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DNE's Banner.png
Leader: DeDerpyDerp_
Founded: Around 5-10-2020 and again on 7-3-2020
Member Count: N/A
Capital City: Port Potato
Structure: Never fully established
Character: Peaceful; Now dead

The Historically Accounting of DNE, by DeDerpyDerp_; it's founder both times. Please note none of DNE's History was well documented, or in most cases documented at all.


The First Time:

DNE was originally founded by DeDerpyDerp_; was for him, Irongolem5 and Silver_wild. All three knew each other IRL. The original """base""", near Warp East, was a simple cobblestone castle.

Pre-Port Potato

The group thought that a wall would suffice to keep people and mobs out, hence the claim was immediately claimed entirely by DeDerpyDerp_ for easier management, and 4 walls where erected. While a later installed moat helped with mobs, players have IQ and soon raiders would just scale the wall or break in the door or pillar next to the wall (being 5 blocks tall) across from the moat. This base was to weak, and soon as Irongolem5 and Silver where growing less active, and DNE not actually being fully founded yet (couldn't pay the fee yet or wasn't high enough rank, the historian forgot); soon AQUA offered DeDerpyDerp_ a position in their crew, to help create the newest Rome, the newest superpower on the server.

Everyone's favorite, Port Potato

DeDerpyDerp_, now in AQUA, started to create a new base, a port. He sailed south, and further south, passed an abandoned ship (The now DNS Surprise), and found the "perfect" spot. He then started work in secret, and bought Firstmate for 10.00 to be able to sail a frigate. What luck, he went back after the first dock was made, and the soon-to-be-DNS Surprise was still there, and better yet: she was a frigate. After her capture and slight upgunning, she became the first (and for the time, only) flagship of Port Potato.

As the port grew and grew from a beached dhow (sadly lost to time) to an armed frigate (DNS Surprise), to now a trading ship, DNS Potato; with even a farming plot; suddenly:

The First Battle of Port Potato

July 2, 2020. DeDerpyDerp_ didn't know it at the time, but AQUA was at war with the EA Federation, and the opening battle would be at Port Potato. The attack was lead by his first customer, *name forgotten*, along with numerous troops. DeDerpyDerp_ lost the siege immediately, then many other deaths trying to defend his port. The farms where sacked, and the Navy wasn't actually "crippled" per-say, however it never could leave port in the battle, and a unfinished ship for AQUA was half-destroyed. DeDerpyDerp_ soon surrendered the Port to EA, on favorable terms. AQUA was alerted of the attack, and had players on, but no help was sent.

To qoute DeDerpyDerp_ from the Port Potato wiki page on the event:

"This section is narrated by DeDerpyDerp__. 'Due to AQUA Aggression, an allied force raided Port Potato. I immediately surrendered after realizing my allies weren't coming to help. Port Potato was allowed to surrender separately from AQUA, and we didn't even face occupation. Soon, negotiations about a war lead Sonu06, AQUA's leader, to explain that AQUA was a raiding crew. This was the first I had been told of our declared status of raiding. I began trying to secede from AQUA. "The battle was the largest defeat Port Potato ever suffered, having losing her only ship in war time, a... "unique" designed Warship for AQUA. (Apparently the bow was unclaimed.) It was however, not the longest siege. "After a peace was negotiated, DeDerpyDerp_ talked with his attacker, ironically whom he soon recognized one as the first person he built a ship for. (Person sadly unknown, burnt records) After apologizing for the attack, they helped DeDerpyDerp_ gain freedom.'"

The Second Time

After the battle, on July 3rd; DNE was re-founded, under the name "Port Potato"; after their capital and only city. Slowly but surely, DNE gained more and more members, with some records saying they had more then 10 people claiming allegiance. The Port slowly built up, with more farms sprouting up, and even a pub, the Drunken Potato. No images from this time where taken, sadly.

Soon, Port Potato was expanding at a large rate, it now having 5 ships to it's name:

The Second Battle of Port Potato

This section is narrated by DeDerpyDerp_:

"Due to my loyalties to my allies, CSN tried to get me to fight ESE, one of my main allies. After refusing, CSN launched a massive siege. TL;DR 20 CSN crew members and at least 5 cannons were brought to bear. 5 hours of constant sieging, cannons destroying above what was my home, an armored citadel under the docks, near ruin. Port Potato, sadly had to finally surrender. " Sadly nearly no records where taken, however CSN did force DeDerpyDerp_ to surrender, and face an occupation. Trade all but stopped, and the port even flew a CSN flag. Weeks later, DeDerpyDerp_, the only active member of DNE; soon started another battle:

The Third Battle of Port Potato

This section is narrated by DeDerpyDerp_.

"I was the only active member of Port Potato, now under CSN rule. Due to me wanting to fully own the port, I had enough, raised my flag back ontop of the Port, and due to CSN probably forgetting about the Port, got away with claiming independence without any allied forces helping. This somehow worked. I would also like to point out how later both Caldera23 and Romich06 gave me back my port at a later date, as they couldn't remember owning it. " [No offense intended to CSN] DNE routed the CSN Garrison, as there was none, and soon regained full control of Port Potato once more.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end:

The Silver Incident

As if the crew was inactive wasn't enough, one of the oldest members, and closest friends to DeDerpyDerp_; left. Not just left, but she also blocked him everywhere, and killed all communications. Much of the info on this is withheld, to respect Silver_wild, however a more detailed account can be found at Port Potato, "The Silver Incident".

The End of Port Potato

DeDerpyDerp_ then went inactive for months, leading to an even more rapid decline to DNE. For more then 6 months the port was abandoned, the ships where left unlocked for the taking; everything short of opening the chests and unclaiming everything happened. Luckily, no-one took up any of the offers or griefed Port Potato.

The planned final message, on discord, to DeDerpyDerp_'s allies: "As much as it should pain me to say this, I fully support it. Port Potato will not have a line of succession. It will stay under my name, until it is erased from the server, whether it be from grieving, or from deleting chunks. The 2 executives of Port Potato agreed that we'd not trust anyone to take over our hard work, and this is the way we stand. The other has stepped down, so it is just me. I may end up unlocking my ships, may they have a good voyage to there next life. The beacon will stay with the port, to show what once was just 3 friends, now just the one, having fun. As the last person of Port Potato, I wish you all, one last final goodbye.

My 3 ships, and whatever you find in them, are at: 2965 64 -203 please take good care of them. (I will be keeping 1 to rust in dock, however)

One last time, "May the wind ever help you in your battles, and may we never cross cannons or swords." Please dm me if you take either of my 2 unlocked ships, as I do wish to know what will happen to them. One is a war frigate (once captured by me, I think 20 3 long iron guns) , the other cargo (like 20 dubs worth of chests, some with stone, etc)." (12/12/2020)

Final Collapse

While DNE was all but dead, luckily DeDerpyDerp_ and Port Potato where saved. Around 01/04/2021, at 2:07PM EST; Port Potato joined Prussia (PRSA) the same day it was founded by Yraglacus. Port Potato to this day lives on, and DNE will remain a record in History, with Port Potato being it's sign of living.