DNS Potato-tion Guard

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DNS Potato-tion Guard
Affiliation: VISN's Port Potato
Homeport: Port Potato
Builder: Silver_Wild / Captured. Not really known.
Constructed: Unknown.
Owner: DeDerpyDerp_
Battles: N/A
General Characteristics
Ship Type: Dhow
Class: Silver Dhow Class
Cannons: N/A
Purpose: Harbor Pilot


It was originally assumed the DNS Potato-tion Guard was built, but new evidence points to it was captured. Silver_Wild, of Port Potato, originally obtained it one way or the other, however it is now DeDerpyDerp_'s. It functions as the Harbor Pilot of Port Potato. "' ' It has dawned on me that this ship's name is misspelled, but oh well.' '" -DeDerpyDerp_

Port Potato's Harbor Pilot, the DNS Potato-tion Guard.