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Port Potato

7-7-23 Port Potato 3D Map.jpg

Port Potato as seen on the

Live Map on 7/7/2023

Crew Affiliations: PTATO (Port Potato)
Owner: DeDerpyDerp_
Founded: 10/06/2020
Type: Trading Port and the Capital City of PTATO
Industry: Potatoes, Shipbuilding, Gtools, Grog, etc.
Status: Active
Population: 1 Active, ~50 Villagers
Total Territory Claimed: Exactly 75,724 blocks (As of 7/17/23)
Coordinates: Around 2880, 64, 0
Location: East
Max Navigational Ship Size (Canal) 80 Long, 6 Deep, 27 Wide
Last Major Edit: 8/14/2023

History of Old Port Potato[edit | edit source]

Most sections written by DeDerpyDerp_. Please note: Until late 2021, Port Potato kept minimal records.

The Beginnings of Port Potato:[edit | edit source]

Original apart of a crew of 3 Deckhands, IronGolem5, Silver_Wild, and DeDerpyDerp_. DeDerpyDerp_ set out south of their original fort near East for a place to build a port. After receiving the rank of Firstmate, which he wanted to be able to sail a Frigate, he beached his small dhow at the current location of Port Potato. After constructing a small base, he set north and found a Frigate, to his surprise it was unclaimed. He captured it and sailed it to the Port and thus the Port Potato Navy was created, with the first ship being DNS Surprise. The first crew DeDerpyDerp_ was in was "DNE", which didn't last long. Soon, Sonu06 of the crew AQUA asked DeDerpyDerp__ to join him, which he accepted. His 2 friends were kept in the dark of the port, in order to surprise them.

As DeDerpyDerp__ invested into the port, becoming more active, his friends became less active. Not much is recorded of this time, sadly. A more in-depth account is taken here: DNE

The First Battle of Port Potato:

This section is narrated by DeDerpyDerp__.

"Due to AQUA Aggression, an allied force raided Port Potato. I immediately surrendered after realizing his allies weren't coming to help, most of them being offline. Port Potato was allowed to surrender separately from AQUA, and we didn't even face occupation. Soon, negotiations about a war lead Sonu06, AQUA's leader, to explain that AQUA was a raiding crew. This was the first I had been told of our declared status of raiding. I began trying to secede from AQUA. "The battle was the largest defeat Port Potato ever suffered, having losing her only ship in war time, a... "unique" designed Warship for AQUA. (Apparently the bow was unclaimed.) It was however, not the longest siege."

After a peace was negotiated, DeDerpyDerp__ talked with his attacker, ironically whom he soon recognized one as the first person he built a ship for. (Person sadly unknown, burnt records) After apologizing for the attack, they helped DeDerpyDerp_ gain freedom.

Age of Expansion:[edit | edit source]

By now IronGolem5 and Silver_Wild had moved in, and the port had a oak wood farm, and a Potato farm. This Potato farm caused the name to be "Port Potato". The Port of Potatoes.

Further information: While the lack of records is true, chronologically the next battle happened after both IronGolem5 and Silver_wild were inactive for a while, practically leaving DeDerpyDerp__ "The Last of Port Potato".

The Second Battle of Port Potato: This section is narrated by DeDerpyDerp_.

"Due to my loyalties to my allies, CSN tried to get me to fight ESE, one of my main allies. After refusing, CSN launched a massive siege.

TL;DR 20 CSN crew members and at least 5 cannons were brought to bear. 5 hours of constant sieging, cannons destroying above what was my home, an armored citadel under the docks, near ruin. Port Potato, sadly had to finally surrender. "

The Occupation Era:

Port Potato under the terms of surrender would be occupied by CSN and her trade was heavily restricted, with a major stoppage to ESE. Eventually, Port Potato was not forced to ever take arms against ESE, or her allies. DeDerpyDerp__ went inactive for a while, as neither of the two others (IronGolem5 and Silver_Wild) had any interest in being on the server anymore.

The Third Battle of Port Potato:

This section is also narrated by DeDerpyDerp_.

"I was the only active member of Port Potato, now under CSN rule. Due to me wanting to fully own the port, I had enough, raised my flag back ontop of the Port, and due to CSN probably forgetting about the Port, got away with claiming independence without any allied forces helping. This somehow worked. I would also like to point out how later both Caldera23 and Romich06 gave me back my port at a later date, as they couldn't remember owning it. " [No offense intented to CSN]

Post-CSN Rule:

IronGolem5, being rarely active, did participate in the third battle, which helped burn the CSN flag garrisoned at Port Potato. [No offense intented to CSN] During this time, Silver_Wild had been offline almost 6 months now.

Port Potato was expanding at a large rate, it now having 5 ships to it's name:

The Silver Incident:

The Crew of Port Potato, now under the DNE crew name, the crew "Port Potato", had expanded to include some former members of AQUA and 2 deckies. Sadly, most where inactive [Only DeDerpyDerp_ and Silver_Wild (rarely) have been on, IronGolem5 being on also rarely.

This section is narrated by DeDerpyDerp__.

"Yes I know so far we established both IronGolem5 and Silver_Wild had quit, but they sometimes did come on with me out of boredom. Assume 98% of the time they where never online when I was...

Sadly, after I became very close friends with Silver_Wild, being "Loved like a brother" (later on I realized that Silver_Wild hates her family). Silver_Wild suddenly broke ties with me, with little explanation. Most details are withheld for respect of her privacy."

Will this be the end?

Soon, None of the Port Potato members were active. Even DeDerpyDerp_, "The Last of Port Potato", IronGolem5 handing over his claims, and Silver_Wild (who would've been the successor to DeDerpyDerp_) leaving, left just him. (Now they really did quit, besides 2 times IronGolem5 checked in.) He went offline for almost 6 months, even unlocking his ships and telling allies "all yours, just sail them to a better home." (Luckily none we're ever taken).

DeDerpyDerp_ then went inactive for months, leading to an even more rapid decline to DNE. For more then 6 months the port was abandoned, the ships where left unlocked for the taking; everything short of opening the chests and unclaiming everything happened. Luckily, no-one took up any of the offers or griefed Port Potato.

The planned final message, on discord, to DeDerpyDerp_'s allies: "As much as it should pain me to say this, I fully support it. Port Potato will not have a line of succession. It will stay under my name, until it is erased from the server, whether it be from grieving, or from deleting chunks. The 2 executives of Port Potato agreed that we'd not trust anyone to take over our hard work, and this is the way we stand. The other has stepped down, so it is just me. I may end up unlocking my ships, may they have a good voyage to there next life. The beacon will stay with the port, to show what once was just 3 friends, now just the one, having fun. As the last person of Port Potato, I wish you all, one last final goodbye.

My 3 ships, and whatever you find in them, are at: 2965 64 -203 please take good care of them. (I will be keeping 1 to rust in dock, however)

One last time, "May the wind ever help you in your battles, and may we never cross cannons or swords." Please dm me if you take either of my 2 unlocked ships, as I do wish to know what will happen to them. One is a war frigate (once captured by me, I think 20 3 long iron guns) , the other cargo (like 20 dubs worth of chests, some with stone, etc)." (12/12/2020)

The Prussian Renaissance[edit | edit source]

After now, we started keeping detailed records.

Yraglacus, a shipwright well know on the server (at least to Port Potato's allies) wished to create a crew, Prussia (PRSA). DeDerpyDerp_ joined Yrag in creating Prussia, and soon gifted his port as the First Prussian Colony, the then Prussian Port Potato. DeDerpyDerp_ soon became co-leader of Prussia. One of the main goals, as said by Yrag: "We need the biggest Port Potato on the server." As of 9/20/2021 we claim to have achieved our goal.

This section is narrated by DeDerpyDerp__.

"Now we have started keeping more detailed records, so pardon a slight shift in format."

Expansion Era Two, Electric Boogaloo:[edit | edit source]

Port Potato, now revitalized, expanded and built a warehouse and 2 "drydocks".


Port Potato temporarily left to Yraglacus on April 24th, as DeDerpyDerp_ left Prussia to join VISN to fight CSN. He will return to Prussia (PRSA) after the war. This was part of a planned Prussian "Land Lease" Program.

  • 05/22/2021 - On leave from the war, the hostilities mostly dying down, DeDerpyDerp__ completed the set of dry docks at Port Potato; and planed to revive Port Potato Shipyards.
  • 06/23/2021 - PRSA has been not only declared dead by Yraglacus, but also DeDerpyDerp_ was allowed to stay in VISN. Using debt owed to DeDerpyDerp_; Yrag sold Port Potato (and all his holdings, including being the soul successor of the port and her territories) to DeDerpyDerp_ for a (agreed low offer) of ~4,000 before interest. NOTE: THE PORT IS NOT FOR SALE. VISN now indirectly owns Port Potato, however it remains full autonomous. Potato trades are reported "good".

NOTE: Due to the Land Lease allowing DeDerpyDerp__ to stay long enough to be a dual crew member (A VISN program); and PRSA dying, DeDerpyDerp__ is still under land lease, having no crew to return to. "This may not be fully legally binding, but is a good enough excuse to stay in VISN." -DeDerpyDerp__

  • 7/24/2021 - "Port Potato has commissioned the VEN Port Potato, a ship of our own design. She is my new flagship, and I will keep the VEN Potato, my former flagship, as another trader in my fleet. We have started to look into hiring farmers to farm at Port Potato."

4th Battle of Port Potato:

It happened, was probably important to note. Next:

Port Potato Rapid Expansion Project:[edit | edit source]

(This would be when Southern Port Potato (Now Port Potato) was founded:)

Port Potato launched a Rapid Expansion Project on August 8th , later renamed Expansion Era III, with a goal of a (5k claimblocks small city sized) expansion across the bay from Port Potato. Work so far has been putting signs everywhere making the intentions known, Port Potato will soon claim this land, as the crew is currently out of funds.

Progress Updates:

All major planned roads are done, and now we just will claim the plots and build when ready for the new buildings. *Also at 6pm EST A Mr. GodsEgg donated 500, the biggest donation to Port Potato so far.

  • 8/9/2021 - Port Potato had realized it's Potato selling/storage system is to small; and now is building a larger one. The Sell/Buy area will stay the same; just the storage area will change from 5 dubs of each to *unknown amount* each.
  • 8/18/2021 - The 5th Battle of Port Potato and 6th Battle of Port Potato:

5th Battle

A tour of the port gone wrong when Matlese_Egirl sieged the canal area, and when trying to flee to undo the siege, they got kicked from bad wifi. This was the first recorded siege where Port Potato not only was Victorious, but Outlasted her siegers. We did not seek any repercussions as it was "Force of habit." (and we won).

6th Battle

Due to a joke, our main farmer of the time Techno_elite had a $450 bounty on his head, and Percket and xXnekoqueen raided and sieged Port Potato, and DeDerpyDerp__ Stole Kraken Bait from RengokuCatz (formerly Morro_of_Mordor), to which he soon gave back. Percket soon claimed the bounty, and after the seemingly empty threats, have left Port Potato alone; to which we are thankful and have meant no offence. to yet.

  • 8/19/2021 - The DNS Southernly Gale was rushed back to Visitopia. She was converted at sea months ago to blockade the CSN *insert name here* 4th rate ship of the line. She was hidden behind an old forgotten naval fortress. She is now inVisitopia's main harbor, with her fate either scraping or to be sent to Port Potato, either as a museum ship, or parts ship. She has been dubbed not fit for war.

Expansion Era III[edit | edit source]

  • 8/21/2021 - Port Potato has started a new project, as apart of the Expansion Era III project; to build a tunnel to connect the two halves of Port Potato to allow for easier access. It was decided to not be ocean level, as it would block the insignificant river and a few non-Port Potato ships into a small "lake". (As so far we have no intel suggesting they are submersible.)

On the same day, Port Potato started a new project to open up Dry Dock 1 to construction of the VEN Northernly Gale. Soon, upon measuring the tunnel depth, they realized the drydock was deeper then the canal by 1 block, so the VEN Northernly Gale will be postponed so the drydocks can be updated.

We have also now recognized Techno_Elite, formerly Shadow_6400; as the newest bigger donator, having donated over 1.2k (excluding purchases) to Port Potato, from her 3rdExpansion Era, to upgrading farms.

  • 8/22/2021 - Tunnel and drydocks complete.

- 3:21 PM (EST) Canal's Toll Mechanism Gets flooded, is now broken. Will be down until furthernotice.

- 8:03 PM (EST) Port Potato's Toll Canal has been Decommissioned.

  • 9/2/2021 - The Hawt_Sauce Incident is underway, as a deckie is currently blocking some plots with claims. Matters are being delt with as we speak.

Port Potato has also now offered to exchange donations for having street names named after you. Feel free to /mail or DM DeDerpyDerp__ for applications.

  • 9/5/2021 - Hawt_Sauce's claims are gone; and now the Southern Pier is complete; along with the expansion of the canal to a uniform depth of 6 blocks. As of now, any ship that is no deeper then 6 blocks underwater; and 27 blocks INCLUDING FENCES wide can go through the canal. Above 3 blocks above the waterline; sails could theoretically be as wide as you wish; within reason.
  • 9/21/2021 - Update: Port Potato has mostly finished construction of her first Capital Ship, and Carrier. The yet to be named Unnamed Heavy/Fleet Carrier Design A-2; from the Creative Server. All that is left is to troubleshoot her auto cannons.

End of the Land Lease[edit | edit source]

Officially by now the Land Lease program, which got Port Potato (eventually) under VISN; would've ended. Now it is just the excuse of "having no Prussia to go back to" (DeDerpyDerp_) that keeps him and his Port in VISN.

Around now the Third Expansion Era has also lessened, as Port Potato has exceeded expansion goals and is starting to fund a new city.

Expansion Era III, cont.

Port Potato Railways:

Port Potato, after seeing a small railroad North West of Port Potato (The "Mithlond Railways"); has started building our own railroad. It will stretch from the Drydocks, go around Potato Bay, Stop at the current western-most tip of Port Potato (Proper), go via land south to Southern Port Potato (Now Port Potato), then under water to the Eastern part of Southern Port Potato (Now Port Potato). ("Port Potato Railways" has been declared the name.)

  • 9/24/2021 - Due to 3 server crashes by DoopyTroopy (He admitted this because the server is "p2w") , progress has been slow.
  • 9/25/2021 - First the Northern Line was complete, and then the Southern and South Eastern Lines. All that is left, besides some tidying up of the Eastern part of Southern Port Potato (Now Port Potato); we just have to combine them.
  • 9/26/2021 - Minor land dispute, both lines very close to merging. All that is in the way is a 13x13 claim. This will be sorted out soon.
  • 9/29/2021 - We now have all the land needed to finish the railroad. We also claimed all the land needed for the plots of the Third Expansion Era. We now plan to add the docks, then add 8 more plot to Southern Port Potato (Now Port Potato). This would be the last addition to Port Potato, possibly permanently. (Quick math leads to pointing to these final plans adding 11,000 claimblocks to Port Potato.)

At 7:23PM, EST The two Rail lines where connected, creating the line from the South Eastern (planned) Piers to the Northern Piers.

The Last Docks

To finish not just Port Potato, but her docks, Port Potato plans to add docks to the Northern coast of Southern Port Potato (Now Port Potato).

  • 10/4/2021 - Due to how narrow Potato Bay is, many docks have been canceled. The Bay will now be more of a mooring spot then docks. 2 full sized docks will still be installed at South-East Port Potato. The Northern Coast of Southern Port Potato (Now Port Potato) is planned to take 1 50x27 ship, and many dhows/schooners. (These smaller ships will have a dedicated spot to be moored.
  • 10/5/2021 - Today, the Easternmost Southern Pier is complete, allowing a 27x50x6 ship to dock, and/or many dhows/schooners/smaller ships.
  • 10/6/2021 - See below:

First Birthday and The VISN Renaissance[edit | edit source]

Forgot to celebrate Old Port Potato's assumed First Birthday, as the only active member at the time went AFK for nearly a 3 weeks.

The VISN Renaissance

After a brief month of extremely less activity, Port Potato has been restructured again

  • 11/12/2021 - The VEN Trafalgar is finished, showing the latest design trends from Port Potato.

2022 and 1.18[edit | edit source]

Happy New Years!

1/15/2022 - 1.18 Update drops, server only crashes a few dozen times today. Port Potato finishes leveling the hill west of the canal, and installs a wall "mostly for looks, as you could literally just go around" (The lead designer and engineer for the mini-project, DeDerpyDerp_.

That night - Wall's gate and guard post for gate being designed and built. See Fig #5 for wall. Next up:

Project not publicly revealed yet

/2/22 Progress Report

As of the end of the day, Port Potato has established a road link to Mithlond, and has mostly finished her 2 main ways, the East Wall, and West Wall. Both these walls are mostly cosmetic, and don't have a gatehouse yet. Port Potato also now has a fountain, with a second beacon for Southern Port Potato (Now Port Potato) (Second beacon and fountain as Fig. 6). Port Potato will also have actual Drydocks, instead of "wet drydocks", where the water never actually got drained. The official size will be 2 50x20 drydocks. Recommended max size of a ship will likely be 46x17, to allow room on both sides and to prevent the ship claiming the dock as her own. At the same time, VISN has announced Project Black Horse, more details there. Tl;dr VISN will now move to being an ocean going crew.

The Massacre at Port Potato

Started 2/22/22 Under strict orders from Godsdead, Port Potato will soon start killing most of our villagers. (Fig #) The survivors will be relocated to a hopefully better area of Port Potato. Progress updates will be added soon.

The "End" of the Story[edit | edit source]

10:35PM; EST. 2/23/'22. I, DeDerpyDerp_; officially left VISN, and declared that I sadly don't have the freetime anymore, nor really the want I used to have, to stay active on PMC. This will be my last wiki edit, probably. To quote my farewell addresses: "Good Evening Everyone.

I sadly have an announcement to make. I unfortunately don't have enough time or sadly during said limited time, the want to go onto PMC. Thus, it is with a heavy heart:

    • I am officially ** probably ** leaving PMC.**

I wish you all good luck, and good rng for the upcoming events etc I will miss. I will not be unclaiming any of Port Potato, as I have made the decision long ago to *not* have a successor. Port Potato will slowly become a ruined city; just like how I will probably slowly be forgotten from both VISN and PMC's history. I wish everyone the best, but sadly this seems to have to happen.

It's been an honor lads, it really has. Alas, all good things must come to an end...

"*May the winds ever help you in your battles, and may we never cross cannons or swords.*" May we all meet again some other time. - @DeDerpyDerp_#5083 " It's been nice guys, however it seems now is when my story ends. If you have any questions, about anything, feel free to dm me on discord. Farwell.

The Final Goodbye[edit | edit source]

Port Potato, for probably the last thing I will do, was entered into the BOTM, to see if it would get prizes etc; if not for a bigger legacy, to allow her on last moment of pride before she'll wither away.

Edit: We placed runner up, and after about 6 months, I decided I missed PMC. So I rejoined!

The Industrial/Villager Update[edit | edit source]

Welp. Guess who's back! We at Port Potato got bored of literally everything else we used to try to replace PMC. Thus, after careful lack of consideration, we decided to come back! And now we're working on updating Port Potato with knowledge we learned from our other adventures. We officially reopened 8/1/2022. See Fig #6 for an image to show part of the current Industrial Update

8/6/2022: While increasing amounts of farms, Port Potato increased prices to match the market to $1.25/stack for Baked and $1.24/stack for Raw Potatoes . We also redid most of the claims, to now have a more official measurement and more organized claim list.

8/9/2022: Villager breeder now operational. We utilize Port Potato's Railroad to transport the villies to our planned Villie Hall. We probably will also use some villies to make an Auto farm for potatoes, planned for the future.

9/6/2022: Villager Hall is nearly complete; a decent bit of automation has started with an automatic bamboo and sugar cane farm has been created. Plans to get a villager powered automatic potato farm is underway. We have expanded our Westernmost area to include an extra row for more public farms, also under construction. We also have begun work on a massive transport system underground, to strengthen the logistical network at Port Potato.

The PTATO Era[edit | edit source]

2/25/2023 Wiki finally back online. Current update dump:

Villie hall refit; Wall Project; Port Potato has her own crew (PTATO); Port Potato now owns a shop, shop1 (s17); we changed Potato prices; restarted a Port Potato Shipyards' project, making a new DNS Northerly Gale design (not to be confused with the VEN Northernly Gale); and also incase this was never mentioned, we "recaptured" all VISN ships, as we left VISN. All that among many other updates that will be forgotten to time.

The Renaming and Overhaul Update[edit | edit source]

Southern Port Potato and Port Potato switched names, giving the older Port Potato the new name "Old Port Potato". And now, the wall around Port Potato is mostly complete. We have also moved and upgraded our semi-auto wood farm to include Oak, Spruce, Jungle, and Birch wood, among with some minor touch ups to make the port look better. This is the start of yet another overhaul of Port Potato. More info coming soon.

Second Overhaul Update/Western Expansion Update

Port Potato, in hopes to build up her empire, strikes trade deals with old allies, and starts another expansion project. Many things are planned to be completed, from overhauling the villager hall, adding 21 new plots to the West of the Main Wall, to finishing the Northern Anchorage Wall. The final step would be to wall the Western Expansion, then finish the Main Wall and spawn proof Port Potato. (The East still being undeveloped).

6/30/23: Finished the First of many Villie Hall updates, Port Potato as of 7/2/23 can now produce Gtools/Gsets with just xp, anvils, and emeralds. We no longer need to source diamonds (however we have yet to determine which method is cheaper)

7/2/2023: Started the Western Expansion; including permanent berths for the DNS Southernly Gale and DNS Sunken Dreams (formerly the BFI Fallen Dreams).

7/7/2023: Western Expansion and almost everything else due to a vacation to Hawaii. Everything will restart on 7/16.

7/24/2023: This section is narrated by DeDerpyDerp_

"Besides many minor updates, including the villie hall update, Port Potato has finally gotten rid of her extra copper, now only losing an estimated sum of $3,250. (Ow)"

7/24/2023: This section is narrated by DeDerpyDerp_

"Port Potato has been undergoing many changes recently, the key things being a new and improved Villager Breeder design, from Melon LLC. (We think of it as a return on our investment into helping create Melon LLC with the_classy_blob. We are also still upgrading our villie hall, having/making room for more then 50 villagers, beating many villie halls on the server with our prices. Finally, we're working on expanding and reworking our catacombs to look better, and make ease of logistics within Port Potato easier. This will soon include adding some rail lines below Port Potato, hopefully making a worthy successor to Port Potato Railways. (Due to working to rework Old Port Potato, and the wall around (new) Port Potato, the aboveground line has been abandoned and sloppily maintained. More progress reports will be coming soon.)"

College Troubles[edit | edit source]

8/14/23: This section is narrated by DeDerpyDerp__.

"I move in the 16th. I cannot see a way I can keep the shop stocked, or to be active enough to have a shop. I lack interest in almost everything I do, and just can't seem to get myself to log in in my rare freetime. Sadly, it would appear I must yet again take a break from PMC. I shall return, at some point. It's been an honor, and may the winds ever help you in your battles, and may we never cross cannons or swords."

Sorry mates, it's been fun. o7

Ships[edit | edit source]

First a brief note:

The fleet of Port Potato/ Port Potato Trading use the "DNS" prefix, however after Port Potato joined VISN, ships controlled/built use the VISN navy prefix, "VEN".

Current fleet:

Sunk[edit | edit source]


Decommissioned[edit | edit source]

  • VEN Potato (Afloat, Trader, first VISN operated ship of Port Potato. Somehow has never been there. Converted to a Schooner then pawned to PIPPIP578)

Inactive Service[edit | edit source]

- Museum / Mothballed:

  • DNS Diplomatic (Afloat, stealth submarine.)
  • DNS Surprise (Afloat, armed trader)
  • DNS Potato (Afloat, trader)
  • DNS Sky (Afloat, legal skyship)
  • DNS Southernly Gale (Permanently berthed, extremely overhauled many times, from unarmed to an armed trader, to a warship. The former flagship of Port Potato. No longer a Target ship, but a museum.)
  • DNS Sunken Dreams* (Permanently berthed, having ownership transferred twice, now rightfully home, and a museum ship.)

- Under Construction

R&D dept. is looking into better warship designs, able to withstand prolonged battle. So far, we have failed.

  • DNS Moses (Dhow, converted to test the max size a ship can traverse Port Potato's canal and harbor)

Active Service[edit | edit source]

- Trade

- Warships

Incase anyone wants it, here's (not our) list of most ships on the server: Ship Index

*The DNS Sunken Dreams was refloated by Theblobfish123, and is now the BFI Fallen Dreams

Port Potato Misc. Info[edit | edit source]

Misc. Info[edit | edit source]

Total Plot and Pier Info[edit | edit source]

For both Port Potato and Old Port Potato: NOTICE - THIS WILL BE UPDATED SOON

  • Piers: 12* (Including one for many dhows)
  • Open for Large Ships: 2 (Subject to change at any time)
  • Open for Small Ships: 2+ harbor pilot guided anchorage.

Note: The reason smaller ships have less spots, is due to larger ships having priority; however many more smaller ships like dhows or even brigs can anchor in the harbor instead of at a pier.)

  • Current Total Plots: 34 (including the under construction; excluding some Port lands not described as a "plot")
  • Current Standard (13x17) Plots: 22
  • Current Unused/Unbuilt/Unplanned to be used Plots: 13
  • Current Under Construction (soon to be) Plots: 21
  • Currently Open to own: 0
  • Current Farming/livestock plots: 5
  • Current Housing Plots: 0

Current Planned additions: Make all docks claimed to be rented out (most likely free rent) and able to dock a ship in.

Canal Info[edit | edit source]

Max Width: 27 wide at the water line.

Max Depth: 6 Blocks below the water line.

Max Length: She is navigable to almost any ship, with no known length limitations, besides the turns to get through the canal. Please review the live map to judge if your ship will fit.

Any questions, please dm DeDerpyDerp_ or /mail him on the server.

NOTE: The bridge shown on the live map is open to anyone to control the lever on it's side, you can see it by inspecting the Northwest or Northeast side of said bridge.

Advice On Navigating The Canal: Place helm signs anywhere from 0-14 blocks away from the furthest point your ship extends to (say, last block of the stern and tip of the bowsprit) to make the turns of the canal/passageway.

Max tested size: 80 Long x 6 Deep x 27 Wide

Images below[edit | edit source]

Image Dropdown[edit | edit source]

Yep these are the images.

All images will go into this expandable list, to allow them to be hidden as the text formatting will be weird if the images are always shown. Please refer to images in text as "See fig. #", for example:

Fig 0:3D Map View of Port Potato 9/22/2021
The Tower of Port Potato
The First time the VEN Trafalgar and her half sister, the VEN Jutland would be seaworthy together. They both where commissioned this day.
3D Map View of Port Potato 11/14/2021
Fig #5, Western Wall minus the gate

File:Port Potato's Industrial Update 1.png|thumb|Fig #6, Industrial Update's First Farm

Note Worthy Donations and Shareholders[edit | edit source]

"Appreciated Sellouts"[edit | edit source]

"Because I support people selling out to fund the port."

Shareholders[edit | edit source]

This was a market experiment that has been concluded at this time. Actual shareholding may return at a later date.

See also[edit | edit source]

Current Prices[edit | edit source]

At the Port

Sadly, we have abandoned stocking up at our port

At our shop

That's right, s17 at shop 1; keeps our classic prices:

Baked Potatoes - $.75/stack selling, $.70/stack restock

Raw Potatoes - $.75/stack selling, $.70/stack restock

Other[edit | edit source]


Ship Index