalt commands both the Roman Army, Navy, and Elite Praetorian Guards.

Enderzalt has played a huge role in reforming and reorganizing the Roman Army into a more effective, organized, and historically accurate force. He created the Praetorian Guards to inspire pvpers to join ROME without being answerable to lower quality officers in the normal army.


Enderzalt first joined PMC on November 22, 2019. After messing around in a random plains biome and making a typical deckie base, he was invited to join the Imperial Roman Empire by its Imperator, CosmicKingSp00k. Enderzalt decided to join the Roman Army, which at the time was led by Centurion BuffNut, and had a few other Legionaries including the infamous dirtman_69_420 and SilentKnight176. Enderzalt quickly rose through the ranks of the Army, and despite being a former 1.8 pvper, adapted to the new pvp mechanics and was one of the best fighters in the First Legion.

Shortly after Buffnut attainted the rank of Praefectus, a new Centurion was needed for the 1st Legion. Both Enderzalt and Dirtman qualified for the position, and the former Centurion requested a duel for the position. After a fierce 1v1, Enderzalt emerged victorious, defeating Dirtman and becoming the second person to become a Centurion in the Imperial Roman Army.

After a few more months of actively playing, Enderzalt became a C3, the most prestigious Centurion in the entire Empire. Buffnut, Enderzalt's former leader and Commander, was unexpectedly banned from the server permanently due to him posting an inappropriate image in the PirateCraft Discord. This made Enderzalt the new leader of the Military. While in this position, the military reached an all time low of legionaries around February and early March. Cosmic also promoted GoldenMoneyy and reflectivechas to High Capals, and later, giving the title of High Capal of Military to Enderzalt.

During this time, he would also work on several building projects in ROME. His biggest projects include the expansion of the Roman Navy. Enderzalt used his own materials bought from MoJake23 and mining wood with fellers to construct the Main Battle Fleet, stationed at a new Naval Base created with the help of MoJake23. This base is located right next to Arie-on-the-Isle, off the Pathere docks. "Beta Arie" as it was jokingly called by MoJake and Enderzalt soon became the official name of the base (due to it looking way worse compared to the original Arie), and is now the base of the largest fleet owned by ROME. The Fleet consists of 3 Indiamans (Constructed by MoJake23), 4 manowars, and around 5 battle brigs (constructed by Enderzalt). Combined with the nearby Arie Fleet of 2 Aircraft Carriers, 2 manowars, 1 Galleon, 2 Frigates (including the famous Uno owned by Cosmic), a handful of brigs, 3 submarines, and numerous other planes and other vessels, the Expanded Arie Fleet is one of the most powerful in all of PMC. However, the fleet stationed at Beta Arie is not optimized for warfare and is mainly for propaganda purposes.

"Beta Arie" and Rome's Main Battle Fleet, built by Enderzalt with help from MoJake23

Now that he was in full control of the army, Enderzalt decided that something needed to be done about its low membership and poor organization. In March, with the outbreak of Covid-19, many new players were joining the server. Imperator Cosmic "the Great" (dubbed by Enderzalt at Cosmic's Statue in Verace), decided to do a lot of recruiting, which fixed the low membership of the Legion immediately. In fact, so many new members joined the Legion that a second Legion was formed. This time led by Centurion Solembus13, while the First Legion was directly under Enderzalt. the Second Legion would become incredibly active, and this period is considered the height of the Roman Army's membership. Many people joined at this time who would be very active in the months to come due to the free time given by the outbreak. These new members included Solembus13, future High Capal of the Military and later leader of ROME, CreatingWithKass, who would eventually become Capal of the Military and Enderzalt's close friend, Yaboi3214, joshuapied (McMussolini), Cooki814, senomay, ButtonEXE (Plagacy/PlagueLyfe), and future traitors, JelatinMold and DevilsMerchant (EnderSold), as well as others.

With the high increase in members, Enderzalt decided to reorganize the military, appointing Legates and Centurions and making it more based on pvp ability. These reforms would later be edited by Enderzalt later, as to encourage the original system's competition and competitiveness. It would take a few months, but eventually Enderzalt changed the military organization to its current form, with the Praetorians and Navy, while still keeping the prestige of Centurions.

In April and May of 2020, the Nitro drama would happen in ROME. Enderzalt played a decisive role in getting Nitro banished from the crew, attacking him for making newer members quit because of his toxicity and its massive influence on the crew. This is still a controversial topic, but due to Nitro's banishment, ROME became much less toxic, and began to be less hated by other people on the server, decreasing in frequency of attacks from pvpers. On the other hand, ROME became less feared in foreign affairs and was much more peaceful than the fierce and powerful ROME of the 2019 Summer. The banishment of Nitro is still a controversial topic, but is generally supported by most of the crew members including the leaders. The Nitro Drama prompted Enderzalt to take a break from PMC, going inactive for about a Month in May and June of 2020.

During this month of inactivity, Enderzalt did not believe he would be returning to PMC. Solembus13, Enderzalt's right hand man was promoted to be the new High Capal of the Military. CosmicKingSp00k left PMC to join the army in June, unable to return until December. Under Solembus13, CreatingWithKass was promoted to Capal of the Military and the crew would be held together in the first few weeks of Cosmic's absence by Kass, Solembus and GoldenMoneyy. However, Enderzalt was convinced by his friends Solembus, Golden, and Kass, as well as other Legionaries to return to PMC. Although originally hesitant to become the High Capal of Military again, Enderzalt eventually took the position back, with Solembus resigning from the Army and becoming a roleless leader.

Cosmic would actually have around 10 minutes with access to his phone during basic training in the military irl. During those 10 minutes, Enderzalt promised to help Cosmic to keep the crew together until his return. Now, Enderzalt usually just chills out without many projects to do, attempting to keep the crew united until Cosmic's return.